Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


So we volunteered to go to a nursing home once a week and take the people out on walks and hang out with them!! It was so fun!! Sister Allen and I got to take this cute old lady named Inger out on a walk in her wheel chair. Okay wheelchairs need seat belts!! I was so scared she was going to fall down when we were going down this hill!
I got spontaneous and dyed my hair...... My wonderful companions did an awesome job!! I am no longer a blonde......

So we were in charge of FHE and it was so awesome!! We did this Holy Ghost activity and blindfolded the people one by one and lead them through an obstacle course downstairs and they had to choose which voice to follow the Holy Ghost or Satan and then at the end they ended up in the Celestial Kingdom. It was way cool!! I was they Holy Ghost and then other people acted as temptations and would try to convince them to follow their voice, it was a really spiritual activity!

We had ZLT, (Zone Leadership Traning) so that was fun to have missionaries come down!
I got to see my buddies from Tromsø!

A member who we are good friends with, Pelle made us salmon for dinner!! He is way nice to the missionaries!

Today we visited Birgit and man is she the funniest old lady I know!!

We got our reflex!!! (from mom… I think this is their reflector) It's that time to bring them back out again!! The darkness is coming too fast!! I am not looking forward to the winter......

Visited Elin and Kenneth again!! She made these way yummy mat muffins!! They are so sweet and nice!!

Went to visit Lars and Evilena and the Bishop came with us!! The spirit was so strong; it was a way good lesson about forever families! Having the bishop there was awesome!! It made all the difference! The bishop shared a personal story and then I shared a personal story about my two friends Chris and Darin who died before I left on my mission and how I know I will see them again.  I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have that death is not the end. The spirit was so strong and I know my friends were there!

We took the train to go to Hell to visit Lars and Evilena! It was way pretty!
My companions we just "chillin" on the way home!
We visited Bestafar and he was not looking so good..... We are thinking of bringing the Elders with us next time to give him a blessing. He is so sweet though and always asks us to sing to him, so we sing Norwegian hymn songs to him.

We visited Bestamor, she is sometimes asleep in her wheelchair when we go and we always just walk into her room and it kinda scares me when she is asleep because she is old and you know..... She is just the cutest thing and I love her!!

Another member we visit in a nursing home always gives us ice cream when we come over!! Her name is Målfri and she is super nice! Hahaha she yelled at Sister Sorensen though because she was trying to help her find her iPad charger and she kept yelling at Sorensen because she was looking in the wrong place and we couldn't understand her Norwegian.

(Now that I think about it, we visit a lot of older people! They are just the cutest)

Met with Mido! He has been coming to church the past couple of weeks! He is slowly coming along, we aren't too sure on how much he comprehends, but we are working on it!! Sister Allen and I were so proud of him and we asked him to be baptized and then he like started going off about how he couldn't cause he has a fever? We think he just didn't understand us that well hahaha

There was a drunk guy on the bus who kept harassing people and he scared the living daylights out of Sister Allen! I thought it was pretty funny, but she didn't

So every Saturday we play soccer and while on my mission I have really tried to tone down my competitiveness, but on Saturday I let it come out and what do I get...... hurt and have to sit out and now I have a gimp leg.....and can't walk. I was trying to get the ball from Elder Corrigan and next thing I know my thigh/leg is like numb and I can't walk..... We think I sprained or strained a muscle.... All I know is I can't bend my leg or walk on it so that makes things interesting..... Getting hurt as a missionary is the worst thing ever!!! Thankfully I have awesome companions who help me when I walk and let me use them as a crutch. I probably look really pathetic, but oh well!! We went out contacting and I’m pretty sure people were staring at us....

The Elders like to make fun of me and copy me limping everywhere!

The Rappleyes had all the missionaries over for dinner! It was so nice of them! It was way fun to all hang out and we played some card games and Sister Rappleyes food is to die for!!

Daylight savings as a missionary is probably the best thing in the world!!! We got to have an extra hour of sleep!!

Majken and Aaron invited us over and fed us AMERICAN PANKCAKES WITH AMERICAN SYRUP AND AMERICAN PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!!! I DIED!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to cry!! They are so awesome!!!

