Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Monday, March 30, 2015


That's right folks the Dynamic Duo of House and Peterson is getting separated...... Moves Calls were on Sunday and Søster House will be staying in Tromsø and I will be headed to......

BERGEN with Søster Johannessen!!!! (We were in the MTC together)

Søster Jordan Peterson
St. Olavsvei 3B
5052 Bergen

Wow!! I cannot believe that it has already been 6 weeks!! I feel like I just got here yesterday!! Serving with Søster House in Tromsø has been a dream!! We have done so much here and the people I have met and friendships I have made, I will cherish forever!! There are so many fantastic people here!! Tromsø has so much potential and I am so blessed that I got to be a part of building up this wonderful branch!! The people here will forever hold a special place in my heart!!
Søster House and I with AJ
Bianca and Arnt
So on Monday we flew to Trondheim for a Zone Conference!! Man I love those!! It was so fun to travel and then visit a new place and see other missionaries!! I love love love the missionaries here!! They are all so awesome!! It was a two hour flight to Trondheim and it is beautiful might I add!! Zone Conference was so amazing!! President was there and literally what he talked about and what was talked about at the conference was an answer to my prayers!! I just love when that happens!! I am so grateful that I get to serve the Lord and I get to be surrounded by so many amazing people with such strong testimonies and strong desire to share the gospel! Missionary work is the greatest!!
Welcome to Trondheim, Norway!
 Reunited with Elder Gingrich!!

 Søsters Randall and Leiland
 The Trondheim Cathedral

At Zone Conference an Elder who was going home after this transfer gave his last testimony and it was the best testimony I have ever heard! You could tell that he was an amazing missionary, worked hard, and did all that he needed to do here. You could tell that he had learned and grown so much and how much he loves this gospel!! It was the coolest experience ever!! I hope that I can be like that at the end of my mission and have people think these things about me! I would hope that all missionaries would be like him when they are about to go home!
Church building in Trondheim, Norway
So because of General Conference this coming weekend we had fast Sunday yesterday. My last fast Sunday in Tromsø and bearing my testimony in front of like 15 people! Dang I am going to miss that haha. I love love love fast Sunday!! I love hearing people's testimonies!! The people here in Tromsø are so strong! It's crazy to see how much I have grown and how less nervous I am getting up to bear my testimony!!

Eliza, an 8 year old girl in the branch got baptized yesterday!! She is part of the American family in the ward (The Reynolds).  I was so glad that I got to see that before I left!! She was baptized in a swimming pool and she was so excited!! It was the greatest thing to see her glowing!!
 The Reynolds Family
I just LOVE their kiddos!!
I am so excited to serve with Søster Johannessen! We were in the MTC together and are great friends!! It is going to be so fun!!  Look out Bergen!! You have no idea what is coming for ya!!!
 Bergen is about 5 hours north of Stavanger (where I was before)

Elder Tate, our District leader in Tromsø, is being transferred to Trondheim to be a zone leader.  Søster House and Elder Johnson are staying in Tromsø.
Tromsø Crew:  Elder Tate, Elder Johnson, Me, Søster House, Bro and Sis Campbell
Jordan's Tidbits:

- Norway has an Easter chicken, not Easter bunny

- The schools here get a whole week off for Easter or (Påske) and all the stores and shops completely shut down! It is so crazy!! Everyone goes to the Mountains to cabins and to ski and many Norwegians don't even correlate Easter with Christ! It is so sad!

- Really think about Easter and why we celebrate Easter

- It is a normal thing for people to leave their babies in the strollers outside of stores and shops while they are inside!! What the heck!! So crazy!!!
Åndelig Tanker:
*Progression and miracles happen line upon line, precept upon precept* 2 Nephi 28:30
*Read the scriptures every day and do the simple Things and you will never go astray*
*Perfection comes over time, it is up to us how fast we progress*


Post on Your facebook, instagram, and share with everyone!!
It is called Because He Lives
Our Mission President and his wife.  Brother and Sister Evans!!

