Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Monday, March 23, 2015


So last week I mentioned that the weather was getting better and the ice was beginning to melt!! Well I spoke too soon!! This week was the coldest it has ever been!! Søster House and I literally thought we were going to get frostbite!! I have never been so cold in my entire life!!! It is unreal!!
Søster House and I did Family Home Evening with Lill and Linda!! It went so great!! The spirit was so strong and they really enjoyed it!! We talked about being better each day than the day before. We also challenged them to put a picture of Christ by their bed and every night before they go to bed they could look at it and reflect on the day and think about what they could do better the next.  Søster House and I shared our favorite Christ pictures and it was so cool!
We met With Brenda! I mentioned her in my email last week!! Things went surprisingly good!! She listened and asked questions and it was so cool to explain to her and tell her truth! She is interested about the prophet and so she wants to come and watch General Conference with us in a couple weeks to hear and see the prophet and his apostles talk!! We are so excited!!

We also met with a guy named Leonardo. He is from Italy and is super nice!! He told Søster House and I that he loves talking with us because we have a light. When we talk and testify to him, he told us that he can tell that we are talking from our souls and he loves talking to us because of the light we bring!! That seriously made my day!! That was the best thing ever!! Sadly, he isn't very interested in learning about the gospel, but at least we planted a seed with him!! We had a District lunch today with the elders and the senior couple! Søster Crabtree makes the best food ever!! Elder and Søster Crabtree are like our grandparents!! They are so cute!! It was so fun to be with the missionaries and laugh and have a good time! The Crabtrees work so hard and they have done so much for Tromsø!! I don't know what we would do without them!
We had dinner with the new converts Bianca and Arnt!! They are just the best ever!! They are so cute and have such strong testimonies!! I love them!!! We also taught their daughter Kelly for the first time!! We are so excited to teach her!! It went really well!! She has even been coming to church the past couple of weeks! Bianca and Arnt are also starting to do Family home evening together with her!! Aww I love them!!

We finally met with Janne's daughter Melita!! Janne isn't a member, but she is the most active nonmember I have ever met!! Her daughter is 13 and Janne has been trying to get her family interested in the church. We finally got an appointment with Melita and it went great!! She told us that her belief in God came from her mom and that she has a strong belief in God and wants to learn more! We taught her the first lesson and the spirit was so strong!! She is so cute and very smart! AND THE BEST PART!!! We asked her if she got an answer when she prayed that the Book of Mormon was true and that if she got an answer that this Church was true if she would be baptized and she said yes!!! Søster House and I were so excited!! Finally we got a baptismal date!!

Knocking on doors in a blizzard continues!! Never have I been so cold in my life!! Of course Søster House and I got lost again on the bus, haha but its okay because we just get off at a random stop. Today was awful though!! It was so cold and miserable!! We didn't have much success, but I know that we can do hard things and if we show our willingness to work and do whatever it takes, we will be blessed and the Lord will help us!

Today we watched the Joseph Smith Movie with Bianca and Kelly and had a spiritual lesson/spiritual thought than we had a nail party! Søster House and I want to form a better relationship with Kelly so we thought we could do something fun and paint our nails! It was a hit!! Kelly even came to church the next day and she is warming up to us!

Lill came up to us at Church today and invited us and the other missionaries over to have a Family Home Evening together next Monday!! Søster House and I were so excited because she has never done something like this before, so we know that our Family Home Evening with her made a difference! I love being here in Tromsø and the people we get to meet and friendships we are making!! Søster House and I know we were sent here to help Lill!! It is so awesome to see how much she is changing and growing spiritually. She even has been coming to Church consistently!

***One day while out contacting on the street Søster House and I saw this poor old lady walking with a cane and bag of groceries literally taking step by step down this steep ice hill!! We ran up the hill and offered to help and she was the cutest thing!! She grabbed my arm and Søster House took her groceries and we walked her to the taxi stop. She was 90 years old!! She was so sweet and grateful and it was just the best thing ever to help her!! I love helping people!! It is the best and so rewarding!!

****Søster House and I were on the streets in the city talking to people and we were talking to this one guy when all of a sudden I like flew and fell into him! We turned around and this man had come up behind me and on purpose, shoved me in the back!! What the heck!!?? Not Nice!! Søster House was surprised and laughing because of how far I got pushed! I guess that guy wasn't having a good day and decided to take it out on me.....

Jordan's Tidbits:

- I feel like the weeks are just flying by!! I cannot believe Søster House and I have already been together for 6 weeks!! Moves calls are on Sunday already!!! We are praying we will stay together!! Serving with her has been a blast! We are the dream team that is for sure!!!

- Since when can elders Cook better than sisters?? I swear all the elders here can cook so much better than sisters!! What the heck!?

- The oreo milkshakes here are to die for!!! Only Søster House and I would get them when it is a blizzard outside hahaha. We walked down the sidewalk with our milkshakes in the freezing cold and blizzard and I am sure people thought we were crazy!
- I basically say the closing prayer in Church every week haha

****I finished the Book of Mormon this week!! To those of you, who accepted my invitation to read, keep up the great work!! I will be starting the Book of Mormon again and would like to invite those who aren't currently reading to start this week!! The Book of Mormon is the best!! Read it with an open heart and mind!! I know this book is true with all my heart and that it truly is more of God's word for us today!

(Look up on mormon channel. org Book of Mormon story... It is a quick film about the Book of Mormon)

While Reading this week I came across a verse in 1 Nephi that was talking about these two brothers, Laman and Lemuel who were murmuring against their father. Their father was receiving revelation from God and they didn't want to listen. However, they didn't see the big picture! It was coming from God, not their father. Their father was just God's mouthpiece in a way. I related this to us today! We may not understand everything we are told to do, but we must always remember that God has a plan for us and knows what is best for us! The Lord knows us better than we know ourselves! Trust in him! He won't ask us or give us anything that we can't handle!

Being a missionary is the best!!
Elders Tate and Johnson
Ha en fin uke!! Glad I dere!!
Søster Peterson

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