Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Sunday, January 31, 2016


Okay so this week Elsa came to town and by that I mean the amount of snow we have had is insane!! From last Sunday to Wednesday it was blizzard central! I thought I saw a lot of snow in Tromsø last winter.... but this takes the cake!! Walking on the streets it was literally up to my knees!
Last P Day with Sister Allen!! I have been with her for 3 transfers!! So sad she is leaving me.....

Sister Allen and I were out contacting and Sister Allen tried to stop this one girl and she began to sign and walk away. I had a little freak out and ran after her and was like wait I can sign!! So we signed for a little bit and it was the coolest thing!!

Visited Elin and Kenneth for Sister Allen's last time!! We talked about the Holy Ghost and how she can recognize it in her daily life and why it is important.
Visited cute Majken and Olivia!!

So Wednesday morning around 8 am I get a phone call from a member named Rebekka. She is pregnant so my first thought was oh my gosh she needs help and she had her baby!! Turns out she was calling to see if we were going to be outside that day because if we were she said we could go to her house due to the awful weather!! She is so nice!! That made my day!! Due to transfers and things like that, we weren't going to be outside in the blizzard too much, but it just was so nice of her to think of us!!

It was hard to say goodbye to Sister Allen. 

Sister Allen left in the morning and Sister Gates wasn't getting in until later in the afternoon so the elders were my companions for the day!
I went to the airport with the ektepar to drop off Elder Miller and get Sister Gates. This was Elder Miller's first transfer and poor guy was stressing so much! Luckily I helped him get checked in and on his way to his new area. Sister Gates arrived and I hadn't seen her since the beginning of my mission. She is a cutie and a stellar missionary.
There was a worldwide missionary broadcast and oh my gosh it was amazing!! It was so awesome to think that every missionary in the world was watching it at the same time!! The spirit was so strong and it was a great way to get me personally pumped up to work hard and give it my all for my last transfer. There was a strong focus on teach repentance and baptize converts.

Weekly planning for the first time in a new transfer is exhausting.....I was so excited to fill Sister Gates in on the area, but man talking for like 2 hours straight is exhausting!!

I am way proud of Sister Gates! She is a way awesome bus contactor! We get on the bus and she sits down in this four seater with three men and next thing I know she is talking to all three of them!! It was a cool thing to watch from a distance and man she has so much courage to do that!!

I WENT RUNNING FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE FOREVER!!! Sister Gates is awesome and was down to go running at the church in the gym (blessing of living literally across the street from the church) Man I am so out of shape, but it was so nice to run again! I forgot how much I miss running!

Went to the nursing home with Elder Carver and his new companion Elder Arnold. Sister Gates brought her violin and Elder Carver played the piano and oh my gosh it sounded amazing!! Everyone loved it and didn't want us to leave!! The spirit was so strong and one of the elderly women who never talks to us or looks at us, finally acknowledged us!   Right when Elder Carver came in the room her whole face lit up and she gave the biggest smile and she asked him if he would play the piano. Then when they were playing nærmere deg min Gud, she started yelling the words!! It was the cutest and craziest thing!

Visited Ingebrigt and like always he gave us hot chocolate and chocolate to take home. He is so nice and it turns out that me, him, and Elder Rappleye have the same birthday! What are the odds! We talked about the Book of Mormon and why it is so important and the focus on Christ. We also asked him if he had any friends he could invite over next time we came and he said he will do his best!

Sister Gates and I were contacting on our way to the store to buy lefsegodt to eat when we got a new investigator haha (pretty good motivation if you ask me) and as we were about to leave the store we began to talk to this Asian girl and she was visiting from Australia!! She had some way awesome questions and here we are in the grocery store talking for about 20 minutes with this girl. Always look for opportunities to share the gospel, even at the randomest of places!
Volleyball was fun like always

The street stand this week was AMAZING!!! It was just a happy day and I was feeling extra bold haha. There was only one guy that was way rude and that conversation was awful..... I was by myself because Sister Gates was on the other side of the street talking to people and this guy slaughtered me...... Elder Dalton was nearby and after we were done talking he gave me advice of what to say if something like that happens again so that was way nice of him!

