Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Sunday, January 31, 2016


Okay so this week Elsa came to town and by that I mean the amount of snow we have had is insane!! From last Sunday to Wednesday it was blizzard central! I thought I saw a lot of snow in Tromsø last winter.... but this takes the cake!! Walking on the streets it was literally up to my knees!
Last P Day with Sister Allen!! I have been with her for 3 transfers!! So sad she is leaving me.....

Sister Allen and I were out contacting and Sister Allen tried to stop this one girl and she began to sign and walk away. I had a little freak out and ran after her and was like wait I can sign!! So we signed for a little bit and it was the coolest thing!!

Visited Elin and Kenneth for Sister Allen's last time!! We talked about the Holy Ghost and how she can recognize it in her daily life and why it is important.
Visited cute Majken and Olivia!!

So Wednesday morning around 8 am I get a phone call from a member named Rebekka. She is pregnant so my first thought was oh my gosh she needs help and she had her baby!! Turns out she was calling to see if we were going to be outside that day because if we were she said we could go to her house due to the awful weather!! She is so nice!! That made my day!! Due to transfers and things like that, we weren't going to be outside in the blizzard too much, but it just was so nice of her to think of us!!

It was hard to say goodbye to Sister Allen. 

Sister Allen left in the morning and Sister Gates wasn't getting in until later in the afternoon so the elders were my companions for the day!
I went to the airport with the ektepar to drop off Elder Miller and get Sister Gates. This was Elder Miller's first transfer and poor guy was stressing so much! Luckily I helped him get checked in and on his way to his new area. Sister Gates arrived and I hadn't seen her since the beginning of my mission. She is a cutie and a stellar missionary.
There was a worldwide missionary broadcast and oh my gosh it was amazing!! It was so awesome to think that every missionary in the world was watching it at the same time!! The spirit was so strong and it was a great way to get me personally pumped up to work hard and give it my all for my last transfer. There was a strong focus on teach repentance and baptize converts.

Weekly planning for the first time in a new transfer is exhausting.....I was so excited to fill Sister Gates in on the area, but man talking for like 2 hours straight is exhausting!!

I am way proud of Sister Gates! She is a way awesome bus contactor! We get on the bus and she sits down in this four seater with three men and next thing I know she is talking to all three of them!! It was a cool thing to watch from a distance and man she has so much courage to do that!!

I WENT RUNNING FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE FOREVER!!! Sister Gates is awesome and was down to go running at the church in the gym (blessing of living literally across the street from the church) Man I am so out of shape, but it was so nice to run again! I forgot how much I miss running!

Went to the nursing home with Elder Carver and his new companion Elder Arnold. Sister Gates brought her violin and Elder Carver played the piano and oh my gosh it sounded amazing!! Everyone loved it and didn't want us to leave!! The spirit was so strong and one of the elderly women who never talks to us or looks at us, finally acknowledged us!   Right when Elder Carver came in the room her whole face lit up and she gave the biggest smile and she asked him if he would play the piano. Then when they were playing nærmere deg min Gud, she started yelling the words!! It was the cutest and craziest thing!

Visited Ingebrigt and like always he gave us hot chocolate and chocolate to take home. He is so nice and it turns out that me, him, and Elder Rappleye have the same birthday! What are the odds! We talked about the Book of Mormon and why it is so important and the focus on Christ. We also asked him if he had any friends he could invite over next time we came and he said he will do his best!

Sister Gates and I were contacting on our way to the store to buy lefsegodt to eat when we got a new investigator haha (pretty good motivation if you ask me) and as we were about to leave the store we began to talk to this Asian girl and she was visiting from Australia!! She had some way awesome questions and here we are in the grocery store talking for about 20 minutes with this girl. Always look for opportunities to share the gospel, even at the randomest of places!
Volleyball was fun like always

The street stand this week was AMAZING!!! It was just a happy day and I was feeling extra bold haha. There was only one guy that was way rude and that conversation was awful..... I was by myself because Sister Gates was on the other side of the street talking to people and this guy slaughtered me...... Elder Dalton was nearby and after we were done talking he gave me advice of what to say if something like that happens again so that was way nice of him!

Sister Gates and I got to eat our new investigator lefsegodt!!! We stopped this man Andreas and after talking to him for a bit I asked if he would be interested in meeting again and he said yes!! Sister Gates and I were like what wait!?!? It was awesome!
Met with Jecon, his little brother who is a member, and Jecon's girlfriend Angie! We talked about the importance of prayer and are about to have him start to read the Book of Mormon from the beginning with the help of the handy dandy picture book haha. We invited him to start coming to FHE on Monday nights, so we are hoping that he will!!

