Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Hello familie og venner!
(Hello family and friends)

So this week was probably the toughest week at the MTC.  However I know that the Lord wants me to be here and that he does hear and answer prayers because he has definitely been helping me so much!!   This week was very emotional, stressful, and just rough, but also very humbling.  The language is difficult and I felt like I haven't been progressing and I still can't roll my r's which really frustrates me!! Haha.  I know that with patience, hard work, faith and trust in the Lord he will help me though! Søster House and I asked one of our favorite teachers Bror (Brother) Smith who is so awesome if we could talk to him because we were both having a rough day.  At first we talked about how we were doing when we teach our investigators and the first thing he said (not knowing we were having concerns) was that the lesson we had just given was the best he had ever seen us do and it was the best Norwegian he had ever heard us speak.  I literally burst into tears because it made me so happy and was an answer to my prayers!  He helps all of us out so much and is just so inspiring and knows exactly what to say!  So in my last email I totally forgot to say that Søster House and I are the Sister District Training Leaders!! Way exciting!! (Except on Sundays because we have to wake up extra early to go to meetings) As district training leaders we are in charge of the søsters in our district! We talk to them, make sure they are doing okay, attend meetings, etc... This Sunday we got to watch the Ogden Temple get dedicated as a temple of our church. That was an experience that was so cool!! It was awesome to see and hear the prophet of our church Thomas S. Monson speak!  We also had M. Russell Ballard speak to us at our devotional on Tuesday!  He talked about missionaries and how he wants to make sure we know that we are on the Lord's errand and we are being servants for Him!  He also focused on making sure we knew that EVERY soul is great in the sight of God and that everyone is a son or daughter of God.  Being a missionary is seriously the best thing ever!  Yes, there are hard times, but the good definately outweigh the bad!  It is such a life changing experience and I am growing and learning so much!  I have a new love and appreciation for the church!  It is so awesome to think that the Lord needs me in Norway and that he has called me to go there for a reason!  Something awesome happened the other day!  We were doing an activity in class and our teacher told us to write down a question that we wanted to be answered than we were to go off on our own and just take our scriptures with us and see if we could find our answer.  I had no idea where to even start to read, so I prayed then closed my eyes and opened to a random page and just started reading and GUESS WHAT!!! The answer to my question was literally right there!! It was soo cool!! Søster House and I are becoming better at teaching our investigators and started not to rely on our notes as much and just listen and go with what the Spirit is telling us to say!  When we do that, our lessons have been so much better and more of a conversation than us reading from almost a script.

Jordan's Tidbits:

·         I saw Elder Chris Isaac this week!!! So great to have him here!
·         Søster House and I memorized our first scripture in Norsk! Moroni 10:5

·         I definitely know how people gain weight here.... All you do is eat and sit in a classroom and teach!

·         The food is slowly becoming unappetizing....

·         I absolutely love love love everyone's letters and packages!! Thank you, thank you so much! I cannot express how much I love them!! I'm trying to write everyone back, so if I don't write you back right away I will soon!

·         It is never a dull moment in the Residence hall with my Søsters! hahaha 
·         My grandparents sent us this big glass bottle of cider to celebrate our halfway mark so of course we were going to go out with a bang!  However, we had a little difficulty opening the bottle... and when we finally popped the top off - it exploded everywhere and on everyone and everything!! We were all dying!!
Halfway done in the MTC!

Sharing my goodies!

·         Søster House and I tried to run and bump bellies with pillows in our shirts.  We full on sprinted from opposite sides of the rooms and her being so much taller than me, I totally bounced off her and flew onto my back!! All the Søsters were dying laughing!!!
·         My district is seriously the best! The Eldste's (Elders) and Søsters are so awesome and are so helpful! I don't know what I would do without them!

(Clarification: District is the eldste's and soster's going to Norway. Zone is the missionaries going to Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, and West Indies)

·         There are 4 elders and 11 sisters in my district and about 40 plus missionaries in my zone

·         I do not go outside very much, when I do it's to walk to other buildings or for class activities and even when we are outside literally everywhere we walk has coverings above us.  So I don't get much sunlight....

·         I was asked if I sing a lot..... hahaha!!  Søster House loved that question because we literally sing all the time and she isn't a fan of singing!  However; we have to sing in Norwegian, but it's nice to sing in English when we have meetings or devotionals with all the missionaries in the MTC

·         The friendships I am making here are seriously going to last a lifetime!!
·         A mission is the best thing ever!!!

·         I'm nicknamed as the "Sister who gets all the letters" haha

I would like to invite those that would like, to do a Book of Mormon challenge with me!  I will be starting today and reading the Book of Mormon from start to finish.  I will be reading a couple of chapters a day, however; you can read just one or just read for time like 15 min a day.  If you do not have a Book of Mormon and would like one - email my mom at and she would love to get one for you! 

Any questions or curiosity about the LDS church go to!

Thank you everyone for all the love and support!!!

Jeg elsker dere,
Søster Peterson

General Questions I have been asked:
1.     What is your schedule every day?
Every day I wake up at 6:30, personal study time till 8, breakfast at 8, then gym from 8:30-9:15, then class and teaching instruction with teachers for 6 hours -basically for the rest of the day including lunch and dinner and personal study time, companion study time, and language study time

2.     What do you do on your "P-Day"?
We email, relax, basically do what we want, than we go to the temple and then after dinner at 6:30 we have class

We dress "comfy" on P-Day!!
3.     Does a General Authority speak to you every week?
A General Authority doesn’t always come, we   have just been really lucky!!

4.     Is Monday still a "no English" day?  All day?
No. there’s not a “no English rule”, but sometimes our teachers make us and we do a thing called SYL which is “speak your language” and we have to speak Norsk, but the words we don't know we can use English

5.     How many hours of sleep do you get a night?
I usually get 6 hours of sleep a night

6.     What are your favorite foods there at the MTC?
The food is kinda gross!! hahaha
Mom sent a box of Oreos and peanut butter!!!  Jordan's favorite!!

Thanks for all the packages and treats!! 

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