Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


So we volunteered to go to a nursing home once a week and take the people out on walks and hang out with them!! It was so fun!! Sister Allen and I got to take this cute old lady named Inger out on a walk in her wheel chair. Okay wheelchairs need seat belts!! I was so scared she was going to fall down when we were going down this hill!
I got spontaneous and dyed my hair...... My wonderful companions did an awesome job!! I am no longer a blonde......

So we were in charge of FHE and it was so awesome!! We did this Holy Ghost activity and blindfolded the people one by one and lead them through an obstacle course downstairs and they had to choose which voice to follow the Holy Ghost or Satan and then at the end they ended up in the Celestial Kingdom. It was way cool!! I was they Holy Ghost and then other people acted as temptations and would try to convince them to follow their voice, it was a really spiritual activity!

We had ZLT, (Zone Leadership Traning) so that was fun to have missionaries come down!
I got to see my buddies from Tromsø!

A member who we are good friends with, Pelle made us salmon for dinner!! He is way nice to the missionaries!

Today we visited Birgit and man is she the funniest old lady I know!!

We got our reflex!!! (from mom… I think this is their reflector) It's that time to bring them back out again!! The darkness is coming too fast!! I am not looking forward to the winter......

Visited Elin and Kenneth again!! She made these way yummy mat muffins!! They are so sweet and nice!!

Went to visit Lars and Evilena and the Bishop came with us!! The spirit was so strong; it was a way good lesson about forever families! Having the bishop there was awesome!! It made all the difference! The bishop shared a personal story and then I shared a personal story about my two friends Chris and Darin who died before I left on my mission and how I know I will see them again.  I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have that death is not the end. The spirit was so strong and I know my friends were there!

We took the train to go to Hell to visit Lars and Evilena! It was way pretty!
My companions we just "chillin" on the way home!
We visited Bestafar and he was not looking so good..... We are thinking of bringing the Elders with us next time to give him a blessing. He is so sweet though and always asks us to sing to him, so we sing Norwegian hymn songs to him.

We visited Bestamor, she is sometimes asleep in her wheelchair when we go and we always just walk into her room and it kinda scares me when she is asleep because she is old and you know..... She is just the cutest thing and I love her!!

Another member we visit in a nursing home always gives us ice cream when we come over!! Her name is Målfri and she is super nice! Hahaha she yelled at Sister Sorensen though because she was trying to help her find her iPad charger and she kept yelling at Sorensen because she was looking in the wrong place and we couldn't understand her Norwegian.

(Now that I think about it, we visit a lot of older people! They are just the cutest)

Met with Mido! He has been coming to church the past couple of weeks! He is slowly coming along, we aren't too sure on how much he comprehends, but we are working on it!! Sister Allen and I were so proud of him and we asked him to be baptized and then he like started going off about how he couldn't cause he has a fever? We think he just didn't understand us that well hahaha

There was a drunk guy on the bus who kept harassing people and he scared the living daylights out of Sister Allen! I thought it was pretty funny, but she didn't

So every Saturday we play soccer and while on my mission I have really tried to tone down my competitiveness, but on Saturday I let it come out and what do I get...... hurt and have to sit out and now I have a gimp leg.....and can't walk. I was trying to get the ball from Elder Corrigan and next thing I know my thigh/leg is like numb and I can't walk..... We think I sprained or strained a muscle.... All I know is I can't bend my leg or walk on it so that makes things interesting..... Getting hurt as a missionary is the worst thing ever!!! Thankfully I have awesome companions who help me when I walk and let me use them as a crutch. I probably look really pathetic, but oh well!! We went out contacting and I’m pretty sure people were staring at us....

The Elders like to make fun of me and copy me limping everywhere!

The Rappleyes had all the missionaries over for dinner! It was so nice of them! It was way fun to all hang out and we played some card games and Sister Rappleyes food is to die for!!

Daylight savings as a missionary is probably the best thing in the world!!! We got to have an extra hour of sleep!!

Majken and Aaron invited us over and fed us AMERICAN PANKCAKES WITH AMERICAN SYRUP AND AMERICAN PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!!! I DIED!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to cry!! They are so awesome!!!

Me: Thank you so much Sister Allen and Sorensen for helping me today!!

Sis Allen: We have to help you
(can you feel the love) hahahaha she really loves me I promise!

MOVES CALL!!! I cannot believe it has already been 6 weeks!! No way Jose!!! The calls are in and I am so sad to say that our trio will be split up!! Sorensen is going to Oslo and it is going to be just me and Sister Allen in Trondheim now. I have three transfers left (18 weeks) I cannot believe it!! I feel like I just came on my mission!! My mission has changed my life and I recommend it for everyone..boys and girls!!! Even if you think you aren't the classic “molly Mormon” or type to go on a mission PLEASE consider it!! I never wanted to go on a mission or planned too, but boy am I so grateful that Heavenly Father has a plan for me and knows me better than I know myself. A mission has forever changed my life for the better; I don't know where I would be or who I would be without it!

Ole a member invited us over for dinner which was way nice!!

IT IS DARK BY 5 PM NOW!! This is ridiculous!!!!
Jordan's Tidbits:
-Seriously a mission is the best choice I have ever made!! The friendships you gain here are lifelong!!
- We are watching Hocus Pocus this week!! I couldn't be more excited!!!! Norwegians don't celebrate Halloween.... total bummer!!

- It is always awkward when you have to tell your investigator that he needs to stop flirting with you and your companions.... We were teaching one of our investigators and Sister Sorensen just brings it up and I about died haha. He was very nice about it and apologized so that was good

Scripture of the week:
Alma 37 verse 37
*Counsel with the lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good, yea, when thou liest down at night lie down unto the Lord, that he may watch over you in your sleep, and when thou risest in the morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God, and if ye do these things, ye shall be lifted up at the last day!

I chose this scripture to help me always make sure I am thinking about the Lord in all that I do and to make sure that I am developing a better relationship with him(:

ha en fin uke dere!!!! glad i dere!!!
Søster Jordan Peterson

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