**Also General Conference is this week!! I would like to invite everyone to make questions before Conference and pay attention and see if they are answered!! I have done this everytime and you would be amazed by how your questions are answered!!****

Glad i dere!!!
Søster Peterson

Monday, March 23, 2015


So last week I mentioned that the weather was getting better and the ice was beginning to melt!! Well I spoke too soon!! This week was the coldest it has ever been!! Søster House and I literally thought we were going to get frostbite!! I have never been so cold in my entire life!!! It is unreal!!
Søster House and I did Family Home Evening with Lill and Linda!! It went so great!! The spirit was so strong and they really enjoyed it!! We talked about being better each day than the day before. We also challenged them to put a picture of Christ by their bed and every night before they go to bed they could look at it and reflect on the day and think about what they could do better the next.  Søster House and I shared our favorite Christ pictures and it was so cool!
We met With Brenda! I mentioned her in my email last week!! Things went surprisingly good!! She listened and asked questions and it was so cool to explain to her and tell her truth! She is interested about the prophet and so she wants to come and watch General Conference with us in a couple weeks to hear and see the prophet and his apostles talk!! We are so excited!!

We also met with a guy named Leonardo. He is from Italy and is super nice!! He told Søster House and I that he loves talking with us because we have a light. When we talk and testify to him, he told us that he can tell that we are talking from our souls and he loves talking to us because of the light we bring!! That seriously made my day!! That was the best thing ever!! Sadly, he isn't very interested in learning about the gospel, but at least we planted a seed with him!! We had a District lunch today with the elders and the senior couple! Søster Crabtree makes the best food ever!! Elder and Søster Crabtree are like our grandparents!! They are so cute!! It was so fun to be with the missionaries and laugh and have a good time! The Crabtrees work so hard and they have done so much for Tromsø!! I don't know what we would do without them!
We had dinner with the new converts Bianca and Arnt!! They are just the best ever!! They are so cute and have such strong testimonies!! I love them!!! We also taught their daughter Kelly for the first time!! We are so excited to teach her!! It went really well!! She has even been coming to church the past couple of weeks! Bianca and Arnt are also starting to do Family home evening together with her!! Aww I love them!!

We finally met with Janne's daughter Melita!! Janne isn't a member, but she is the most active nonmember I have ever met!! Her daughter is 13 and Janne has been trying to get her family interested in the church. We finally got an appointment with Melita and it went great!! She told us that her belief in God came from her mom and that she has a strong belief in God and wants to learn more! We taught her the first lesson and the spirit was so strong!! She is so cute and very smart! AND THE BEST PART!!! We asked her if she got an answer when she prayed that the Book of Mormon was true and that if she got an answer that this Church was true if she would be baptized and she said yes!!! Søster House and I were so excited!! Finally we got a baptismal date!!

Knocking on doors in a blizzard continues!! Never have I been so cold in my life!! Of course Søster House and I got lost again on the bus, haha but its okay because we just get off at a random stop. Today was awful though!! It was so cold and miserable!! We didn't have much success, but I know that we can do hard things and if we show our willingness to work and do whatever it takes, we will be blessed and the Lord will help us!

Today we watched the Joseph Smith Movie with Bianca and Kelly and had a spiritual lesson/spiritual thought than we had a nail party! Søster House and I want to form a better relationship with Kelly so we thought we could do something fun and paint our nails! It was a hit!! Kelly even came to church the next day and she is warming up to us!

Lill came up to us at Church today and invited us and the other missionaries over to have a Family Home Evening together next Monday!! Søster House and I were so excited because she has never done something like this before, so we know that our Family Home Evening with her made a difference! I love being here in Tromsø and the people we get to meet and friendships we are making!! Søster House and I know we were sent here to help Lill!! It is so awesome to see how much she is changing and growing spiritually. She even has been coming to Church consistently!