Sister Gates and I got to eat our new investigator lefsegodt!!! We stopped this man Andreas and after talking to him for a bit I asked if he would be interested in meeting again and he said yes!! Sister Gates and I were like what wait!?!? It was awesome!
Met with Jecon, his little brother who is a member, and Jecon's girlfriend Angie! We talked about the importance of prayer and are about to have him start to read the Book of Mormon from the beginning with the help of the handy dandy picture book haha. We invited him to start coming to FHE on Monday nights, so we are hoping that he will!!

Sister Gates and I really want to find a family so we are stopping anyone we see that has kids! We had some time to kill before we met with Jecon so we decided to go contacting and banking. As we are walking up the street there was a family!! They didn't have a lot of time, but the mom talked to us for a bit and then gave us her address!! Then soon after we knocked on a house and they were heading out the door, but said we could come back! THAT NEVER HAPPENS!! It was awesome!! Sister Gates and I found so many awesome potentials these past couple of days! We are hoping they are positive and will meet with us.

Sister Allen made a tradition called salmon Sundays where we cooked salmon on Sundays for like a Sunday meal and so Sister Gates and I kept the tradition going!! I felt like a mom cooking Sunday dinner haha. We had mashed potatoes and veggies and I put brown sugar and some other things on the salmon to cook and it was way good! A mission has for sure prepared me to be wife and mother haha

Sister Gates and I were out trying to find some less actives and I totally ate it hard on the ice and fell on my hip.....It hurt way bad not going to lie... but with my clumsiness I knew it was coming haha

I have really been trying to focus on the Holy Ghost recently and following the promptings of the Holy Ghost and also making sure Christ is a focus throughout the day. It is so cool to see that when you put in the effort and do your best, God helps you fulfill your goals and the spirit that has been present lately is so strong!

These past couple of days have been full of tender mercies and awesome contacting!! Sister Gates and I have had so much success I can't believe it!! I have high expectations for this transfer and I know that good things are going to happen!! She is so awesome and is going to push me and help me become a better missionary!

These past couple of nights Sister Gates and I have been going to bed literally exhausted and it is one of the best feelings in the world to go to bed knowing you worked your hardest that day.

Sister Gates is very flink to talk Norwegian all the time... which I am way excited for!
Jordan's Tidbits:
- Black ice on the sidewalks is a real thing!! Seriously so many people were falling... including myself....

- When you focus on others and serve you really are happier

- A clean house makes happy missionaries

- If there is snow on the roof of buildings always be aware!! The snow that was falling from the roofs was so dangerous and almost hurt some people while we were in the city at the street stand! It was like an avalanche!

Scripture of the week:

Abraham 3:22-23 and John 15:16 and Doctrine and Covenants section 35: 3 and 4

I love these scriptures and have linked them all together because they all go perfectly with one another. The main theme of these scriptures are that we were foreordained before this life to be who we are today. In a missionary mindset, I was foreordained to be a missionary and that God has chosen me. I really love putting it into that perspective especially when I feel like I am inadequate or want to give up. God knew I could do this and he trusts me and counts on me. This can be applied to any situation wither you are a mom, etc... God knows what you are capable of and he knows who you can become!

Åndelig Tanker:
So this week I had two way awesome spiritual experiences..... I won't give all the details, but let me just say... YOU NEVER KNOW HOW MUCH GOOD YOU ARE DOING OR HOW YOU ARE PLANTING SEEDS!!! I found out about two way awesome seed plantings that I was a part of without knowing it and let me tell you... It feels so awesome to know that I have actually made a difference no matter how small it is(:

When we act in faith in Jesus to do His work, He goes with us to serve others and blesses us to say just what they need to hear. He also taught that what we actually say and actually do may feel a little awkward or not very polished... but the Savior takes our words and our actions and He carries them through the Holy Ghost unto the hearts of the people. He takes our sincere but imperfect effort and turns it into something that is just right, indeed, into something that is perfect

Be courageous. Have faith. Do not fear. Trust in the Lord.

(just a reminder for fast Sunday that is quickly approaching!!!)

