Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

KNASK ELLER KNEP (trick or treat)

We had a last event with our district before transfers on Wednesday, so we went to Egon Tower!! It is a restaurant that overlooks the city and it slowly spins!! It was way cool!
They do a pizza buffet so we had that, it was way yummy! The Elders had a competition which companionship could eat the most and it was disgusting..... Elder Mitchell was stacking three pizzas on top of each other and eating them one at time.....
Elder Arnold and Rasband won and Elder Rasband kept eating and eating even after the other Elders couldn't eat anymore! I don't know how he did it!

There is a man named Enoch in the ward who makes the missionaries dinner every other week and brings it to the church!! It is always so good! He is so nice!!!

There is an awesome member named Inger Jorgensen and she is so cute!! She reminds me a lot of my grandma's at home. She invited us over and fed us this yummy fisk kake thing with melted butter and carrot peelings on it. She is so awesome about sharing the gospel with her friends and she loves when students come to the church for a project and always talks with them and tries to get the missionaries involved

Met with two girls that were formers and they were so cute! Sime and Odette. They were way nice and loved talking with us.

It is so weird to not be in a trio anymore!! I was in a trio for 12 weeks and now am back to being just two. I am so happy and excited to stay with Sister Allen! She is so sweet and an awesome missionary! She is so bold on the street and will talk to anyone and starts testifying about what she knows to be true right away!

Kontakting today was not so good... The people were so rude today!

Met with a former named Chongo. He was way nice and we are hopefully going to be meeting with him again this week!

Not gonna lie after yesterday's kontakting session, I had no desire to go outside and kontact today. I was really praying hard that Heavenly Father would help us today... and you know what!! HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES ME!!! He answered my prayer and we had an AWESOME DAY TODAY!!!! The people were nicer and it wasn't raining!

We ate at a member's house, Sam and Silje. They are so cute!! They have a little two year old boy and he is so precious and hilarious!!

We visited bestamor and bestafar today. (My mom asked if they are married.  Yes, they are but they live in separate areas of the nursing home.)  Bestafar was sleeping, but Bestamor was awake! She is cute as always and loves showing us her knitting that she is working on

Met with a former Rafid today. He was way cool!! Søster Allen and I have way positive feelings about him!! He asked awesome questions and we have an appointment to meet with him on Sunday!

Today was another successful day på gaten!!

Visited Jecon, he is way rad and fed us a chicken leg haha. We talked about the 2,000 stripling warriors and how they were able to be successful due to their strong faith in the Lord and how they *did not doubt because their mother's knew it* The 2,000 stripling warriors had no doubts in the Lord due to their upbringing and their mother's strong faith in the Lord. I love that!! I hope that when I have kids of my own, they can be just like the stripling warriors and have such strong faith because I have such strong faith.

Went to the nursing home again!! Today we just sat and talked with some elderly women with Elder Corrigan and Miller. They were hilarious!! Those older women are a hoot!! One of them was very concerned that we were not married yet and was trying to set us up haha. I am so glad that we get to do this every week! These people make me smile and I am so happy when I am with them(: They really make me feel so grateful for the gospel and for my family at home.

HALLOWEEN, so Halloween isn't really a big thing in Norway, but I am kinda glad because I love Halloween and I feel like it would make me homesick if it was a big deal here.

Met with lahtoo, a women who is from Burma. She isn't really interested in being baptized, but she loves meeting with us and talking and reading from the scriptures. She doesn't speak English and a little of Norwegian, but she is so happy and I love being around her! She always tells us how grateful she is that we talk with her and it just warms my heart.

Majken invited us over for chili and corn bread(: I love her!!! Her daughter Olivia was dressed up as a little fairy and was so cute!!! (Majken is half American so she knows about Halloween) We even had some kids come trick or treating at her door! It was way fun!
The Rappleyes had a YSA Halloween party and we invited our investigator Mido to come!! He did and it was way fun!! He became more kjent with the YSA which is a good thing so he can have friends!