Sister Gates and I really want to find a family so we are stopping anyone we see that has kids! We had some time to kill before we met with Jecon so we decided to go contacting and banking. As we are walking up the street there was a family!! They didn't have a lot of time, but the mom talked to us for a bit and then gave us her address!! Then soon after we knocked on a house and they were heading out the door, but said we could come back! THAT NEVER HAPPENS!! It was awesome!! Sister Gates and I found so many awesome potentials these past couple of days! We are hoping they are positive and will meet with us.

Sister Allen made a tradition called salmon Sundays where we cooked salmon on Sundays for like a Sunday meal and so Sister Gates and I kept the tradition going!! I felt like a mom cooking Sunday dinner haha. We had mashed potatoes and veggies and I put brown sugar and some other things on the salmon to cook and it was way good! A mission has for sure prepared me to be wife and mother haha

Sister Gates and I were out trying to find some less actives and I totally ate it hard on the ice and fell on my hip.....It hurt way bad not going to lie... but with my clumsiness I knew it was coming haha

I have really been trying to focus on the Holy Ghost recently and following the promptings of the Holy Ghost and also making sure Christ is a focus throughout the day. It is so cool to see that when you put in the effort and do your best, God helps you fulfill your goals and the spirit that has been present lately is so strong!

These past couple of days have been full of tender mercies and awesome contacting!! Sister Gates and I have had so much success I can't believe it!! I have high expectations for this transfer and I know that good things are going to happen!! She is so awesome and is going to push me and help me become a better missionary!

These past couple of nights Sister Gates and I have been going to bed literally exhausted and it is one of the best feelings in the world to go to bed knowing you worked your hardest that day.

Sister Gates is very flink to talk Norwegian all the time... which I am way excited for!
Jordan's Tidbits:
- Black ice on the sidewalks is a real thing!! Seriously so many people were falling... including myself....

- When you focus on others and serve you really are happier

- A clean house makes happy missionaries

- If there is snow on the roof of buildings always be aware!! The snow that was falling from the roofs was so dangerous and almost hurt some people while we were in the city at the street stand! It was like an avalanche!

Scripture of the week:

Abraham 3:22-23 and John 15:16 and Doctrine and Covenants section 35: 3 and 4

I love these scriptures and have linked them all together because they all go perfectly with one another. The main theme of these scriptures are that we were foreordained before this life to be who we are today. In a missionary mindset, I was foreordained to be a missionary and that God has chosen me. I really love putting it into that perspective especially when I feel like I am inadequate or want to give up. God knew I could do this and he trusts me and counts on me. This can be applied to any situation wither you are a mom, etc... God knows what you are capable of and he knows who you can become!

Åndelig Tanker:
So this week I had two way awesome spiritual experiences..... I won't give all the details, but let me just say... YOU NEVER KNOW HOW MUCH GOOD YOU ARE DOING OR HOW YOU ARE PLANTING SEEDS!!! I found out about two way awesome seed plantings that I was a part of without knowing it and let me tell you... It feels so awesome to know that I have actually made a difference no matter how small it is(:

When we act in faith in Jesus to do His work, He goes with us to serve others and blesses us to say just what they need to hear. He also taught that what we actually say and actually do may feel a little awkward or not very polished... but the Savior takes our words and our actions and He carries them through the Holy Ghost unto the hearts of the people. He takes our sincere but imperfect effort and turns it into something that is just right, indeed, into something that is perfect

Be courageous. Have faith. Do not fear. Trust in the Lord.

(just a reminder for fast Sunday that is quickly approaching!!!)

So this fast Sunday coming up will be my last one in Norway!! I can't believe it..... When I was in the MTC I made a promise with Heavenly Father that I would bear my testimony every fast Sunday on my mission. That was something hard for me to do because one it was going to be in Norwegian and two I get way nervous to talk in front of people.... However I have kept my promise!! BUT I FOR MY BIRTHDAY AND TO SHARE THIS LAST FAST SUNDAY WITH ME.... I would love it if you all could bear your testimonies on fast Sunday in February! I know it is scary, but you don't need to worry about what others may say or think. It can be simple and as long as it comes from your heart that is an awesome testimony (:
glad i dere!!!
Søster Jordan Peterson

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