Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Monday, April 27, 2015


This week was rough not gonna lie..... It was just one of those weeks that missionaries probably dread and don't look forward to.

So I decided to title this email “Good things come to those who wait”, because that is what I keep telling myself!  Missionary work has been really slow lately and it is very frustrating, but I know that it isn't until AFTER the trial of our faith that we see miracles and the Lord's help. I just wish I didn't have to be patient and wait, but I know it helps me learn and grow!

This week........ (Sorry mom it is going to be unorganized.....)

A guy from the ward came back from the US and brought us some American food! Including Nutter Butters!! Oh man did I forget about those!!!
We were able to meet with a man named Trulls that we met on the bybane kontakting. Turns out he already had a Book of Mormon he had gotten while in Sweden and had read the whole thing! Like what the heck!? We met with him and he was way cool and we are so excited to meet with him again! We taught him about the Book of Mormon and he really thinks it is interesting

A member in the ward took Søster J, me. Elder Stookey, and Griffin to lunch! We went to probably the only American restaurant in Norway..... TGI Friday's! Pretty funny because we had all never been there before. We had to come to Norway to eat there hahaha. It was way good and made me remember what good ole American food tastes like!
The sisters and I gardened for our land lady! Søster J got a kick out of chasing me and Søster Muran with worms......
We had Stake Conference this weekend. It was broadcasted from Drammen and it was so cool because I got to see people I know from Stavanger on the screen in the background! It was a very neat experience for me because it was all in Norwegian (selvfølgelig) and it was so cool to hear and think to myself that I am in Norway! Sometimes I tend to forget that I am in Norway! I am so lucky and blessed to be here!

Søster J, me, and Elder Stookey and Griffin helped a lady in the ward move things out of her attic and clean it than put everything back in. We had a lot of fun and it was so rewarding to see how grateful she was for us helping her. We didn't think it was that big of a deal, it was easy and fun for us, but to her it meant so much! You never know how much good you do! Even the little things (:

For språk study we sometimes like to play catch phrase with the other missionaries. It is pretty fun to see how far I have come from when I first came to the land. We use a dictionary and have to describe the first Norwegian word we see in Norwegian and everyone has to guess what it is

Update on BOOT CAMP: Well week one wasn't a failure, but next week will be better for sure! It didn't help that we got brought American food and treats.... I did pretty good restraining myself though!

We are trying to get a street stand set up in the city center on the weekends! Hopefully we can get that going this coming weekend! The city is always packed on the weekends! We are hoping it will be a success!
I misplaced my Norwegian scriptures this week and I thought my life was going to end... I was really upset and I can't count the number of prayers I said trying to find them! I bribed all the missionaries by buying the person who found them boller and Søster J randomly found them in the weirdest place ever in our apartment! She was pretty excited because we had started boot camp and now she could not have healthy food hahah.  So I bought some for myself too... sjokolade boller!!!  So YUMMY!!!
We explored a cemetery that is just down the street from us for fun on one of our nightly dinner walks!

 Sunday night was P day eve spa night! After planning and doing everything we needed to of course we decided to spoil ourselves by painting our nails, soaking our feet, and doing face masks!
Mandag: TODAY
We explored at a river! We all went down to a river/creek and explored and had a grand ol time! We also had a rock battle across the river hahahah. I know I know it sounds childish, but it was so much fun! We split up on the two sides of the river and tried to throw rocks in to the water to splash each other! hahaha We all got soaked! You would be surprised! I love my district they are the best! They remind me that I am not the only one who is still a kid at heart (:

Jordan's Tidbits:
- If you aren't having fun you are doing something wrong!  Yes, this is baby food - but it is oh so good!!!
- Seeing and hearing about all my friends getting engaged and married is crazy!!! It is so weird!
- I am trying to learn and play piano again!
- Letters make my day!!
- My Grandma came up with a great idea of the “ONE MORE” principle.  So my mom challenged me to; “Each day do "ONE MORE".  You choose what it is.... one more knock, one more contact, once more prayer, one more sit up, one more saying of gratitude, one more act of service.  Doesn't matter what it is - just do ONE MORE.  AND NOW I AM EXTENDING THAT CHALLENGE TO YOU!!! It really helped me a lot this week!"  I love "Me and my CREW!"
Åndelig Tanker:
*....God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able, but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it*

*God gives us challenges and hardships to help us learn and grow!