Me: Thank you so much Sister Allen and Sorensen for helping me today!!

Sis Allen: We have to help you
(can you feel the love) hahahaha she really loves me I promise!

MOVES CALL!!! I cannot believe it has already been 6 weeks!! No way Jose!!! The calls are in and I am so sad to say that our trio will be split up!! Sorensen is going to Oslo and it is going to be just me and Sister Allen in Trondheim now. I have three transfers left (18 weeks) I cannot believe it!! I feel like I just came on my mission!! My mission has changed my life and I recommend it for everyone..boys and girls!!! Even if you think you aren't the classic “molly Mormon” or type to go on a mission PLEASE consider it!! I never wanted to go on a mission or planned too, but boy am I so grateful that Heavenly Father has a plan for me and knows me better than I know myself. A mission has forever changed my life for the better; I don't know where I would be or who I would be without it!

Ole a member invited us over for dinner which was way nice!!

IT IS DARK BY 5 PM NOW!! This is ridiculous!!!!
Jordan's Tidbits:
-Seriously a mission is the best choice I have ever made!! The friendships you gain here are lifelong!!
- We are watching Hocus Pocus this week!! I couldn't be more excited!!!! Norwegians don't celebrate Halloween.... total bummer!!

- It is always awkward when you have to tell your investigator that he needs to stop flirting with you and your companions.... We were teaching one of our investigators and Sister Sorensen just brings it up and I about died haha. He was very nice about it and apologized so that was good

Scripture of the week:
Alma 37 verse 37
*Counsel with the lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good, yea, when thou liest down at night lie down unto the Lord, that he may watch over you in your sleep, and when thou risest in the morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God, and if ye do these things, ye shall be lifted up at the last day!

I chose this scripture to help me always make sure I am thinking about the Lord in all that I do and to make sure that I am developing a better relationship with him(:

ha en fin uke dere!!!! glad i dere!!!
Søster Jordan Peterson

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hell and Back

So this week I hit my 1 year mark being in the land!!! Which means I have been in Norway for one year!! That is so crazy!! I cannot believe how much this mission has changed my life and I am so grateful for the amazing opportunity I have to be a missionary!

We ate at a members house, the Dunn family and they are so cute and sweet!! They made this really yummy red pepper soup with knekkebrø and some kind of butter with spices in it! SO GOOD!! They have two kids and they are the cutest!

President and Sister Hill flew into Trondheim to do interviews. Man I love those two!! They are just the best!!

For district lunch we did a pot luck and the missionaries could choose what they brought..... man oh man..... it was the most random lunch I have ever had hahaha. There was a macaroni salad, soup, garlic bread, pigs in a blanket, cookies, and brownies hahaha! That is what happens when you have 6 elders choosing what to make.

MIRACLE DAY!!!!!! THE CRAZIEST THING HAPPENED!! We were on the bus on our way to visit a former and we got on the wrong bus and were going to get off at the next stop and while on the bus, a girl asked us in English if we were Mormons! Her name is Marianna. She than talked to us for the next 20 minutes about how she thinks we are so interesting and has read the whole Book of Mormon, loves what we are doing, and hasn't found the right church for her yet! THIS WAS MUSIC TO OUR EARS!! AND she asked if we could explain the plan of salvation to her!! WE WERE DYING!! We stayed on the bus and then just got off at a random stop because there was no way we were getting off the bus without getting her number and an appointment. WE GOT AN APPOINTMENT and are meeting with her this week!! THIS NEVER HAPPENS!!!!! IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!! We all three got off the bus and were freaking out! We are so so excited!! The Lord does put prepared people in our paths!

1 year in Norway!!!!

Went to visit Jekon (less active) and his friend Rolland who is investigating and we walk in and one of the sets of ELDERS are there!!! We were like what the heck!? Turns out they were looking at the ward list and chose to come visit Jekon..... so he got two visits from the missionaries that day haha

We went to Bible Study and it was way good! We are studying the Old Testament and man it is intense.... I like the New Testament better haha. It is easier to understand

Visited Bestamor and Bestafar..... Bestafar wasn't looking too good this week, but Bestamor is cute as ever!!

