Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Saturday, October 10, 2015


I can't believe I hit 13 months this week!! No way Jose!!! My time clock is ticking away and I am not sure how I feel about it.... bittersweet feelings that is for sure!!

So we met this man on the street and he wasn't interested, but called us and asked if we could come and answer questions at this panel type thing for school. So the sisters and two of the elders went and it was way cool! There was about 4 people there and it was way fun to have them ask us all sorts of questions and be able to talk to them and help them see that Mormons aren't so weird after all! At the end I had purposely left a Mormons Bok behind for them to keep and we are out the door walking down the gravel road when we hear *Mormons your bible!!!* We turn around and one of the boys is chasing us down waving our Book of Mormon and telling us that we forgot it. hahaha it was pretty funny. We were like dang it! They were supposed to keep it.... HOWEVER!! That was a miracle in disguise!! Later that day we were kontakting and we stopped this way awesome and super positive lady! She was so interested and sadly doesn't live in Trondheim, but wanted a Book of Mormon and was leaving that afternoon. Luckily we had a Book of Mormon to give her and it was all because the man had chased us down! So we ended up giving it away after all! The Lord works in mysterious ways my friends.
The STL's came to visit!! I got to see my best pals Søster House and Boud again!! Man I love those girls!! It was so fun to have them here and be able to do missionary work with them! Søster House and I got to go visit bestamor together (Inger the old lady who lives in a nursing home) and oh my gosh that lady has my heart!! She began to cry to us and next thing I know I am holding her hand and her head is against my chest while she is bawling to me and I started to tear up! She was hard to understand because crying and Norwegian don't go well together, but man she is the sweetest lady ever!! I just held her as she cried and it just broke my heart!! She even asked me if we were mad at her for crying!? She told us that we are so sweet and nice to her.  She makes missionary work so worth it. I am so grateful for all of the people I have been able to meet and for them changing my life and strengthening my testimony. While we were with her, I was able to see her through God's eyes and it was the coolest experience ever.Another miracle of the week!!
When the STL's were here Søster Boud, Sorensen and I stopped this Russian girl named Anna (Ann-ya) . We set up an appointment to meet her the next day, and we got her number but it didn't work because it wasn't Norwegian... so we were just going on faith. The next day we are running late due to the bus to meet her and I honestly didn't think she would show up. We get off the bus and she wasn't there.... but Sorensen goes I saw her!! She was here!! She was walking back across the bridge! So we immediately take off across the bridge to try to find her.
We end up in the middle of the city sentrum and there are people everywhere and our hopes of finding her were crushed. We decided to say a prayer to find her and then we kept walking. As soon as we turned the corner we saw her on the other side of the street!! So we took off running and talked to her!! It truly was a miracle that we found her because there is no way we would have found her!! We were in the middle of the city with people everywhere! We talked to her for a bit and then parted ways. After we parted, Sorensen called the elders who live a couple streets away asking them to literally run a book of Mormon to us so we can give it to her. Props of being in a trio we made a chain down the street and then were on our phones so we were within sight and sound so we could get the book faster from the elders hahaha. I had to keep watch and make sure Anna didn't leave the store she had gone into. Yes, we totally sound like creepers, but this was important!! We get the book and found her in the store and probably scared her because we kept coming out of nowhere, but we gave her the book and that is all that matters(: Heavenly Father does hear and answer our prayers and wants us to succeed!

While the STL's were here around midnight this loud banging kept going off!! Sorensen got out of bed and we all woke up and it literally sounded like we were being attacked and bombs were going off! The next morning Søster House said that she was convinced Russia was attacking!! Turns out it was just the college campus firing canons, but still......

I love the Sisters I serve with!  We work very hard, but also find time to keep things fun!

 P-day fun at the cathedral city!

 Sister Sorenson and I entered the MTC at the same time!!
We played soccer for sport on Saturday and oh man I AM SORE!!!! I haven't played soccer since first semester of college and it was for fun!! The people in the ward that came.... man were they scary and way good!!! I got very good at making sure I was not around them when they had the ball or trying to steal the ball from them. When they kicked it, I'm pretty sure they could take someone's head off

Jordan's Tidbits:
- It is now 5 months to sexy, not do I do that when we have these yummy desserts!!! hahaha
- CONFERENCE IS AWESOME! We had to watch it at way different times because of the time difference and on different days than they were actually being aired, but it was amazing nonetheless to see apostles and the prophet of God speak and give us counsel

- Sister Allen, Sorensen, and I were the only ones at the church watching the women's conference because it was being broadcasted on Saturday even though it really was a week ago... we got the whole chapel to ourselves!! It was pretty koselig and nice! It was way weird though haha.
- We were not allowed to stay up late to watch conference.... bummer!

- Poor Sister Allen we love to scare her!! hahaha So we have a bunk bed and then a bed on the floor since we all have to sleep in the same room (mission rules). I am on the top bunk, Sorensen is on the bottom, and Allen is on the bed floor. So I hid under the bed and attempted to scare her and man is she jumpy!! It was pretty funny and messing with her gives me and Sorensen a good laugh!! BUT let me tell you..... my clothes after I came out from under the bed.... it looked like I had been attacked by a cat!! It was the most disgusting thing ever!!! The amount of dust, hair, and who knows what else that was on me was awful!
-Having fun trying to do my “Elsa braid!”
- FALL IS HERE!!! So what do we do to celebrate!? Go to Starbucks and get Pumpkin Hot chocolate of course!  Yes, we have a STARBUCKS!!  Hallelujah!

- One of the Elders in my district Elder Rasband, his great uncle is one of the new apostles!! So that is way cool!  My district is great!!
(listed in no particular order)  Elder Mitchell, Miller, Johnson, Sister Allen, Sorenson, Peterson, Elder Arnold, Rasband, Corrigan

Åndelig Tanker:
CONFERENCE WAS SO AMAZING!!!! If you weren't able to watch it, I would highly recommend going to and watching it!! If you did watch it, I would like to invite you to go back through your notes or go back and watch your favorite talk. Think about how you felt and the impressions you got while you watched chosen servants of the Lord speak to us. Put into action something you want to change or do! Something that was common among conference was *Keeping the Sabbath day holy, PREPARATION, importance of the Holy Ghost, and keeping the commandments and covenants we have made, and standing strong in these last days!!!* To me it sounds like the second coming is coming close. We live in a wicked world and we need to stand strong and be prepared more than ever!

- How much of life do we miss by waiting to see the rainbow before thanking God that there is rain?

- When we are grateful to God in our circumstances, we can experience gentle peace in the midst of tribulation

- Instead of being thankful for things, focus on being thankful in our circumstances, whatever they may be!

- Why does God command us to be grateful? All of His commandments are given to make blessings available to us. Commandments are opportunities to exercise our agency and to receive blessings. Our loving Heavenly Father knows that choosing to develop a spirit of gratitude will bring us true joy and great happiness
ha en fin uke dere!!! glad i dere!!! thank you so much for your love, support, encouragement, letters, and emails throughout these last 13 months. They mean more to me than you know!!  Thanks mom for the package!!
Søster Jordan Peterson
ps here is my address in case you want to send me a letter or something(;

Søster Jordan Peterson
Eirik Jarls Gate 4
7030 Trondheim

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