Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Wednesday, October 1, 2014



So this week was so much better compared to last week!!

The Lord really does hear and answer our prayers, even in ways we completely don't expect!!  I know without a doubt that he will always answer our prayers! Maybe not right away, but he will! I had so many prayers and questions answered this week totally unexpected and it was so awesome and a great blessing!!!  The MTC is such a wonderful place!! This week I have definitely felt your love, prayers, and support. Thank you so much!! The language is coming along, it is hard, but it is getting better.  Looking back I can't believe how much I already know and can say in just 4 weeks!! It is truly a miracle and I know I couldn't do this without the Lord's help! 
All my BOOKS!!
While at the MTC we are assigned investigators to teach and share the gospel with and we meet with them every day. This week however; we get to Skype someone in Norway to teach!! That is going to be so awesome, but also very nerve wracking because they don't know English at all! Even though we have to teach our investigators in Norwegian (here at the MTC), they do know English, but the people we are skyping don't!! So that is going to be a struggle!!  
Look what I can write!!
We get our travel plans on Friday!!! I cannot believe I have 2 weeks left at the MTC and only one more Wednesday!! I am so nervous and anxious for Friday!! The bad part about getting our travel plans also means we find out who doesn't have their visa ready.  That means that some people may not be going to Norway right away. If the visa isn't ready they will be sent on a "temporary" mission in the United States until their visa is ready.  Since there are 15 of us going to Norway the chances of one of us not having our visa ready is very high.  Just thinking about one or two of us not going to Norway all together makes me so sad!! However; if some of us stayed back, how awesome would it be to say that you kind of got to go on 2 missions! 
One of the main people over the Norway missionaries just recently got back from visiting Norway!! He told us that the mission president over there said that most of the baptisms in Norway are from the sister missionaries! Whoop Whoop!
There are 88 missionaries total in Norway, about 60 are elders and 30 are sisters including me and the other 10 sisters in the MTC right now!! So crazy!! The weather is getting cold in Norway.  I found out that once I get there they have many conferences that involve all the missionaries so I will be able to see Søster House and all the other sisters in the MTC with me in Norway at least a couple of times!!! That made us all so so happy!!! I love all of the søsters and will miss them when I don't see them everyday!
I know I say this every time, but seriously ya'll are the absolute best for writing me letters and emails!! I don't think I can ever express how great they are!!  I'm trying to make sure I email everyone back, so please be patient with me!! Thanks again and keep it up!!

Being a missionary is the best thing in the world!!
Jordan's Tidbits:

·         Already sick of my clothes and so are the other Søsters, we are definitely getting creative with our outfits and starting to share clothes!!
·         Do NOT eat fiber bars!! Just don't do it

·         All of the matching that you see in pictures is totally not planned!!!

·         The MTC is what you make it!

·         Really miss not wearing comfy clothes all day and like whenever I want

·         The food here is getting very unappetizing

·         At dinner one night I went to sit down and missed my chair and went to fall backwards over my chair!! Yeah so embarrassing except the elder next to me caught me and literally saved me from total embarrassment and probably flashing everyone cause my skirt definitely would have come up probably over my head!!

·         I saw and sat by the sign language missionaries!!! That was so cool and way awesome!!! I watched the teachers sign to them during our meetings and devotionals and even though I'm rusty, I could make out a lot of what was being said!! Didn't realize how much I miss sign language till now!

·         Elder Chris Isaac left yesterday!! It was so great to have him here!! He will do wonderful things!!!

·         I have never laughed so much or hard in my life before!!
·         I have never learned or grown so much in my life before!!!

 A quote that I heard that I thought was awesome!:
"Jesus Christ left his throne divine and the things he loved to come to earth to experience the world and life.  Go on a mission for a year and a half or two years and leave the things we love to serve Christ."

Studying Hard in Class!!

I think we drive our teacher, Bror Bartholomew crazy!! haha
 Have a great week!!!
Questions or curious? Check out

Søster Peterson
General Questions People Have Asked:

1.     What do you do on Saturdays and Sundays?
On Saturdays it is basically the same as any other day.  Sunday the only difference is we have church and meetings, but we still have a lot of study time.

2.     Do you feel like the time has one by fast? 
Time has gone by so fast!!  There are days where it seems live I’ve been here for months but looking back, I can’t believe I’m about to leave!

3.     Are you excited to go to Norway?
So excited to go, but so nervous!

4.     How are the work outs going?
Working out is a struggle because we don’t get that long and I don’t really want to sweat a lot because I would have to go to class right after

Norwegian and Translation:
elsker dere = love ya'll
elsker deg = love you
eldste = elders
søster = sister
bror = brother

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  1. Lots of love from AZ, you are in our prayers daily sweet girl!!