*God expects and asks us to follow Him blindly*
Glad I dere!! Ha en fin uke!
Søster Peterson

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Oh how I have missed sunshine all day long!!!! The sun is finally staying out!! However it is kinda messing with my mind because we go to sleep with the sun up and wake up with the sun up! So crazy!!!
We had ZLT! (Zone Leader Training) Elder Nilsson and Elder Allen the Zone leaders and President and Sister Evans came to Bergen to do like a work shop. It was so cool and we learned the importance of keeping our area book up to date and organized. We also talked about fun and different ways to kontakt and making it fun! After that great motivation, Søster J and I went out kontakting that night and killed it!!! We had so much fun and talked to EVERY person we saw! We also would say a word that the other would HAVE to use while they were talking to the person we stopped, that was hilarious! They were all so hyggelig and nice! It was so fun!! hahahaha best part of the night.... Søster J and I promised we would stop every person we saw and we were walking down the street heading home and it was just us, than a boy about 14 years old was on the other side of the road and Søster J yells “HEY!!! TRO DU PÅ GUD!?”  Than ran across the street for us to talk to him. His reaction was priceless!

The STL's came!! (Sister Training Leaders) Søster Hartley and Søster Nielsen came to visit! We had such a good day!! Søster Hartley and I got kissed by an old man hahaha, that was interesting. Søster Nielsen and I were kontakting in the city and we pretty much chased/stalked these guys giving out free food and casually walked by so we could get some hahaha. Søster Hartley and I visited a member and found her house by a miracle! This is a member I actually skyped while I was in the MTC and “fake taught”, so that was fun to see her again!! Her name is Tricia! It was a really good day! We were able to talk to a lot of people and get people's numbers to meet again! Hopefully we will be able to start teaching some of them!

 We ended up having two dinner with the patriarch in the Drammen stake and 2 of his children. He is super nice! We accidentally got off on the wrong bus stop and his son drove past us and picked us up. That was a total blessing! As we were leaving, Søster J yelled to him in Norwegian 'thanks for the ride' but she accidentally said...'thanks for the kiss!' so that was really funny! Then we had our second dinner appointment with a guy from the US we met on the street. We were a little unsure about the situation so we texted the other missionaries saying 'if you don’t hear from us by 9.30 come help.' and sent the address too. So we walk over to his house..and it's basically this house for people who LOVE Jesus. love LOVE Jesus. We ate spaghetti and his girlfriend and some other friends came and we went through the articles of faith and everything. It was way cool and they were so nice and asked way awesome questions!’s almost 9 pm and our phones start ringing like crazy!!! We were on the way out so Søster J and I called Elder Dalton and Elder Stookey, the district leader to let them know that we were okay. Turns out he and his companion were SPRINTING to the train with a baseball bat and a borrowed iPhone to come save us and bust the door down. The Elders also live underneath the Berg family, who are members in the ward who found out we were in potential danger and was hilarious and a mess! But rest be assured all is well!

Friday was the morning we taught a man from Ghana. He's obsessed with the Bible and doesn't believe that we need more of God’s word aka the Book of Mormon. He was very frustrating..... After that we taught a Muslim man from China. It was an interesting day that is for sure haha.

Saturday felt like I was in Disneyland. There were a ton of concerts going on and sales and marching bands and so many people in the city! Not too many were interested in talking to us though.... We took our lunch with Elder Rial and Elder Dalton and had a blast. Søster J and I found some awesome matching sweaters for 20 kroner. (about 2 dollars...). We were so excited especially since they were of Justin Bieber!
The sisters and I like to go on walks each night during dinner time, so we walked to a little state church in our neighborhood and took pictures and played on the playground like we were little kids!
Right after church we had the YSA birthday party that the senior couple, The Allphins put on each month. That was fun and then after church we had an open house thing for nonmembers and that was way cool! The Bishop had a presentation and it was very informing and neat to hear him tell people about the church and our beliefs! 