So this fast Sunday coming up will be my last one in Norway!! I can't believe it..... When I was in the MTC I made a promise with Heavenly Father that I would bear my testimony every fast Sunday on my mission. That was something hard for me to do because one it was going to be in Norwegian and two I get way nervous to talk in front of people.... However I have kept my promise!! BUT I FOR MY BIRTHDAY AND TO SHARE THIS LAST FAST SUNDAY WITH ME.... I would love it if you all could bear your testimonies on fast Sunday in February! I know it is scary, but you don't need to worry about what others may say or think. It can be simple and as long as it comes from your heart that is an awesome testimony (:
glad i dere!!!
Søster Jordan Peterson

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Flight plans home what.......

Today was Sister Allen's birthday!!! The Elders and I planned a surprise lunch and got pizza (her fav) and then that night we celebrated at Family Home Evening and Sister Rappleye made her yummy banana cake with delicious frosting!!!
I got my *burny papers* which means my travel papers to come home!! It still doesn't feel real to me! I can't believe it.....  I arrive home on Thursday March 3rd at 7:31pm at DFW. 
We met with Nina after a long holiday break!! She is so cute and so awesome! She is way busy with work and lives far away so we skype with her... We are so hoping she can make it to church sometime. She is so interested; but things just keep getting in the way of her progressing....

We met with Krystle! So glad she is back from Texas (: We had some awesome conversations at her house and the spirit was so strong!! It was unreal! She answered some of my prayers and questions without even me realizing it!

Met with Elin and Kenneth! We had a great talk about starting the New Year and not looking back!

Visited Birgit who is out of the hospital. She is a hoot and you never know what to expect when you visit her.
STL's came! Sister Wood and Leland!
Visited the nursing home. Their faces just light up and they are so cute!!

Visited cute Majken and Olivia!

Went on kontakting splits and even though it was freezing, people were rude, and not that many people were out... we DID meet an awesome guy!!! Sister Wood and I were getting ready to head home and there was a guy walking towards us and I just kept thinking *one more* so I stopped him and we had a long conversation with him and he was interested in meeting again!! His name was Sivert and I really hope we can meet with him again!

Sister Leland and I talked to this way cool guy named Mats. He wasn't so interested in meeting again, but he was willing to listen and we pulled out the scriptures and everything!     

We went to Bible club with Enoch and his wife and the Rappleyes. It is nice to be able to study the Bible and talk about it with others and gain a better understanding of the scriptures and see different points of view.

We had two appointments with former investigators today and they both showed up!!! It was awesome!! The first one was Sharifi and he told us a way interesting story about how after he met with the missionaries the first time he had a dream about Jesus and not being able to get to him because he was locked behind a door. That was way cool! The second appointment was a guy named Sahand. He was way cool and we got a return appointment with him. He asked a lot of questions. Something awkward that happened was Sister Allen and I were bearing testimony talking about the Book of Mormon and halfway through he like stops me and goes *can you speak english* I was way embarrassed and thought to myself dang I didn't think my Norwegian was that bad!! And I was like *is English better for you?* and he goes *no, I just want to hear your Texas accent* so yeah there was that.... I just kept talking in Norwegian hahaha

All of the girls came in for ZLT so it was a party in our apartment!  Sister Johannsen came!  I have missed her!
IT IS SO COLD, IT IS UNREAL..... I literally feel like I am going to get frostbite in my toes and knees

Got kebabs for dinner with all of the missionaries
I began my last planner for my last transfer that starts on Wednesday.... I may have shed a couple tears..... I can't believe I am starting my last transfer!! 6 weeks to go......

We had ZLT. I love being able to see missionaries come together! It is always fun and always a great spiritual meeting. Some things I learned from ZLT:

- Be persistent and promise blessings when inviting people to pray

- Make Goals for the New Year and Do them. Especially BAPTISMAL goals for the coming new transfer

- Follow the spirit and be in tune with the spirit!

 The Sisters!!
 The Elders
 Me, Sister Bender, Elder Tennant

We met with Jecon and his friend Rolland. It was a way random, but a way spiritual teach about the Book of Mormon. We invited Jecon to start reading the Book of Mormon and he said he will!! We are going to start with the picture book to get him motivated

Today we didn’t have sport due to the fact we didn't want to break the Christmas tree more than usual because we were doing the after Christmas, Christmas tree party with the ward.
We did the street stand today and it was awesome!!! We had this huge Jesus sign that everyone was talking about!! It was awesome!!

