Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Monday, March 30, 2015


That's right folks the Dynamic Duo of House and Peterson is getting separated...... Moves Calls were on Sunday and Søster House will be staying in Tromsø and I will be headed to......

BERGEN with Søster Johannessen!!!! (We were in the MTC together)

Søster Jordan Peterson
St. Olavsvei 3B
5052 Bergen

Wow!! I cannot believe that it has already been 6 weeks!! I feel like I just got here yesterday!! Serving with Søster House in Tromsø has been a dream!! We have done so much here and the people I have met and friendships I have made, I will cherish forever!! There are so many fantastic people here!! Tromsø has so much potential and I am so blessed that I got to be a part of building up this wonderful branch!! The people here will forever hold a special place in my heart!!
Søster House and I with AJ
Bianca and Arnt
So on Monday we flew to Trondheim for a Zone Conference!! Man I love those!! It was so fun to travel and then visit a new place and see other missionaries!! I love love love the missionaries here!! They are all so awesome!! It was a two hour flight to Trondheim and it is beautiful might I add!! Zone Conference was so amazing!! President was there and literally what he talked about and what was talked about at the conference was an answer to my prayers!! I just love when that happens!! I am so grateful that I get to serve the Lord and I get to be surrounded by so many amazing people with such strong testimonies and strong desire to share the gospel! Missionary work is the greatest!!
Welcome to Trondheim, Norway!
 Reunited with Elder Gingrich!!

 Søsters Randall and Leiland
 The Trondheim Cathedral

At Zone Conference an Elder who was going home after this transfer gave his last testimony and it was the best testimony I have ever heard! You could tell that he was an amazing missionary, worked hard, and did all that he needed to do here. You could tell that he had learned and grown so much and how much he loves this gospel!! It was the coolest experience ever!! I hope that I can be like that at the end of my mission and have people think these things about me! I would hope that all missionaries would be like him when they are about to go home!
Church building in Trondheim, Norway
So because of General Conference this coming weekend we had fast Sunday yesterday. My last fast Sunday in Tromsø and bearing my testimony in front of like 15 people! Dang I am going to miss that haha. I love love love fast Sunday!! I love hearing people's testimonies!! The people here in Tromsø are so strong! It's crazy to see how much I have grown and how less nervous I am getting up to bear my testimony!!

Eliza, an 8 year old girl in the branch got baptized yesterday!! She is part of the American family in the ward (The Reynolds).  I was so glad that I got to see that before I left!! She was baptized in a swimming pool and she was so excited!! It was the greatest thing to see her glowing!!
 The Reynolds Family
I just LOVE their kiddos!!
I am so excited to serve with Søster Johannessen! We were in the MTC together and are great friends!! It is going to be so fun!!  Look out Bergen!! You have no idea what is coming for ya!!!
 Bergen is about 5 hours north of Stavanger (where I was before)

Elder Tate, our District leader in Tromsø, is being transferred to Trondheim to be a zone leader.  Søster House and Elder Johnson are staying in Tromsø.
Tromsø Crew:  Elder Tate, Elder Johnson, Me, Søster House, Bro and Sis Campbell
Jordan's Tidbits:

- Norway has an Easter chicken, not Easter bunny

- The schools here get a whole week off for Easter or (Påske) and all the stores and shops completely shut down! It is so crazy!! Everyone goes to the Mountains to cabins and to ski and many Norwegians don't even correlate Easter with Christ! It is so sad!

- Really think about Easter and why we celebrate Easter

- It is a normal thing for people to leave their babies in the strollers outside of stores and shops while they are inside!! What the heck!! So crazy!!!
Åndelig Tanker:
*Progression and miracles happen line upon line, precept upon precept* 2 Nephi 28:30
*Read the scriptures every day and do the simple Things and you will never go astray*
*Perfection comes over time, it is up to us how fast we progress*


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It is called Because He Lives
Our Mission President and his wife.  Brother and Sister Evans!!

**Also General Conference is this week!! I would like to invite everyone to make questions before Conference and pay attention and see if they are answered!! I have done this everytime and you would be amazed by how your questions are answered!!****

Glad i dere!!!
Søster Peterson

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