We had dinner with Aaron and Majken and their cute baby Olivia!! Dang this no baby rule is really killing me..... She made the yummiest enchiladas I have ever had!! I love Aaron and Majken! They are so awesome and always helping the missionaries and they are young and cute and make me so excited to be married and help the missionaries too!

The YSA was doing a movie night and we were allowed to come if we brought investigators or less actives... you better believe we are going to do what it takes to watch a movie!! SO WHAT DO WE DO!?!? We had 2 investigators and a less active come!! Jekon, Rolland, and Mido!! Sister Rappeleye couldn't believe it! Jekon hadn't come to the church since he couldn't remember how long!! IT WAS A MIRACLE!!! We watched Tomorrowland! That was an awesome movie and so relatable to the gospel... yes you now you are a missionary when you relate movies to the gospel haha

The Doctrine and Covenants 138 days challenge started today!! I have 138 days left and you read from chapter 138 and go down to one day by day. I love the Doctrine and Covenants! It is so good!!!
Sport!! I got brave this week and tried to guard one of the Norwegians, Aaron.... I didn't die, so it went pretty good! I scored a goal this week too!! One of the elders slide tackled/slipped/knocked me over so I got to get a free kick at the goalie and man was that embarrassing. Hahaha! Needless to say I didn't make a goal that time

THE REASON FOR MY HEADING!!! So one of our investigators lives in Hell. So we went to visit and the Rappeleyes took us for some pictures. It is always a joke that everyone says they went to *hell* or went to *hell and back*

We were out contacting and stopped a guy who was American and named Chase!! He was way cool and talked to us for a while. He doesn't believe in God and believes in science, but he was way nice and really likes Mormons and thinks we are great people. By the way…to me, God created science.

We skyped and had an appointment with Nina! She referred herself to the church and has been way busy so this was the first time we have gotten to meet since I have been in Trondheim

Some girls came to church for a school project. It was way fun because we got to take them on a tour of the church and do a one on one questionnaire with them. I love teaching them and having them learn about the church.

We were contacting and walking across the bridge to head home and some college kids were getting in a raft to go in the middle of the pond/lake thing and Sorensen “what are the odds” me to yell and ask them what they were doing... of course I lost so I did it!! Hahaha they even replied back!! It was way funny
At home we were getting ready to plan for the next day and our doorbell rang..... It was a guy asking if we had a wine opener... we live in an apartment complex with college kids and I swear a sorority house is next door because they are partying and screaming all night long on the weekends! Anyways Sister Sorensen replied and said no and that we don't drink. I was so proud of her!

****That one lady (Kalina the Bulgarian) that showed up to the church, we got into contact with her and went to visit her at the hospital!! She has been reading some in the Book of Mormon and was so grateful that we came to visit her!!

Jordan's Tidbits:
- If you aren't having fun, you are doing something wrong!
- The Pepperkaker is in stores now!!! Oh my gosh so I usually don't like gingerbread cookies but dang Norwegian ones are the best!!!!

- Banana bread with frosting is to die for (Sister Rappeleye is the best cook!!

- While contacting Sister Allen ran into a pole.... funniest thing ever!! hahahahah

- Sister Sorensen and Allen love to eat baby food
- Elder Mitchell loves to scare us while emailing and I am pretty sure I am going to lose my voice from screaming so loud and so much

- Sister Sorensen loves when we are on the street to tell people when we ask to pray with them after we are done talking to tell them that I am way good at praying and so I always pray. It is way fun and I love doing it. I always know it is coming haha she just smiles and looks at me and asks me to pray and she knows I won't say no, so I think that is why she does it haha!
-Sister Missionaries working so hard, our shoes are worn!

Scripture of week:
Doctrine and Covenants Chapter 4 verse 2 and 5! *O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind, and strength.... and faith, hope, charity, and love, with an eye single to the glory of God qualify him for the work. Remember faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, brotherly kindness, godliness, charity, humility, and diligence!*

I chose this scripture for this week to help myself focus on my work here in Norway and making sure that I am developing the Christlike attributes that are important. I have almost 4 months left and I want to make sure I go home on a stretcher knowing I worked my best right up to the end!