We visited bestamor and far with the elders it is always a blast

The ward had an after Christmas tree fest (party). We all danced around the tree, sang songs, and played games!! It was way fun!! The adults played musical chairs and had races in a sack.. it got pretty intense.  My competitive nature may have come out!

Moves call was this morning and I will be *dying* in Trondheim!! Dying means I will be finishing my mission here. I can't believe I start my last transfer on Wednesday.... It is so crazy and unreal to me!! I will be getting a new companion; Sister Gates! We served in the same district when I was in Stavanger at the beginning of my mission, so it will be nice to see her and serve with her again!

Kirke was good! Sister Allen and I showed up at church and got asked to fill in for a primary teacher who got sick and lead in Primary. That was a nice surprise, but it was so fun!! Norwegian kids are my favorite (: They are so cute and it was a nice change to be able to be in Primary.

Pelle had us and Elder Dalton and Miller over for dinner. Pelle is an awesome cook and like our Uncle haha. He made fried chicken and homemade french fries and his famous oreo moose cake!! It was heavenly and I felt like I was in America haha

The snow is back and it is literally snowing buckets!!! So much snow!!!

Jordan's Tidbits:
- If you are ever having a bad day, turn on some Norwegian music and dance around.... That is what Sister Allen and I did hahaha It was a blast!

- Having 8 sisters in an apartment is always a good time!

- Pretty sure my nose hairs are permanently frozen

Scripture of the week:
Alma 5:46
Behold, I say unto you they are made known unto me by the Holy Spirit of God. Behold, I have fasted and prayed many days that I might know these things of myself. And now I do know of myself that they are true; for the Lord God hath made them manifest unto me by his Holy Spirit; and this is the spirit of revelation which is in me.

Åndelig Tanker:
Some people claim that they would believe in God or His work if they were able to receive a sign. But the Lord has said *Faith cometh not by signs, but signs follow those that believe* (Doctrine and Covenants section 63:9) Signs are given to those who are faithful and obedient in order to strengthen them in their faith. I have met many people who say that if God showed them a sign and then they would believe, but in reality not most of those people would believe. Christ himself was teaching people and performing miracles and there were still people who physically saw him and still didn't believe!

**To avoid some of the deepest regrets of life:
1. Resolve to spend more time with those we love
2. Resolve to strive more earnestly to become the person God wants us to be
3. Resolve to find happiness, regardless of our circumstances

From Grandma:
a. Your best is going to change from moment to moment.  For example; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick.

b. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.

Søster Jordan Peterson
Eirik Jarls Gate 4
7030 Trondheim

ha en fin uke dere!!!
Søster Jordan Peterson

Monday, January 11, 2016

FREEZING (literally) in Norway!!!

***I don’t have many pics this week due to freezing weather and it being dark by like 2 pm... I will do better next week!!!****
Sister Allen and I were going through former investigators and called a man named Frank. We met with him and it was awesome!! We talked about and focused on the Book of Mormon. We got a return appointment with him for this week!!

It wasn't our turn for FHE this week so we went out to contact and we talked to two way nice people on the street (Night here the streets are a ghost town so it was a big miracle for us!)

Sister Allen and I were contacting and a man started yelling and like whistling at us like a dog and I turned around and wasn't sure if he was talking to us or not so I turned back around and kept walking and then he did it again so we stopped and turned around and this narco man comes walking up to us and I was like oh no..... He walked up to us handed us a missionary name tag that he must have found on the street and then walked away.... Sister Allen and I were so confused! It was a way cool thing though that he recognized us as missionaries and knew who we were.
There was a little musical concert at the church.  The bishop’s dad was in the concert. So that was fun to see.
Went to the nursing home to sing and play the piano for them with the Elders

Sister Allen and I visited Målfrid who lives at a section in that same nursing home and she took us out to lunch at the cafeteria. She is 91 years old and just the cutest and so with it! It turns out her husband got moved to the section of the nursing home that we visit and sing to, so that makes Sister Allen and I more excited to go, so we can talk with him! Funny story.... we got locked out with Målfrid and couldn't get back into her wing of the nursing home so we were just sitting trying to knock on the glass for someone to hear and just laughing with each other. A guy came and then couldn't get the door opened and left haha so we just waited and waited and finally got let in. We also helped Målfrid bring her husband's stuff down to his new room and she is so cute setting it up for him. She ran over my foot with her wheelchair and then pinned me against the wall because she didn't see me behind her when she was reversing hahahah. It is never a dull moment at the nursing home! Then as Sister Allen and I were about to leave we heard a knock on one of the windows and one of the people who lives in this sick wing of the nursing home was locked outside!! We have no idea how he got out there!! It was a little bit funny though because it was just the randomest thing!