Something cool happened today… A man from Colorado emailed me a few weeks ago and said he had found me from my blog.  He was coming to Bergen and had served his mission in Norway 20 plus years ago.  He was at church on Sunday and found me after the meetings and we talked for a bit.  That was so cool and great!  It was fun to talk and share stories!!

THIS Mandag (Today):
Hiked Ulriken!!!   Dang was that hard!! Coming down the mountain I slipped and fell about 5 times! It was so so beautiful though!! I am so lucky to be in such a beautiful place!!! It is so fun to be able to explore Norway and fall more in love with it! Just FYI:  Ulriken is the highest of the Seven Mountains that surround Bergen. It has an altitude of 643 meters above sea level. Ulriken has an aerial tramway, Ulriksbanen that can bring people to the top.

Boot camp begins TODAY!!!... The sisters and I are starting “boot camp” to get better in shape and lose weight and I am in charge of it hahaha.   This is going to be fun! They are already hating me... hahah I even made them sign a contract!!!
Jordan's Tidbits:
- I swear Norwegians are born to be skinny and in shape!! They are killing me on these hikes we go on!!
- I wore flats for the first time in 6 months.... It felt so weird!!!
-Søster J is the best!
- I got to use my Norwegian sign language this week!! That was cool! Man have I missed that!  Crazy miracle!! As I sit in the library typing this letter a man walks in.  It is øvynind the deaf man I skyped with when I was in Stavanger!!!  No one has been able to have kontackt with him, so I just talked with him!  I invited him to our activity tonight.  I hope he comes so we can start teaching him again.

-My apartment is the yellow house with the green balconies

Åndelig Tanker:
Many people I have come into contact with on my mission think that they don't need the Book of Mormon and that the Bible is enough. Helllo!!! If there is more of God's word, why wouldn't you want it!? Also you have to give it a try and find out for yourself if the Book of Mormon is more of God's word. I can say without a doubt along with millions of other people that the Book of Mormon does come from God and it is more of God's word and guidance for us today! If it wasn't true, I wouldn't be in Norway as a missionary sharing it with people! I would like to challenge everyone members and nonmembers to re-read the Book of Mormon or if you aren't a member, to give it a try! Read it with an open mind and pray to see for yourself if it is more of God's word!

- We believe in the Bible and the Book of Mormon! We read both and use both
-We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly; we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God
- The Book of Mormon supports it, exhorts us to read it, and testifies of the truthfulness of its (Bible's) message
- We use the Bible and Book of Mormon to support each other
- Bible and Book of Mormon compliment and enrich each other
- Both testify of Christ
- The Book of Mormon has one translation and one version. It wasn't interpreted by man, but direct translation from God.  Many people think that Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon, but that is false. Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon from ancient Egyptian with the power of God and His help. Joseph Smith had barely any education, so there is no way possible that he did that without God's help.

- Here are some really great talks that go into more detail about the Book of Mormon and Bible!! Please please please read them!

Glad i dere!! ha en fin uke!!!
Søster Peterson

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hei Hei dere!
This week went by so fast!! Here is a quick rundown of the week!
We went to Familien Klæbøe for FHE. They have six super cute blond children! We taught them a lesson about faith. We had a bag full of random things and you had to take something out and try to guess what it was without using your eyes...

Alma 32:21 - 21 “And now as I said concerning faith—faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true.”

The grandma had my chap stick and pulled the lid off and yelled ew in Norwegian! It was so funny!

We slept outside!! We have a deck and Søster J has been dying to sleep outside, so we took our mattresses and all the denna's we could find and slept outside! It actually was pretty great! The only bad part was the light because it starts getting light around like 4 or 5:00 in the morning here! It is crazy! And it doesn't get dark till after 9:00!
Today we helped a member clean her house and get ready to move! It was so fun and her view of the fjord is amazing!
We sang songs and danced as we cleaned! We made it a good time!  On our way home we were on the Bybanen (light rail public transportation in Bergen) and Søster J saw this moose or some kind of animal out of her window.  She wanted to go pet it so bad, but I wouldn’t let her.
Our apartment got a new toilet! The old one was terrible.... it wouldn’t flush and the toilet seat wasn't connected. So we finally had our land lord get us a new one! But the toilet seat isn't connected on this one either....