***One day while out contacting on the street Søster House and I saw this poor old lady walking with a cane and bag of groceries literally taking step by step down this steep ice hill!! We ran up the hill and offered to help and she was the cutest thing!! She grabbed my arm and Søster House took her groceries and we walked her to the taxi stop. She was 90 years old!! She was so sweet and grateful and it was just the best thing ever to help her!! I love helping people!! It is the best and so rewarding!!

****Søster House and I were on the streets in the city talking to people and we were talking to this one guy when all of a sudden I like flew and fell into him! We turned around and this man had come up behind me and on purpose, shoved me in the back!! What the heck!!?? Not Nice!! Søster House was surprised and laughing because of how far I got pushed! I guess that guy wasn't having a good day and decided to take it out on me.....

Jordan's Tidbits:

- I feel like the weeks are just flying by!! I cannot believe Søster House and I have already been together for 6 weeks!! Moves calls are on Sunday already!!! We are praying we will stay together!! Serving with her has been a blast! We are the dream team that is for sure!!!

- Since when can elders Cook better than sisters?? I swear all the elders here can cook so much better than sisters!! What the heck!?

- The oreo milkshakes here are to die for!!! Only Søster House and I would get them when it is a blizzard outside hahaha. We walked down the sidewalk with our milkshakes in the freezing cold and blizzard and I am sure people thought we were crazy!
- I basically say the closing prayer in Church every week haha

****I finished the Book of Mormon this week!! To those of you, who accepted my invitation to read, keep up the great work!! I will be starting the Book of Mormon again and would like to invite those who aren't currently reading to start this week!! The Book of Mormon is the best!! Read it with an open heart and mind!! I know this book is true with all my heart and that it truly is more of God's word for us today!

(Look up on mormon channel. org Book of Mormon story... It is a quick film about the Book of Mormon)

While Reading this week I came across a verse in 1 Nephi that was talking about these two brothers, Laman and Lemuel who were murmuring against their father. Their father was receiving revelation from God and they didn't want to listen. However, they didn't see the big picture! It was coming from God, not their father. Their father was just God's mouthpiece in a way. I related this to us today! We may not understand everything we are told to do, but we must always remember that God has a plan for us and knows what is best for us! The Lord knows us better than we know ourselves! Trust in him! He won't ask us or give us anything that we can't handle!

Being a missionary is the best!!
Elders Tate and Johnson
Ha en fin uke!! Glad I dere!!
Søster Peterson

Monday, March 16, 2015


So this week all sorts of interesting things happened! I apologize that this email is so unorganized!

Først av fremst!! I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a missionary!! It is the best thing ever!! I am so grateful that I have this chance to learn, grow, help, and serve others!! Søster House and I were talking the other day about how happy we are and how happy we are with the people we have become since being on our missions!! Missions are the best!!! 
Here is a little – “not so spiritual” info!  This week, Søster House and I were heading to the only member family in the branch, the Reynolds and they are American! We got on the bus and both looked at each other and were like what the heck is that smell!! It smells awful!! We sat down and then looked down after a couple minutes and turns out we had been stepping in dog poop on the bus!!! Come on people!!! It was so disgusting and so gross!! Like who lets their dog poop on a bus and leaves it for servants of the Lord to step in!!! Æsj..... (ugh)

The Reynold Family is the best!! Søster House and I love them!! They have 4 kids and they are so cute!! I love this family!! They are so strong in the church and make the best of the little church we have here in Tromsø!! They are definitely needed here!! One of the little boys is adorable.  When Søster House and I were giving our spiritual thought after Søster House would say something he would say *I knew that!* hahaha it was the funniest thing!