Jecon's mom Juliettta who is an active member invited us and the Elders over for Middag. She makes the best Philippine food, so we were way excited.

**Day 1 of the freezing weather began......

Sister Allen and I during weekly planning made a lot of phone calls and went through our area book because the missionary work has been way rough and slow..... MIRACLES HAPPENED THOUGH!!! So many people got back to us and we have appointments throughout this whole next week! This has not happened in like almost 12 weeks.... #blessed #Godhearsandanswersprayers #Godisreal

**Day 2 of the freezing weather

Sister Johannessen and Hudson came to do a meeting about introducing family history, teaching us how to use it, etc... I am way excited to start this!! It is actually way cool and not as boring as I thought it was and it isn't just for old people!!

Majken is finally home from Christmas break!! YAYY!! We got to meet with her and that girl is awesome!

Jolina took Sister Allen and I to buy wool tights! That was seriously so nice of her!! Dang the people here are too good to us!

**Day 3 of the freezing weather - these are our heaters to keep us warm!
Played volleyball

Got to visit Lars and Evalina after the long Christmas holiday as well. Their son has gotten so big!!

Målfrid's cleaning lady died so we volunteered to clean her apartment for her. She is so cute and it was kinda funny because while we cleaned she was on Facebook and her computer haha. I am really grateful she had cleaning gloves for me to use while I cleaned the bathroom and then after we did that, it was our turn to clean the church!  Day full of cleaning!

We did the street stand today and let me tell you.... some people are just so rude!! One man was not being nice to Sister Allen and Elder Miller overheard and totally stepped in to help her!! It was the nicest thing ever.

*****Always stand up for those around you even if you don't know them or don't like them!! Always do the right thing! You never know who is watching! You would want someone to do if for you, so make sure you are always doing to others what you want to be done for yourself*****

**Day 4 of the freezing weather

Church was nice!! Church is just such a relief and great way to start the week out!

Sister Allen and I were out contacting and getting ready to come home and it was #1 night and #2 a Sunday night and #3 freezing, so that makes for a “for sure” ghost town.... So we were trying to stop everyone that we see because there were not that many people out...... There was a man walking towards us and I wasn't going to stop him, but I thought no I need too! So I did and he was way hyggelig and nice and we got his number and he wants to meet! His name is Aleksander.

Sister Allen ate chocolate and then drank emergency to feel better hahahaha

Sister Allen's birthday is today (Monday) and so I decorated the apartment after she went to bed... It is so hard to do things secretly when you are with someone 24/7 haha
Jordan's Tidbits:
- you know it's too cold when an investigator calls and cancels because he doesn't want to go outside to come to meet with us because it is too cold........

- you know it is too cold when members text you telling you, you shouldn't be outside
- it went from -15 to -6 to -1 degrees within the day....... too cold I tell you!!

- Our doorbell rang which never ever happens and Sister Allen and I got so scared! You know it is bad when my first thought was *grab a knife and we are getting kidnapped...* No one ever, ever comes to our door, but luckily it was just a man delivering something for our apartment haha

- you know it is too cold when your nose hair freezes within minutes of you getting outside

Scripture of the week:
Alma 5:46
“Behold, I say unto you they are made known unto me by the Holy Spirit of God. Behold, I have fasted and prayed many days that I might know these things of myself. And now I do know of myself that they are true; for the Lord God hath made them manifest unto me by his Holy Spirit; and this is the spirit of revelation which is in me.”

Åndelig Tanker:
So many people may wonder and notice that Mormons don't usually wear crosses or have them hanging up in their houses...... Because the Savior lives, we do not use the symbol of His death (a cross) as the symbol of our faith.

My aunt sent me this and I loved it!!! I know it is long, but please read it!!!
******Once upon a time there was a girl who had four friends.
She loved the fourth friend the most and adorned him with rich robes and treated him to the finest of delicacies. She gave him nothing but the best.