It is important to remember that Jesus was capable of sinning, that he could have succumbed, that the plan of life and salvation could have been foiled, but that he remained true. Had there been no possibility of his yielding to the enticement of Satan, there would have been no real test, no genuine victory in the result... He was perfect and sinless, not because he had to be, but rather because he clearly and determinedly wanted to be

****Jesus chose to be perfect!! He had temptation and he chose to choose the high road. I LOVE THIS!! It goes to show that we all can choose to be perfect and be better

Read the 4 gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John by Christmas!! It is an awesome way to prepare for the Christmas season and to focus on what is most important.... CHRIST!

GLAD I DERE!!! ha en fin uke!!!!
søster jordan peterson

Sunday, October 18, 2015


(From Jordan’s mom:  sorry for the late post!  This post is from last week - written October 12, 2015!  Sister Peterson had a hard time loading her pictures so included are just a few of beautiful Trondheim and others from her companions.  More to come this week along with her new email, but for now – enjoy last weeks email.)

In the words of my companion.....

“This week was actually not very interesting...

We only had four miracle lessons in one hour, a random lady came to the church to "get strength from God" and for the first time ever on our missions someone let us into her house when we knocked on it! AND we saw the Northern lights!!”

Just kidding........ THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME!!!!!

WE SAW THE NORTHERN LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WERE INSANE!!!! A member Pelle texted us which was way nice and we ran outside! THEY WERE BLUE AND GREEN!! They were so pretty!!!
The next couple pictures are from Elder Gingrich up in Tromsø!!!  AMAZING!

We visited Lars and Evilena this week and we decided to watch the Joseph Smith movie with them. The hour long one is the best one!! OH MY GOSH the spirit was so strong!! It was so cool! Afterwards we all bore testimony about Joseph Smith and I know for me, every time I watch that movie my testimony is strengthened so much! I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God. I am so amazed that through all the challenges and trials that he was faced with that he still continued to follow what the Lord commanded him to do with faith. Joseph wouldn't have gone through everything he did if everything was made up and fake! This gospel and the Book of Mormon are true!

We visited a less active Elin and her sambor, Kenneth this week!! They are too cute!! They fed us the yummiest lasagna ever!!

Visited Majken this week. I love her baby!! It really kills me that I can't hold her.... and she gave us cookies!

We visited Bestamor and Bestafar again this week! Bestamor told Sister Sorensen she needed to cut her hair hahaha and Bestafar (Mangus) it was the cutest thing ever!!! We went into his room and he wasn't there... a little alarming because he is way sick and like confined to his bed, we assumd the best and thought maybe he was getting a bath and we would come back next week. On our way out we turn the corner and there he is!! In his wheelchair with an orange hanging out of his mouth! It was the cutest thing ever!!! He looked way good!
This week was full of water balloons! So to start Sister Allen thought she would be sly and throw a water balloon at me to get back at me for scaring her throughout the week, but she missed me and hit Sister Sorensen instead hahahah. THEN we were out trying to find a less active and out of nowhere someone throws a water balloon at us!!! What the heck!?

The amount of boller and ice cream that was fed to us this week from the elderly was insane.... seriously I never want to eat those things again!! The worst thing is you can't say no!!

We did another street stand this week! Dang people were not so nice... but! We did give out a Mormons Bok, to a little boy! haha him and his siblings came up to the table and asked if it was free and then took it and skipped off! It was really cute

At soccer on Saturday I scored a goal! That was a big accomplishment! I am still terrified of the Norwegians, but it is still way fun!

On Sunday I had to translate for this cute Chinese lady in church. She doesn't speak Norwegian, so I was translating from Norwegian to English to her! It was way fun and I am way surprised at how much I understood. (About 90%)

Mido came to church and he was dressed nice!!!