A lady named Janne who has been an investigator for years is the nicest, sweetest lady ever!!! (she is an investigator due to her living situation).  She never misses church and is more active than some of the members!! We meet with her every Friday and she always has juice and cookies for us.  She saved Søster House and I's bacon this week!! So Søster House and I needed to get our hair trimmed, but didn't want to go get our hair cut, cause it is like 50 dollars here to do that!! So insane I know!! Things in Norway are so expensive you have no idea!! So she told us that her daughter could cut our hair for free!!
Literally made Søster House and mine's day!! We were literally about to just cut each other's hair! That would have been a story, considering Søster House can't cut paper straight... haha

Søster House and I decided to make cookies for less active members and some of our investigators and the members..... Having Søster House and I bake together is a treat let me tell you!! If only you could have seen us trying to figure out what Norwegian ingredients to use and trying to convert to grams and use their system here!! So hard!!
However; we were told that they were the best cookies these people have ever eaten!! It also helps that Norwegians don't usually make cookies and their sweets aren't sweet like American ones, and if they do have cookies here they are rock hard and ours were soft!(:

For the first time in about 3 months I was able to run outside!! It was a glorious day for Søster House and I!! The ice is finally melting on the streets and sidewalks and the sun was actually out today!!! Since it is beginning to get light here, when we went out running around 6:30 this morning it looked like it was 11 am!! So crazy!! I hope the weather stays like this!! I am so out of shape it is embarrassing!! Søster House and I are way excited to be able to run because not really being able to do a whole lot of working out in the apartment has been driving us crazy!!
So this week I experienced a real missionary moment.....

Søster House and I were teaching a man in the library and trying to explain to him about the Book of Mormon and how we read it together with the Bible and how we believe that they both support each other. This man was making me very frustrated because he doesn't believe that Christ after he was resurrected came to the American continents!! We totally backed it up with Bible and Book of Mormon scriptures, but because it doesn't say Word for Word specifically in the Bible, he said he doesn't believe it! I mean come on!! Christ loves ALL of His children, so it makes sense that he would visit the people in the American continents as well!! While we were trying to explain this to the man who doesn't speak very good English or Norwegian..... A lady walked up and asked *Is that a Book of Mormon?* Søster House and I happily replied yes!! And Vet du Hva!! The lady turned to the man and said that we are misleading him, part of a Mormon outrage, told him he can come to her Church instead, and basically telling him we are the devil, and all sorts of untrue and not nice things!! I was appalled!! This is probably normal for things like this to happen to missionaries in America, but not here in Norway!! Turns out she is American, so makes sense haha.  She than began to ask Søster House and I questions and was like so you believe this..... right? And we would say no and then she would continue to say, but you believe this and we would continue to say no. Everything she was telling us was not true and then she told us she needed to go home and re read her anti Mormon books!! Like what the heck!! We invited her to sit down and explained many of the false things she knew and set her straight!! We asked her if we could give her a Book of Mormon and she said yes! We have a meeting with her this week!! Søster House and I are way excited to make sure she knows the truth and answer all her questions! So wish us Luck!! She will be a tough cookie that is for sure!

The Book of Mormon is so true!! I just love it!!

Jordan's Tidbits:

- Never take the sun for granted!!

- This is a mask we have on our wall “teancum”.  Søster house hid it in my bed and I laid down right by it and turned to it and screamed and fell off the bed!
- People please have the decency to clean up after your dogs!!! Especially on public transportation!!

- Norwegians don't use C's in their Words usually use K's

- It is so funny because whenever just the tiniest bit of sun comes out, all Norwegians are wearing sunglasses!

- Nothing is more frustrating than people standing us up for appointments!! Just call us people and say you can't come or don't want to meet!!

- Søster House's mom sent us some little kid sticky hands and man are those things the best!! Søster House and I have too much fun with those!
- Søster House and I have gotten pretty good at running to catch buses......

**Mom’s addition to the post: 
This is a picture of the bridge in Tromsø.  Here is some information about it J
The Tromsø Bridge (Norwegian: Tromsøbrua) is a cantilever road bridge in the city of Tromsø, Norway. It crosses the Tromsøysundet strait between Tromsdalen on the mainland and the island of Tromsøya. The 1,036-metre (3,399 ft) long bridge has 58 spans, of which the longest is 80 metres (260 ft) with a maximum clearance to the sea of 38 metres (125 ft).