She also loved the third friend very much and was always showing him off to neighboring kingdoms. However, she feared that one day he would leave her for another....

She also loved her second friend. He was her confidant and was always kind, considerate and patient with her. Whenever this girl faced a problem, she could confide in him, and he would help her get through the difficult times.

The girl's first friend was a very loyal partner and had made great contributions in maintaining her wealth and kingdom. However, she did not love the first friend, although he loved her deeply, she hardly took notice of him!

One day, the girl fell ill and she knew her time was short. She thought of her luxurious life and wondered, 'I now have four friends with me, but when I die, will I be alone?'

Thus, she asked the fourth friend, 'I loved you the most, endowed you with the finest clothing and showered great care over you. Now that I'm dying, will you follow me and keep me company?' 'No way!' replied the fourth friend, and he walked away without another word. His answer cut like a sharp knife right into her heart.

The sad girl then asked the third friend, 'I loved you all my life. Now that I'm dying, will you follow me and keep me company?' 'No!' replied the third friend. 'Life is too good! When you die, I'm going to marry someone else!' Her heart sank and turned cold.

She then asked the second friend, 'I have always turned to you for help and you've always been there for me. When I die, will you follow me and keep me company?' 'I'm sorry, I can't help you out this time... At the very most, I can only walk with you to your grave.' His answer struck her like a bolt of lightning, and the girl was devastated.

Then a voice called out: 'I'll go with you. I'll follow you no matter where you go.' The girl looked up, and there was her first friend. He was very skinny as he suffered from malnutrition and neglect. Greatly grieved, the girl said, 'I should have taken much better care of you when I had the chance!'

In truth, you have four friends in your lives:

Your fourth friend is your body. No matter how much time and effort you lavish in making it look good, it will leave you when you die.

Your third friend is your possessions, status and wealth. When you die, it will all go to others.

Your second friend is your family and friends. No matter how much they have been there for you, the furthest they can stay by you is up to the grave.

And your first friend is your spirit. Often neglected in pursuit of wealth, power and pleasures of the world. However, your spirit is the only thing that will follow you wherever you go. Cultivate, strengthen and cherish it now, for it is the only part of you that will follow you to the throne of God and continue with you throughout eternity.

Thought for the day: Remember, when the world pushes you to your knees, you're in the perfect position to pray.

Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect. It means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections.
Stay warm dere!!! Ha en fin uke!!! Good luck being back at school!!!!
Søster Jordan Peterson


Sunday, January 10, 2016


HAPPY NEW YEAR DERE!!!!!! I can't believe it is 2016!! That is so weird to say.....

WE FINALLY WENT SLEDDING!!!!! They have these little mini sleds here that you just sit on and they go so fast!! Sledding was a blast!!
 Elder Phipps, Miller, Carver, McIntire, Tennant, me, Sister Allen, Dalton

Familien Paulsen had us over for dinner and we had the classic Norwegian Christmas meal. Meat, potatoes, broccoli, carrots, this purple stuff, jello with vanilla sauce, lots of chocolate, it was way deilig
- Visited bestamor and bestafar, they are doing great!
- Visited Helena Ørndal and she is so sweet!
-Today we organized and cleaned the apartment
- No proselyting....

A member invited all of us missionaries and a couple of the YSA over for a New Year’s Eve party! Jolina and her husband have an amazing view of the whole city so it was perfect for the fireworks! Norway brings in the new year with a bang that is for sure! Their fireworks are insane! Like 4th of July on steroids! We had a taco buffett, played card games, and watched the fireworks! I was struggling staying awake.... It was so hard to stay up! By 11:00 I was laying on the couch haha

Fredag: 2016!! GODT NYTT ÅR!!
- No proselyting

The YSA and ward had an activity at Korsvika beach. We made a fire and roasted hot dogs and those that wanted went into the water!! I wish we were allowed to go in!! Those that went in were FREEZING!!! It was so cold!!! Korsvika beach is so pretty!  Pelle, Elder Rappleye, and Faviola went into the freezing water!! I was a little worried Elder Rappleye was going to freeze to death! It was way fun to be with the members and have a koselig time

 Elder Rappleye
The Rappleyes invited us missionaries over for dinner and we had turkey casserole. Man Sister Rappleye is the best cook ever!! She never ceases to amaze me

We played our annual scum card games and man that gets intense haha

We played volleyball

Elder Dalton, Elder Miller, Sister Allen and I did the street stand... let me tell you I have never been so cold in my entire life!! I no joke could not feel my toes, fingers, or knees.... At one point we had to take turns going into the corner store to get warm for a couple of minutes! We didn't have too much success, but it felt so nice to be out doing missionary work again! After the stand we got hot chocolate to warm up!

