Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hallo fra Bergen!!! and...... 7 Months!!

I am in my new home now! This is my third area! BERGEN!!!
**Because of the Easter break and everything being shut down I had like no time to email this week, So next week I will be sure to email people back!!**** Sorry my email is so rushed! I have like no time!!

This week has been kinda crazy because everyone is on Påske Ferie and they literally close all the stores and everything down!

Søster House and I lived up our last P Day together and toured the town and explored!
Søster House, Me, and Selvano
Last day in Tromsø!! We did a district lunch and egg decorating activity for Easter! That was so fun!!

For April Fools, Søster House put chili pepper in my cereal......She thought she was funny... I am so sad to leave Tromsø and all the wonderful people I have met here and of course Søster House! However I know that I am going to Bergen for a reason and am beyond excited to find out what the reason is!

Left Tromsø and headed to begin my new adventure with Søster Johannessen in Bergen!! I think I mentioned this last week, but Søster Johannessen and I were in the MTC together and is from Seattle. 
After a long day of flying and traveling I arrived in Bergen! The senior couple, Brother and Sister Allphin were so sweet and gave me and the other 2 missionaries who flew in sack dinners and helped us with our luggage! Brother Allphin served a mission in Norway years ago and is fluent in Norwegian, they are from Utah and I love them already. 
Then we hopped onto the train and reunited with the other missionaries in Bergen! There are 2 sets of sister missionaries here and 2 sets of Elders. All four of the sisters are going to be living together! Our apartment is really big!  The other two sisters are Sister Larsen, from Logan, Utah and Sister Muren. Søster Muren is a Norwegian and is from Oslo! I love both of them!! They are so awesome!! I am especially excited to be living with a Norwegian because she only likes to speak Norwegian so that will help me tons!

First real day in Bergen! We had a missionary meeting and lunch. Elder Dalton made the best mac and cheese ever! Goes right along with my theory that elders can cook better than sisters!
Elder Dalton, Elder Rial, Elder Griffen, Søster Larsen, Me, Søster J, Søster Muren, Elder Stookey
Søster J and I went to the city to contact! Man I love Bergen! The city sentrum is so amazing and there are so many people here to stop and talk to!!! I love the city!! I am so glad and excited to be here!! Big things are going to happen, I just know it!

All the missionaries went to a lady in the wards house named Else! Oh my gosh, she is just the cutest ever!!
She fed us like an Easter meal then we explored her land with her!! She is like the missionary grandma! She took us to her cabin and Søster J found this pig skull and took it home!! She has been terrorizing Søster Muren with it hahaha. She is so cute and has the strongest testimony ever!! I love her!!

Also today was my 7 month mark!!! Like what!!! Can't believe how fast time is flying!!!

Saturday and Sunday:
EASTER AND GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! Okay General Conference was the best!!!! I loved it!! For those of you who don't know what that is, it is when we get to hear from the Apostles and Prophet!! It is something I recommend for everyone to see!! You can watch and read the talks they gave on the internet on!! My favorite talks were by Boyd K Packer on Saturday Morning, Wilford W Andersen on Saturday Afternoon, and Brent H Nielsen on Sunday Morning! I haven't been able to see Sunday Afternoon session yet, but I will this week!! Because I am in Norway we have to wait to see some of the sessions.

I am so grateful that I can have the knowledge and faith that I have and know why we celebrate Easter. I am so grateful that Christ died for each one of us and for me personally and that I can always repent and be clean again and that he will always forgive me! Moroni 6:8. The Atonement is a gift from Christ! WE NEED TO USE IT!!!!

With the Easter holiday, I really reflected on Christ, my beliefs, and how lucky I am to be a missionary during this time! I wouldn't trade who I am or where I am or what I am doing for anything in the world!

Jordan's Tidbits:
-Yes, I had to stack up on the clothes again when I left Tromsø.  Not everything would fit in my suitcase, so I wore; 3 skirts, 2 sweaters, 2 jackets, and 2 scarves.  I think this might be my normal travel wear!

-My study area is on my couch. Check it out!
- Go visit or
- Enjoy the time you have with your family!! You will miss it when you are gone, trust me!
- Bergen is so beautiful!! I am seriously so lucky to be here!!! I love the BIG CITY!!
Åndelig Tanker:
“Even the most evil can become totally worthy of exaltation if they repent, come unto Christ, and *go and do!* and if the very 'most evil' can change, then so can we!!”
 -Grandma Bills

“Even though we may feel lost in the midst of our current circumstances, God promises the hope of His light.  He promises to illuminate the way before us and show us the way out of darkness.”

P.S. I love when people attach pictures to their emails!!!
ha en fin uke!!!
glad i dere!!
Søster Peterson

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