At the time of its opening, it was the longest bridge in Northern Europe, with a length of 1,036 metres (3,399 ft).  At a cost of NOK 14.5 million, the bridge replaced an inefficient ferry connection between the two sides of the strait, and it helped boost the growth and development of Tromsø.  Due to severe congestion issues, the mainland road connection was later reinforced by the construction of the Tromsøysund Tunnel in the 1990s. Unlike the tunnel, located almost 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) further north, the Tromsø Bridge leads directly to the city centre of Tromsø.

The Tromsø Bridge was the first cantilever bridge to be built in Norway. Since then, many bridges of this type have been built. The bridge is one of the most important landmarks of Tromsø, and forms part of a motif composed of the Arctic Cathedral, the Tromsdalstinden mountain, and the Tromsø Bridge.

***Pray like it's in the Lord's hands, work like it's in your own!!***
***Pray to love your enemies as God loves them***
***Put aside your fears and allow God to work through you!***

Ha en fin uke!! Glad i dere!!!
Søster Peterson

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

6 MONTHS, Northern Lights, a Blizzard, the list could go on and on!!!

**Note from mom:
Hi everyone!!  Sorry for the late post!  The kids and I are enjoying Spring Break in Colorado and I am just now getting around to getting close to a computer to post!  Sister Peterson is doing GREAT!!  We are so proud of her and her positive attitude while she is freezing up north!!  Here is her post for last Monday:

Hei Hei Dere!!!
Dang so many things happened this week!!!!

So to begin, I hit my 6 month mark!! What the heck!! Where has the time gone!!! I cannot believe I have been out for 6 months!!! I still feel like a newbie!!

THE NORTHERN LIGHTS ARE NOT A MYTH!!!!! Søster House and I were getting ready for bed and I went out on the balcony to shake out a rag and I looked up and couldn't believe my eyes!! I started screaming and freaking out!! Søster House thought I was kidding hahaha. We threw on shoes and our coats and sprinted outside down to the water to see the Northern Lights!!! (Everyone says you can see them better by the water and we live close to the water.) It was the coolest thing ever!! We didn't get very good pictures, but they were all over the sky and green and dancing!! Dang I am so lucky to be here!!! It was so funny because you could tell who were tourists and who weren't because some people were just not even paying attention to them and others were staring and pointing and trying to take pictures!

Søster House and I keep ourselves pretty busy throughout the week with teaching appointments!!! I have never been so busy my whole mission! It is the greatest! We are so lucky and blessed to be here!! We are continuing to find people on the streets and through the area book!! There are some people we have called that haven't been taught in over a year!! It is crazy!!

Søster House and I made a goal to become better at asking people to be baptized. It is actually a scary thing for missionaries to do - you would be surprised!! I mean that IS why we are here! To help others come unto Christ and by doing that, baptism is something they need to do!  We asked more of our investigators this week and even though they said no we were just proud of ourselves for asking! When they say no, it is a sign to us that they aren't ready! So it's okay!! We just need to keep teaching them and helping them find their way!

The Elders had a baptism! They baptized a couple Arnt and Bianca and they are so cute! I just love them!!! They are going to be so awesome and great for the Tromsø Branch!! Bianca was so cute and nervous right before she got baptized and Arnt was so happy!!! The spirit was so strong!! They have a daughter who is 16 who came and she isn't a member and hasn't been taught and it was such a cool thing for her to witness!!! She is so cute and Søster House and I are going to get to know her and hang out with her and are hoping we can teach her!

Today at Church it was a miracle!! We had so many people in church who weren't members it was crazy!! I couldn't believe my eyes!! Søster House and I even had a guy we had talked to on the street our first week here randomly show up!! It was the coolest thing ever!!!

You know it's real when you go banking (knocking on doors) in a blizzard!! Søster House and I are still not so great with directions here so we usually end up getting on the wrong bus or missing the stop or getting lost hahaha. So like normal we ended up getting lost yesterday and so we decided to just get off at the next bus stop and go banking. Let me add in that it was seriously a blizzard outside!!! It was insane!!! Søster House and I were pretty sure our toes were going to get frostbite..... However it was so awesome to see the Lord's hand when we were out!! We got two people's numbers and are going to try to meet with them next week and one of them has even met with missionaries before!! It was so cool!!