Sport!! Playing volleyball is the best! I wish I could play softball too! The weather was ridiculous!! Raining cats and dogs!! It made being outside not enjoyable..... but it was still fun.

KIRKE!!! Oh my, it is so great to be going to a real church building with a ward again!! I have missed that so much! Never will I take church for granted ever again! It was fast Sunday today and dang do I miss Tromsø and bearing my testimony in front of like 10 people! We went to a members house afterwards with all the missionaries to eat and that was so much fun! The Berg family is so awesome! Søster J and I also kontakted some sweet people on the street! We also had an old investigator in church so that was way sweet!
Today! April 13th:
Søster Larsen and I decided to hike fløyen! Fløyen or Fløyfjellet is the most visited of the seven mountains that surround the city centre of Bergen, Norway. It has a funicular system Fløibanen that transports passengers from the centre of Bergen to a height of 320 metres in roughly 8 minutes.  And oh my gosh!! I about died!! The view was amazing when we finally got to the top, but getting there was death!! No joke there was one part where I was crawling....

Jordan's Tidbits:
- Norwegians pronounce the letter w like a v and the letter v like a w
- Vaffler is the best thing in the world!! (Norwegian waffles)
- Boller is the best thing in the world!! (Boller is like a type of yummy bread roll dessert thing)
-This is the King and Queens vacation house in Bergen
- I don't understand how Norwegians are so dang skinny with the boller, chocolate, and yummy goodness they have here!
- I will NEVER be able to eat American chocolate again
-Elder Dalton and I
-Elder Rial and I.  We were in the MTC together!!!
-The shopping is awesome here!! This is Bryggen. Bryggen (Norwegian for the Wharf), also known as Tyskebryggen (the German Wharf), is a series of Hanseatic commercial buildings lining the eastern side of the fjord coming into Bergen, Norway. Today, Bryggen houses museums, shops, restaurants and pubs. Probably one of the most famous-touristy spots in all of Norway! They have a year round open Christmas shops.  Each building is kind of crooked so it’s fun to walk around the stores on slanted flooring.
- Søster J is kicking my booty with språk study, (language study) but I am grateful she is pushing me!

Åndelig Tanker: (spiritual thoughts)
*Even though we may feel lost in the midst of our current circumstances, God promises the hope of His light- He promises to illuminate the way before us and show us the way out of darkness

*If you're not a full time missionary with a missionary badge pinned on your coat, NOW is the time to paint one on your heart-painted as Paul said “not with ink, but with the spirit of the living God”

*Is there not wisdom in Heavenly Father giving us trials that we might rise above them, responsibilities that we might achieve, work to harden our muscles, sorrows to try our souls? Are we not exposed to temptations to test our strength, sickness that we might learn patience, death that we may be immortalized and glorified? If all the sick for whom we prayed were healed. If all the righteous were protected and the wicked destroyed, the whole program of God would be annulled and the basic principles of the gospel, free agency, would be ended. No one would have to live by faith! To have faith does not mean we believe our Heavenly Father will always give us what we ask for when we ask for it. When we ask in faith for something that is in accordance with the will of God, He will grant us according to our desires. Heavenly Father knows us, loves us, and desires everything necessary for us to return to His presence. And sometimes that includes trials, troubles, and challenges (1 Peter 1:7). We must learn to trust in God's plan for us and submit our will to His. Just because we have faith, doesn't mean the Lord has to grant us what we want or help us. He knows us better than we know ourselves and sometimes he knows we need to learn or grow from an experience and sometimes he may want to test our faith and devotion to Him! The Lord loves us and wants and knows what is best for us!

Glad i dere!! Ha en fin uke!!
(love you!!  Have a great week!!)

Søster Peterson

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hallo fra Bergen!!! and...... 7 Months!!

I am in my new home now! This is my third area! BERGEN!!!
**Because of the Easter break and everything being shut down I had like no time to email this week, So next week I will be sure to email people back!!**** Sorry my email is so rushed! I have like no time!!

This week has been kinda crazy because everyone is on Påske Ferie and they literally close all the stores and everything down!

Søster House and I lived up our last P Day together and toured the town and explored!
Søster House, Me, and Selvano
Last day in Tromsø!! We did a district lunch and egg decorating activity for Easter! That was so fun!!