- Elder Dalton, Miller, Sister Allen, and I wanted to do service so we cleaned the church

- Familien Dahlø had all of us missionaries over for dinner. We had mashed potatoes and yummy reindeer!!! It was so good!! The members here are so awesome and sweet!!
16 months!! I can't believe I have two months left..... Feels so unreal. I only have one more fast Sunday in Norway! So crazy!
 At church Sister Allen and I got to teach the only young women who is 12 and she had brought a friend to church too! That was cool, she is less active and has recently started coming back to church so that is awesome. We taught her and her friend about Christ and I was surprised by how much her friend knew about Christ because it isn't common for people to know about Christ or be religious here especially little kids. The lesson went well though! They participated and were interested

Met with Jecon finally after the holidays! He is doing good and we are hoping to get him to start coming to FHE. I know Jecon knows this is true, he just has to act! Dang agency.....

***Not too much to report on this week...... with the holidays and stuff missionary work basically stopped so hopefully I will have more to say next week!!***

Jordan's Tidbits:
- my black year is over!

- we played so many card games over the past couple weeks and scum was the popular game we played. We all love that game and I am a pro at it by now haha

- IT IS GETTING FREEZING like FREEZING!!!!!!!!! The warm Texas weather sounds nicer and nicer
- I never thought I would be so happy to be back into the missionary routine!! I have missed it so much!!

Scripture of the week:
From the words of Joseph Smith:

“I saw a pillar of light exactly over my head, above the brightness of the sun, which descended gradually until it fell upon me. It no sooner appeared than I found myself delivered from the enemy which held me bound. When the light rested upon me I saw two personages, whose brightness and glory defy all description, standing above me in the air. One of them spake unto me, calling me by name and said, pointing to the other—This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him! My object in going to inquire of the Lord was to know which of all the sects was right, that I might know which to join. No sooner, therefore, did I get possession of myself, so as to be able to speak, than I asked the Personages who stood above me in the light, which of all the sects was right (for at this time it had never entered into my heart that all were wrong)—and which I should join. I was answered that I must join none of them, for they were all wrong; and the Personage who addressed me said that all their creeds were an abomination in his sight; that those professors were all corrupt; that: “they draw near to me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me, they teach for doctrines the commandments of men, having a form of godliness, but they deny the power thereof.”

Åndelig Tanker:
- This is perhaps the greatest risk anyone of us would take: To be seen as we truly are -Cinderella

- Happy New Year everyone!!! With the new year comes new goals!! I would like to invite all of you to make a goal that will bring you closer to Christ or strengthen your relationship with him. It can be something simple as praying every day, reading your scriptures before bed, going to church more, etc... It can be whatever you want and something that will benefit you personally. Don't however make a goal you know you won't do, make one that you will do and will help you and motivate you! I promise as you try to come closer to Christ you will see a change in your life and you will be happier!

- There is a great short little clip about the New Year and not looking behind you and moving forward!! PLEASE CHECK IT OUT

There is also a great talk I read called “The Best is Yet to Be” by one of my favorite apostles Elder Holland. Some of my favorite things that came from the talk are:
- look ahead and remember faith is always pointed to the future
- do not dwell on days now gone nor to yearn vainly for yesterdays, however good those yesterdays may have been. The past is to be learned from, but not lived in
- do not doubt the lord's ability to give you something better than what you already have
- you can rise above your past and truly see who you are and what you can become
- when something is over and done with, when it has been repented of, when life has moved on as it should and a lot of other wonderfully good things have happened since then, it is not right to go back and open some ancient wound that the son of God himself died to heal
- let people repent. let people grow. believe that people can change and improve. is that faith? yes! is that hope? yes! is that charity? yes! If something is buried in the past, leave it behind
- forgive and do that which is sometimes harder than to forgive: FORGET! And when it comes to mind again, forget it again!

***I could go on and on, but you just need to read the talk****

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