The gospel is real and the Church is true!! I am so blessed to be able to be a missionary and share the knowledge and happiness that I have with others!!

Jordan's Tidbits:
- Do you think it is possible to laugh so hard you throw up?? Well folks it is possible!!!

- Never ever drink buttermilk!! This sweet lady gave Søster House and I some buttermilk to drink and it is thick and tastes like Liquid sour cream!!! Aww it was so gross!!!! Luckily we had to catch a bus so we didn't have to drink it all!

- I learned that it is winter till usually the end of June here in Tromsø!! I about cried when I heard that!!!
- Søster House and I decided that we are Alma and Amulek!! Seriously go read Alma Chapter 15 and it describes Søster House and I

***Every trial can bring greater faith! While it is important to pray for strength and help in trials, it is also important to pray to learn from trials.  You can pray for eyes to see and ears to hear the Lord's tender mercies and Grace in Your life. The unique burdens in our lives help us to rely on the mercy, love, and Grace of God. The Savior will help us bear up Our burdens With ease***

***We generally serve those we love and we come to love those we serve****

Ha en fint uke dere!!! Glad I dere!!!
Søster Peterson


*** Read the Liahona Magazine for this month!! March 2015, you can also find it on or!!!

Monday, March 2, 2015


Wow!!! Where to begin!!! Tromsø is so amazing!! So many miracles and wonderful things are happening here it is unreal!!
***Søster House and I learned that we are the farthest North Sister Missionaries in the WHOLE WORLD!!!! Wow!!! That is so crazy!!! Makes us feel special J****

Tromsø is so prepared!! Søster House and I have been so busy teaching and making appointments with people and contacting on the streets it has been insane!! I have never been this busy my whole mission! It is so awesome!!!  I love stopping people on the streets and asking them questions that really make them think and wonder if God really exists! It is so cool to watch them ponder and really think!  However, there are many people who don't exactly want to talk to us and are not so nice to us, but oh well!! We are planting seeds as we go!!
On Monday we had the best lesson and most spiritual one I have had on my whole mission!! It was with a guy named Stian.  We met him on the street and about an hour before we were supposed to meet with him he said that he thought meeting with us was pointless, but since he said we would meet with us he still kept the appointment. We told him that it was up to him and then he texted back and said actually I do want to meet, I have some questions. Words can't even describe the lesson!! Søster House and I taught so well together and we totally relied on the spirit to help us with what to say. It went so smoothly and was just so awesome!! The spirit was so strong and it was so cool to have things begin to make sense to him and for him to make connections!! It was awesome!! He asked so many great questions and agreed to read the Book of Mormon and pray!! We asked him to say the closing prayer and he had never prayed before, but did it! Oh my gosh!! His prayer was amazing!!! He asked Heavenly Father to help him know the truth and so many more great things!! His prayer was amazing!! After he was done, he asked if it was okay and Søster House and I looked at each other and were like that was the best prayer we have ever heard!! We asked him how he felt afterwards and told him that how he was feeling was the Holy Ghost! It was the coolest thing ever!! Except at one point he was like grapping his chest and Søster House and I were legitimately concerned he was having a heart attack! Søster House and I were talking after the lesson and we both realized that we understood 99 percent of what he was saying in Norwegian!! It was insane!! Søster House and I are so excited to meet with Stian again!! He has been reading the Book of Mormon, but has been sick so we haven’t been able to meet with him, but this week we will!!

