Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Monday, March 2, 2015


Wow!!! Where to begin!!! Tromsø is so amazing!! So many miracles and wonderful things are happening here it is unreal!!
***Søster House and I learned that we are the farthest North Sister Missionaries in the WHOLE WORLD!!!! Wow!!! That is so crazy!!! Makes us feel special J****

Tromsø is so prepared!! Søster House and I have been so busy teaching and making appointments with people and contacting on the streets it has been insane!! I have never been this busy my whole mission! It is so awesome!!!  I love stopping people on the streets and asking them questions that really make them think and wonder if God really exists! It is so cool to watch them ponder and really think!  However, there are many people who don't exactly want to talk to us and are not so nice to us, but oh well!! We are planting seeds as we go!!
On Monday we had the best lesson and most spiritual one I have had on my whole mission!! It was with a guy named Stian.  We met him on the street and about an hour before we were supposed to meet with him he said that he thought meeting with us was pointless, but since he said we would meet with us he still kept the appointment. We told him that it was up to him and then he texted back and said actually I do want to meet, I have some questions. Words can't even describe the lesson!! Søster House and I taught so well together and we totally relied on the spirit to help us with what to say. It went so smoothly and was just so awesome!! The spirit was so strong and it was so cool to have things begin to make sense to him and for him to make connections!! It was awesome!! He asked so many great questions and agreed to read the Book of Mormon and pray!! We asked him to say the closing prayer and he had never prayed before, but did it! Oh my gosh!! His prayer was amazing!!! He asked Heavenly Father to help him know the truth and so many more great things!! His prayer was amazing!! After he was done, he asked if it was okay and Søster House and I looked at each other and were like that was the best prayer we have ever heard!! We asked him how he felt afterwards and told him that how he was feeling was the Holy Ghost! It was the coolest thing ever!! Except at one point he was like grapping his chest and Søster House and I were legitimately concerned he was having a heart attack! Søster House and I were talking after the lesson and we both realized that we understood 99 percent of what he was saying in Norwegian!! It was insane!! Søster House and I are so excited to meet with Stian again!! He has been reading the Book of Mormon, but has been sick so we haven’t been able to meet with him, but this week we will!!

The Sister Training Leaders came this week on Tuesday and Wednesday and it was so fun to have them here and to help us!! Søster Hartley and Søster Campbell are so awesome!! They are amazing missionaries and I look up to them so much!! We were able to get more lessons done and more contacting since there was four of us and I always learn new things from them! They are such great examples!
Søster Hartley
Søster Campbell
On Friday Søster House and I ate With Lil and Linda, they are two less active older women and they are so cute!! We cooked hamburgers for them! Man oh man was that interesting!! For those of you who don't know, I hate raw meat and touching it and so does Søster House, but I took one for the team and molded the raw meat into hamburger patties.... So gross!!! We did a pretty good job for our first time exept we cooked them on the stove and Linda told us that they were done cooking when they really weren't so they were a little raw, but Linda and Lil didn't mind at all!! Søster House and I looked at each other and prayed we wouldn't get sick haha  - because we had to eat them!!

***The ice here is unbelievable!!! No joke or exaggeration, Søster House and I were on Our hands and knees trying to get up this hill to visit a family! We had to crawl!!! They said they could see us from their window!! That was embarrassing..... I know that all of you would have paid good money to see how bad we were struggling!!!  Søster House and I were dying laughing and couldn't even stand up!! When we would stand up, we would slip and slide down the hill!! It literally took us probably around 20 to 30 minutes to get up this dumb hill!!
Søster House trying not to slide backwards!

 I was trying to claw my hands into the ice to have something to grab onto!
*****Søster House and I are clearly not settled into the area yet because we missed our bus stop and ended  up being on the bus for the next hour till it was done with the route and started back from the beginning..... In Tromsø there are no bus signs, no official stops, or anything!! You just have to know where to get off based by scenery!! Ummm what the heck!! And by the way, most of the bus drivers don’t speak English or Norwegian.  They are from another country!

**In Tromsø we meet in an office building for Church, there is a senior couple, one set of elder missionaries, and Søster House and I in Tromsø.
**Today, Monday – the Elders, Søster House, and I went to Fjellheisen!!!  I have never been colder in my life!! It was FREEZING!!!  Literally I felt like I was on top of the Grinch Mountain!  It was literally so windy while we were up there, we couldn’t walk straight.  BUT, it was SOOOO beautiful!!  I am so lucky!  We took the cable car up to the top of the mountain!  I will have a group picture to post next week, but here are the pics I did get!

(Info added from Mom about Fjellheisen)
Fjellheisen (English: The mountain lift) is an aerial tramway located in the city of Tromsø, Norway.  The lower station is located near sea-level in Tromsdalen, a suburb on the mainland. The upper station is located at Storsteinen (English: The big rock), a mountain ledge about 420 m (1,378 ft) above sea-level. The four minute trip to the upper station is a popular destination in itself, offering visitors a commanding view of the city and the surrounding islands and fjords from an outdoor viewing deck. Food and drink is served in Fjellstua restaurant. Many passengers use the tramway as a launching point for hikes to various mountains in the area, including Tromsdalstinden, the iconic 1,238 m high peak that is easily visible from the city.

The tramway is particularly busy in the summer months, when it is popular with cruise-ship passengers wishing to get a good view of the midnight sun.

****Søster House and I serving together is truly inspiration from God!!! Serving with her is a dream!! We are literally best friends and it makes doing missionary work so much better!! We are leaving a mark on Tromsø that is for sure!!****

Jordan's Tidbits:
- We will be starting an institute class for our investigators!

- Never underestimate ice!! It may look like it isn't slippery, but you don't know what slippery is until you come to Tromsø!

- Always have faith!! Faith with action makes miracles!!

- Always check the ground before you put your foot down when a tack falls on the ground..... I may or may not have stepped on a tack.... Søster House sure did think it was funny
-I haven’t seen the Northern Lights yet because it has been too cloudy!  But hopefully soon!  BUT…I do have a beautiful view of the clouds from my apartment!
- Make the best of each day!! Have fun and laugh!!

- With the Lord really anything is possible!!!
**Doubt your doubts before you doubt Your faith!!!****
***Sometimes the most important things you do each day are never even on your to do list. You might worry about the things you never got done, but you never know how much good you do!****
***Live that you would not blush with shame if your thoughts and actions could be flashed on a screen in your church*****

Glad I dere!!! Ha en flott uke!!!
Søster Peterson



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