Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hei Hei dere!
This week went by so fast!! Here is a quick rundown of the week!
We went to Familien Klæbøe for FHE. They have six super cute blond children! We taught them a lesson about faith. We had a bag full of random things and you had to take something out and try to guess what it was without using your eyes...

Alma 32:21 - 21 “And now as I said concerning faith—faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true.”

The grandma had my chap stick and pulled the lid off and yelled ew in Norwegian! It was so funny!

We slept outside!! We have a deck and Søster J has been dying to sleep outside, so we took our mattresses and all the denna's we could find and slept outside! It actually was pretty great! The only bad part was the light because it starts getting light around like 4 or 5:00 in the morning here! It is crazy! And it doesn't get dark till after 9:00!
Today we helped a member clean her house and get ready to move! It was so fun and her view of the fjord is amazing!
We sang songs and danced as we cleaned! We made it a good time!  On our way home we were on the Bybanen (light rail public transportation in Bergen) and Søster J saw this moose or some kind of animal out of her window.  She wanted to go pet it so bad, but I wouldn’t let her.
Our apartment got a new toilet! The old one was terrible.... it wouldn’t flush and the toilet seat wasn't connected. So we finally had our land lord get us a new one! But the toilet seat isn't connected on this one either....

Sport!! Playing volleyball is the best! I wish I could play softball too! The weather was ridiculous!! Raining cats and dogs!! It made being outside not enjoyable..... but it was still fun.

KIRKE!!! Oh my, it is so great to be going to a real church building with a ward again!! I have missed that so much! Never will I take church for granted ever again! It was fast Sunday today and dang do I miss Tromsø and bearing my testimony in front of like 10 people! We went to a members house afterwards with all the missionaries to eat and that was so much fun! The Berg family is so awesome! Søster J and I also kontakted some sweet people on the street! We also had an old investigator in church so that was way sweet!
Today! April 13th:
Søster Larsen and I decided to hike fløyen! Fløyen or Fløyfjellet is the most visited of the seven mountains that surround the city centre of Bergen, Norway. It has a funicular system Fløibanen that transports passengers from the centre of Bergen to a height of 320 metres in roughly 8 minutes.  And oh my gosh!! I about died!! The view was amazing when we finally got to the top, but getting there was death!! No joke there was one part where I was crawling....

Jordan's Tidbits:
- Norwegians pronounce the letter w like a v and the letter v like a w
- Vaffler is the best thing in the world!! (Norwegian waffles)
- Boller is the best thing in the world!! (Boller is like a type of yummy bread roll dessert thing)
-This is the King and Queens vacation house in Bergen
- I don't understand how Norwegians are so dang skinny with the boller, chocolate, and yummy goodness they have here!
- I will NEVER be able to eat American chocolate again
-Elder Dalton and I
-Elder Rial and I.  We were in the MTC together!!!
-The shopping is awesome here!! This is Bryggen. Bryggen (Norwegian for the Wharf), also known as Tyskebryggen (the German Wharf), is a series of Hanseatic commercial buildings lining the eastern side of the fjord coming into Bergen, Norway. Today, Bryggen houses museums, shops, restaurants and pubs. Probably one of the most famous-touristy spots in all of Norway! They have a year round open Christmas shops.  Each building is kind of crooked so it’s fun to walk around the stores on slanted flooring.
- Søster J is kicking my booty with språk study, (language study) but I am grateful she is pushing me!

Åndelig Tanker: (spiritual thoughts)
*Even though we may feel lost in the midst of our current circumstances, God promises the hope of His light- He promises to illuminate the way before us and show us the way out of darkness

*If you're not a full time missionary with a missionary badge pinned on your coat, NOW is the time to paint one on your heart-painted as Paul said “not with ink, but with the spirit of the living God”

*Is there not wisdom in Heavenly Father giving us trials that we might rise above them, responsibilities that we might achieve, work to harden our muscles, sorrows to try our souls? Are we not exposed to temptations to test our strength, sickness that we might learn patience, death that we may be immortalized and glorified? If all the sick for whom we prayed were healed. If all the righteous were protected and the wicked destroyed, the whole program of God would be annulled and the basic principles of the gospel, free agency, would be ended. No one would have to live by faith! To have faith does not mean we believe our Heavenly Father will always give us what we ask for when we ask for it. When we ask in faith for something that is in accordance with the will of God, He will grant us according to our desires. Heavenly Father knows us, loves us, and desires everything necessary for us to return to His presence. And sometimes that includes trials, troubles, and challenges (1 Peter 1:7). We must learn to trust in God's plan for us and submit our will to His. Just because we have faith, doesn't mean the Lord has to grant us what we want or help us. He knows us better than we know ourselves and sometimes he knows we need to learn or grow from an experience and sometimes he may want to test our faith and devotion to Him! The Lord loves us and wants and knows what is best for us!

Glad i dere!! Ha en fin uke!!
(love you!!  Have a great week!!)

Søster Peterson

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