The Sister Training Leaders came this week on Tuesday and Wednesday and it was so fun to have them here and to help us!! Søster Hartley and Søster Campbell are so awesome!! They are amazing missionaries and I look up to them so much!! We were able to get more lessons done and more contacting since there was four of us and I always learn new things from them! They are such great examples!
Søster Hartley
Søster Campbell
On Friday Søster House and I ate With Lil and Linda, they are two less active older women and they are so cute!! We cooked hamburgers for them! Man oh man was that interesting!! For those of you who don't know, I hate raw meat and touching it and so does Søster House, but I took one for the team and molded the raw meat into hamburger patties.... So gross!!! We did a pretty good job for our first time exept we cooked them on the stove and Linda told us that they were done cooking when they really weren't so they were a little raw, but Linda and Lil didn't mind at all!! Søster House and I looked at each other and prayed we wouldn't get sick haha  - because we had to eat them!!

***The ice here is unbelievable!!! No joke or exaggeration, Søster House and I were on Our hands and knees trying to get up this hill to visit a family! We had to crawl!!! They said they could see us from their window!! That was embarrassing..... I know that all of you would have paid good money to see how bad we were struggling!!!  Søster House and I were dying laughing and couldn't even stand up!! When we would stand up, we would slip and slide down the hill!! It literally took us probably around 20 to 30 minutes to get up this dumb hill!!
Søster House trying not to slide backwards!

 I was trying to claw my hands into the ice to have something to grab onto!
*****Søster House and I are clearly not settled into the area yet because we missed our bus stop and ended  up being on the bus for the next hour till it was done with the route and started back from the beginning..... In Tromsø there are no bus signs, no official stops, or anything!! You just have to know where to get off based by scenery!! Ummm what the heck!! And by the way, most of the bus drivers don’t speak English or Norwegian.  They are from another country!

**In Tromsø we meet in an office building for Church, there is a senior couple, one set of elder missionaries, and Søster House and I in Tromsø.
**Today, Monday – the Elders, Søster House, and I went to Fjellheisen!!!  I have never been colder in my life!! It was FREEZING!!!  Literally I felt like I was on top of the Grinch Mountain!  It was literally so windy while we were up there, we couldn’t walk straight.  BUT, it was SOOOO beautiful!!  I am so lucky!  We took the cable car up to the top of the mountain!  I will have a group picture to post next week, but here are the pics I did get!

(Info added from Mom about Fjellheisen)
Fjellheisen (English: The mountain lift) is an aerial tramway located in the city of Tromsø, Norway.  The lower station is located near sea-level in Tromsdalen, a suburb on the mainland. The upper station is located at Storsteinen (English: The big rock), a mountain ledge about 420 m (1,378 ft) above sea-level. The four minute trip to the upper station is a popular destination in itself, offering visitors a commanding view of the city and the surrounding islands and fjords from an outdoor viewing deck. Food and drink is served in Fjellstua restaurant. Many passengers use the tramway as a launching point for hikes to various mountains in the area, including Tromsdalstinden, the iconic 1,238 m high peak that is easily visible from the city.

The tramway is particularly busy in the summer months, when it is popular with cruise-ship passengers wishing to get a good view of the midnight sun.

****Søster House and I serving together is truly inspiration from God!!! Serving with her is a dream!! We are literally best friends and it makes doing missionary work so much better!! We are leaving a mark on Tromsø that is for sure!!****

Jordan's Tidbits:
- We will be starting an institute class for our investigators!

- Never underestimate ice!! It may look like it isn't slippery, but you don't know what slippery is until you come to Tromsø!

- Always have faith!! Faith with action makes miracles!!

- Always check the ground before you put your foot down when a tack falls on the ground..... I may or may not have stepped on a tack.... Søster House sure did think it was funny
-I haven’t seen the Northern Lights yet because it has been too cloudy!  But hopefully soon!  BUT…I do have a beautiful view of the clouds from my apartment!
- Make the best of each day!! Have fun and laugh!!

- With the Lord really anything is possible!!!
**Doubt your doubts before you doubt Your faith!!!****
***Sometimes the most important things you do each day are never even on your to do list. You might worry about the things you never got done, but you never know how much good you do!****
***Live that you would not blush with shame if your thoughts and actions could be flashed on a screen in your church*****

Glad I dere!!! Ha en flott uke!!!
Søster Peterson