We were at MMK our Ward missionary leader thing, Myhren our church phantom walks into the room, and says that there is a random lady needing to talk to the missionaries. So me and my companions jump at the opportunity to go and talk to this women. Her name is Karolina. We greet her and she only speaks broken English and no Norsk. We start talking to her and she informs us that she is going to have an operation that next day and that she didn't know where else to go for strength but to God. We showed her around the church and she wanted to go into the chapel.

We continued talking to her and telling her about how God will help her and that everything will go according to His plan. We then ask if we can give her a Book of Mormon.

She agreed and we left her in the Chapel and RAN down the hallway frantically searching for a Bulgarian BOM while our MMK meeting was still going on. We look and look with no luck.

So we go and sprint to our apartment-- that's luckily across street.  Grab the BOM come back give it to her, Bare a solid testimony of the power that it has. We then exchange numbers and she leaves. IT WAS THE COOLEST THING EVER!!

Then Sunday comes and we were short 4 lessons. Not cool because we've been struggling to reach all our goals and frankly we just wanted to hit this one. So we're about to leave church on Sunday and we stop to say a prayer and we invited some members to pray with us, Saying we're going to get these lessons with YOUR FAITH! So we go with a prayer in our hearts knowing that the Lord would help us bring people unto Christ. And within an hour we got the 4 other lessons we needed to make our goal! It was so awesome! The Lord really does amplify those He calls. Then one of our appointments cancelled due to a hangover....don't even get me started. Our backup plan was to go find a former investigator. We look up the address and head out. We make our way on the bus and 20 minutes later we're there. Søster Allen knocks on the door. No answer, so she rings the bell and no answer. Then I go to put a card in her door saying we'd been there when SHE ANSWERED! Her name is Inger and when Søster Allen introduced us Inger almost died. She was so happy to see us! She told us to come in and started talking with us! We didn't have a lot of time because we had to catch the bus, but we made a return appointment to come back!

Later I told Søster Sorensen how weird it was that someone was actually happy to see the Mormons haha and she said yeah I have to agree with that. That was the first time I have ever been let in except two other times that were by crazy people who didn't know exactly who we were.

It was so awesome to see the Lords hand in our work this week. I truly feel like he was there every step of the way even when we felt like we had no clue what we were doing!
I know that the Lord calls each of us for a reason and that as we focus on what He wants, nothing will go wrong. Just trust and rely on him and trust in the way that HE will lead you!

Jordan's Tidbits:
- never become too attached to a nametag... my favorite one that I have used every day for 13 months got lost somewhere in the streets of Trondheim.....

- When you get a prompting...follow it!!! We were on the bus and Sister Allen asked me if I had a card she could give to a man on the bus. I was so proud of her!! She followed him off the bus and walked him down and then gave it to him! As we were walking away Sister Allen goes I felt way good about that and then Sister Sorensen goes really? Cause I thought he was a perv... hahahahaha HOWEVER!!! Follow your promptings and Heavenly Father will bless you

- Next week Sister Sorensen and I start the Doctrine and Covenants challenge! So when missionaries get to the last 138 days of their mission they start from chapter 138 in the Doctrine and Covenants and read one chapter everyday backwards till chapter 1 and then that is the last day of their mission! We start this week!! SO CRAZY!!!

- I scared Sister Sorensen this week and she screamed so loud!! I thought she was going to have a heart attack! It's Oktober, so Tis the season to be scary!

- I LOVE FALL!!! It is the best time of the year!

Scripture of the week:

Alma 5 verse 26 and 27
*And now behold, I say unto you, my brethren, if ye have experienced a change of heart, and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now? Have ye walked, keeping yourselves blameless before God? Could ye say, if ye were called to die at this time, within yourselves, that ye are sufficiently humble? That your garments have been cleansed and made white through the blood of Christ, who will come to redeem his people from their sins?

I chose this scripture because it really made me ponder and think.... If I have changed especially since being on my mission, can I still feel the change? Am I still continuing to change and become better? Am I using Christ to change or am I doing it on my own? Am I living my life everyday so that I can be clean and live with God? At the end of each day, would I feel embarrassed to face God? Am I constantly remembering the Lord and humbling myself?

These thoughts and questions really helped ponder who I am, who I have become, and who I want to be!