For April Fools, Søster House put chili pepper in my cereal......She thought she was funny... I am so sad to leave Tromsø and all the wonderful people I have met here and of course Søster House! However I know that I am going to Bergen for a reason and am beyond excited to find out what the reason is!

Left Tromsø and headed to begin my new adventure with Søster Johannessen in Bergen!! I think I mentioned this last week, but Søster Johannessen and I were in the MTC together and is from Seattle. 
After a long day of flying and traveling I arrived in Bergen! The senior couple, Brother and Sister Allphin were so sweet and gave me and the other 2 missionaries who flew in sack dinners and helped us with our luggage! Brother Allphin served a mission in Norway years ago and is fluent in Norwegian, they are from Utah and I love them already. 
Then we hopped onto the train and reunited with the other missionaries in Bergen! There are 2 sets of sister missionaries here and 2 sets of Elders. All four of the sisters are going to be living together! Our apartment is really big!  The other two sisters are Sister Larsen, from Logan, Utah and Sister Muren. Søster Muren is a Norwegian and is from Oslo! I love both of them!! They are so awesome!! I am especially excited to be living with a Norwegian because she only likes to speak Norwegian so that will help me tons!

First real day in Bergen! We had a missionary meeting and lunch. Elder Dalton made the best mac and cheese ever! Goes right along with my theory that elders can cook better than sisters!
Elder Dalton, Elder Rial, Elder Griffen, Søster Larsen, Me, Søster J, Søster Muren, Elder Stookey
Søster J and I went to the city to contact! Man I love Bergen! The city sentrum is so amazing and there are so many people here to stop and talk to!!! I love the city!! I am so glad and excited to be here!! Big things are going to happen, I just know it!

All the missionaries went to a lady in the wards house named Else! Oh my gosh, she is just the cutest ever!!
She fed us like an Easter meal then we explored her land with her!! She is like the missionary grandma! She took us to her cabin and Søster J found this pig skull and took it home!! She has been terrorizing Søster Muren with it hahaha. She is so cute and has the strongest testimony ever!! I love her!!

Also today was my 7 month mark!!! Like what!!! Can't believe how fast time is flying!!!

Saturday and Sunday:
EASTER AND GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! Okay General Conference was the best!!!! I loved it!! For those of you who don't know what that is, it is when we get to hear from the Apostles and Prophet!! It is something I recommend for everyone to see!! You can watch and read the talks they gave on the internet on!! My favorite talks were by Boyd K Packer on Saturday Morning, Wilford W Andersen on Saturday Afternoon, and Brent H Nielsen on Sunday Morning! I haven't been able to see Sunday Afternoon session yet, but I will this week!! Because I am in Norway we have to wait to see some of the sessions.

I am so grateful that I can have the knowledge and faith that I have and know why we celebrate Easter. I am so grateful that Christ died for each one of us and for me personally and that I can always repent and be clean again and that he will always forgive me! Moroni 6:8. The Atonement is a gift from Christ! WE NEED TO USE IT!!!!

With the Easter holiday, I really reflected on Christ, my beliefs, and how lucky I am to be a missionary during this time! I wouldn't trade who I am or where I am or what I am doing for anything in the world!

Jordan's Tidbits:
-Yes, I had to stack up on the clothes again when I left Tromsø.  Not everything would fit in my suitcase, so I wore; 3 skirts, 2 sweaters, 2 jackets, and 2 scarves.  I think this might be my normal travel wear!

-My study area is on my couch. Check it out!
- Go visit or
- Enjoy the time you have with your family!! You will miss it when you are gone, trust me!
- Bergen is so beautiful!! I am seriously so lucky to be here!!! I love the BIG CITY!!
Åndelig Tanker:
“Even the most evil can become totally worthy of exaltation if they repent, come unto Christ, and *go and do!* and if the very 'most evil' can change, then so can we!!”
 -Grandma Bills

“Even though we may feel lost in the midst of our current circumstances, God promises the hope of His light.  He promises to illuminate the way before us and show us the way out of darkness.”

P.S. I love when people attach pictures to their emails!!!
ha en fin uke!!!
glad i dere!!
Søster Peterson