 Pelle and Betty
 Jolina and her husband
FAST SUNDAY!! I bore my testimony like always and my nerves get better each time!

Church started with sacrament meeting first instead of Sunday school, so that was weird... I haven't had sacrament first since I was in America

November.... I cannot believe it is NOVEMBER already!! What the heck!?!?

Sister Allen and I decided we would make Sunday’s salmon day. She has an awesome recipe for salmon and it is way good!

Mido came to church again! AND he stayed for all three hours!! He said he really enjoyed it and is excited for next week!

I LOVE THIS WARD!! I feel like I am getting to know them a lot better and it is so fun and awesome to be serving here!

TODAY WAS A MIRACLE DAY!!!!!!!!!!! So our mission president made a new key indicator for our mission and that is tracking the amount of gospel conversations we have in a week. Sister Allen and I hadn't had a lot of them, so we were determined to go out and rack them in. We prayed and were both feeling pretty good!! Ladies and gentlemen, God is too good!! We were stopping everyone we could and because it was a Sunday, there weren’t too many people! We had some awesome conversations!!! We had 3 lessons on the street!! That is very rare!! We were out for 2 hours and it felt like we had only been out for 30 minutes. It was so fun and the conversations we had besides the lessons were way good!!

**we got some numbers and will hopefully be meeting with these people this week!

** Sister Allen saw a group of men who looked like they were from Africa and I personally love stopping the Africans because they are so sweet and nice and usually have a belief so they will talk to us! I was so proud of her because she stopped a group of 4 men!! And that is a scary thing to do believe me! We got their numbers and had a hyggelig prat with them!!

** We met three men within 15 minutes who were named Martin... haha that was weird

***Sister Allen and I really want to focus on less actives and the active members as well as formers in the area book and so far it has been working great!!****

Jordan's Tidbits:
- So the Rappleyes are angels and got us a blender!! It was like Christmas!!! Oh happy day!!! We have a blender finally!!!

- mørketid is the worst..... It is getting dark around 4!!! I feel like it is time to go home and plan and go to bed and then I look at my watch and realize we still have a long ways to go.....

- I may or may not have had too much smågodt... I never want to eat that again!! Søster Allen and I are going to be doing healthy eating only... so I am way excited for that!

- Whenever we have pasta or red sauces at district lunch the Elders always wear aprons. I thought that was a genius idea! Except we don't have any more so I used a bib.... haha it worked just fine though!
- I have often wondered why I was called to Norway... For a while I wanted to go to Africa or places like that, but Sister Allen and I realized that we get the best of both worlds being in Norway. We teach so many people from all over the world! It is the coolest thing ever!

- You could say I am a pro at cutting hair now!! I will be accepting appointments when I get home(; but only boys.... I'm not confident in my skills to cut girls hair

- Birgit our less active we like to visit we always call her Maybrit!! I have no idea why.... that is always awkward

Scripture of the week:
Luke 1:37
*For with God nothing shall be impossible!*

I chose this scripture because it is a new transfer and a new start! I thought this scripture would be a perfect mindset to have going into these next 6 weeks. Since being on my mission, I have seen this scripture become a reality in my life. I know without a doubt that with God nothing is impossible!

Åndelig Tanker:
- You can only learn what you are ready to learn

- You will never get a 10 million answer for a 5 cent prayer! Do everything you can to show God you want an answer

- If you are centered in Christ, you will know what decisions to make

- Heavenly Father will not make decisions for you, but He will and can help you after if it is wrong. Heavenly Father will not let you get far, if you have made a wrong choice

Jeg er SÅ takknemlig for alle dere !! Tusen HJERTELIG takk for alt dere har gjort for meg !! GLAD I DERE !! Ha en Fantastisk uke !!!
Søster Jordan Peterson

(this is mom…. For my sake I am translating the above… it says:  I am SO thankful for all of you!!  Thank you so much for all you have done for me!!  LOVE YOU!!  Have a wonderful week!)

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