Åndelig Tanker:
- The gospel is simple, don't make it more complicated than it needs to be

- If you see someone you don't recognize at church, SAY HI!!!!! We need the members help! It is so important that they fellowship new people even if they aren't investigators!

- Food storage needs to be an important thing! You never know when it is going to come in handy! It is better to be over prepared than underprepared

- So one of my favorite talks from conference was about Ponderize! This is from the talk and the link is for the whole talk! "My second invitation is quite different from and much more important than the first. It is this: I invite you to “ponderize” one verse of scripture each week. The word ponderize is not found in the dictionary, but it has found a place in my heart. So what does it mean to ponderize? I like to say it’s a combination of 80 percent extended pondering and 20 percent memorization."
There are two simple steps:
First, choose a verse. Second, read or think of the verse several times each day and ponder the meaning of its words and key phrases throughout the week. Write down a verse of scripture each week and place it somewhere you will see it every day.

So I would love to invite you all to try and do this!!!

glad i dere!!! ha en fin uke!!!

Søster Jordan Peterson

Saturday, October 10, 2015


I can't believe I hit 13 months this week!! No way Jose!!! My time clock is ticking away and I am not sure how I feel about it.... bittersweet feelings that is for sure!!

So we met this man on the street and he wasn't interested, but called us and asked if we could come and answer questions at this panel type thing for school. So the sisters and two of the elders went and it was way cool! There was about 4 people there and it was way fun to have them ask us all sorts of questions and be able to talk to them and help them see that Mormons aren't so weird after all! At the end I had purposely left a Mormons Bok behind for them to keep and we are out the door walking down the gravel road when we hear *Mormons your bible!!!* We turn around and one of the boys is chasing us down waving our Book of Mormon and telling us that we forgot it. hahaha it was pretty funny. We were like dang it! They were supposed to keep it.... HOWEVER!! That was a miracle in disguise!! Later that day we were kontakting and we stopped this way awesome and super positive lady! She was so interested and sadly doesn't live in Trondheim, but wanted a Book of Mormon and was leaving that afternoon. Luckily we had a Book of Mormon to give her and it was all because the man had chased us down! So we ended up giving it away after all! The Lord works in mysterious ways my friends.
The STL's came to visit!! I got to see my best pals Søster House and Boud again!! Man I love those girls!! It was so fun to have them here and be able to do missionary work with them! Søster House and I got to go visit bestamor together (Inger the old lady who lives in a nursing home) and oh my gosh that lady has my heart!! She began to cry to us and next thing I know I am holding her hand and her head is against my chest while she is bawling to me and I started to tear up! She was hard to understand because crying and Norwegian don't go well together, but man she is the sweetest lady ever!! I just held her as she cried and it just broke my heart!! She even asked me if we were mad at her for crying!? She told us that we are so sweet and nice to her.  She makes missionary work so worth it. I am so grateful for all of the people I have been able to meet and for them changing my life and strengthening my testimony. While we were with her, I was able to see her through God's eyes and it was the coolest experience ever.Another miracle of the week!!
When the STL's were here Søster Boud, Sorensen and I stopped this Russian girl named Anna (Ann-ya) . We set up an appointment to meet her the next day, and we got her number but it didn't work because it wasn't Norwegian... so we were just going on faith. The next day we are running late due to the bus to meet her and I honestly didn't think she would show up. We get off the bus and she wasn't there.... but Sorensen goes I saw her!! She was here!! She was walking back across the bridge! So we immediately take off across the bridge to try to find her.
We end up in the middle of the city sentrum and there are people everywhere and our hopes of finding her were crushed. We decided to say a prayer to find her and then we kept walking. As soon as we turned the corner we saw her on the other side of the street!! So we took off running and talked to her!! It truly was a miracle that we found her because there is no way we would have found her!! We were in the middle of the city with people everywhere! We talked to her for a bit and then parted ways. After we parted, Sorensen called the elders who live a couple streets away asking them to literally run a book of Mormon to us so we can give it to her. Props of being in a trio we made a chain down the street and then were on our phones so we were within sight and sound so we could get the book faster from the elders hahaha. I had to keep watch and make sure Anna didn't leave the store she had gone into. Yes, we totally sound like creepers, but this was important!! We get the book and found her in the store and probably scared her because we kept coming out of nowhere, but we gave her the book and that is all that matters(: Heavenly Father does hear and answer our prayers and wants us to succeed!

While the STL's were here around midnight this loud banging kept going off!! Sorensen got out of bed and we all woke up and it literally sounded like we were being attacked and bombs were going off! The next morning Søster House said that she was convinced Russia was attacking!! Turns out it was just the college campus firing canons, but still......

I love the Sisters I serve with!  We work very hard, but also find time to keep things fun!

 P-day fun at the cathedral city!

 Sister Sorenson and I entered the MTC at the same time!!
We played soccer for sport on Saturday and oh man I AM SORE!!!! I haven't played soccer since first semester of college and it was for fun!! The people in the ward that came.... man were they scary and way good!!! I got very good at making sure I was not around them when they had the ball or trying to steal the ball from them. When they kicked it, I'm pretty sure they could take someone's head off

Jordan's Tidbits:
- It is now 5 months to sexy, not do I do that when we have these yummy desserts!!! hahaha
- CONFERENCE IS AWESOME! We had to watch it at way different times because of the time difference and on different days than they were actually being aired, but it was amazing nonetheless to see apostles and the prophet of God speak and give us counsel

- Sister Allen, Sorensen, and I were the only ones at the church watching the women's conference because it was being broadcasted on Saturday even though it really was a week ago... we got the whole chapel to ourselves!! It was pretty koselig and nice! It was way weird though haha.
- We were not allowed to stay up late to watch conference.... bummer!

- Poor Sister Allen we love to scare her!! hahaha So we have a bunk bed and then a bed on the floor since we all have to sleep in the same room (mission rules). I am on the top bunk, Sorensen is on the bottom, and Allen is on the bed floor. So I hid under the bed and attempted to scare her and man is she jumpy!! It was pretty funny and messing with her gives me and Sorensen a good laugh!! BUT let me tell you..... my clothes after I came out from under the bed.... it looked like I had been attacked by a cat!! It was the most disgusting thing ever!!! The amount of dust, hair, and who knows what else that was on me was awful!
-Having fun trying to do my “Elsa braid!”
- FALL IS HERE!!! So what do we do to celebrate!? Go to Starbucks and get Pumpkin Hot chocolate of course!  Yes, we have a STARBUCKS!!  Hallelujah!

- One of the Elders in my district Elder Rasband, his great uncle is one of the new apostles!! So that is way cool!  My district is great!!
(listed in no particular order)  Elder Mitchell, Miller, Johnson, Sister Allen, Sorenson, Peterson, Elder Arnold, Rasband, Corrigan

Åndelig Tanker:
CONFERENCE WAS SO AMAZING!!!! If you weren't able to watch it, I would highly recommend going to and watching it!! If you did watch it, I would like to invite you to go back through your notes or go back and watch your favorite talk. Think about how you felt and the impressions you got while you watched chosen servants of the Lord speak to us. Put into action something you want to change or do! Something that was common among conference was *Keeping the Sabbath day holy, PREPARATION, importance of the Holy Ghost, and keeping the commandments and covenants we have made, and standing strong in these last days!!!* To me it sounds like the second coming is coming close. We live in a wicked world and we need to stand strong and be prepared more than ever!

- How much of life do we miss by waiting to see the rainbow before thanking God that there is rain?

- When we are grateful to God in our circumstances, we can experience gentle peace in the midst of tribulation

- Instead of being thankful for things, focus on being thankful in our circumstances, whatever they may be!

- Why does God command us to be grateful? All of His commandments are given to make blessings available to us. Commandments are opportunities to exercise our agency and to receive blessings. Our loving Heavenly Father knows that choosing to develop a spirit of gratitude will bring us true joy and great happiness
ha en fin uke dere!!! glad i dere!!! thank you so much for your love, support, encouragement, letters, and emails throughout these last 13 months. They mean more to me than you know!!  Thanks mom for the package!!
Søster Jordan Peterson
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