Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Flight plans home what.......

Today was Sister Allen's birthday!!! The Elders and I planned a surprise lunch and got pizza (her fav) and then that night we celebrated at Family Home Evening and Sister Rappleye made her yummy banana cake with delicious frosting!!!
I got my *burny papers* which means my travel papers to come home!! It still doesn't feel real to me! I can't believe it.....  I arrive home on Thursday March 3rd at 7:31pm at DFW. 
We met with Nina after a long holiday break!! She is so cute and so awesome! She is way busy with work and lives far away so we skype with her... We are so hoping she can make it to church sometime. She is so interested; but things just keep getting in the way of her progressing....

We met with Krystle! So glad she is back from Texas (: We had some awesome conversations at her house and the spirit was so strong!! It was unreal! She answered some of my prayers and questions without even me realizing it!

Met with Elin and Kenneth! We had a great talk about starting the New Year and not looking back!

Visited Birgit who is out of the hospital. She is a hoot and you never know what to expect when you visit her.
STL's came! Sister Wood and Leland!
Visited the nursing home. Their faces just light up and they are so cute!!

Visited cute Majken and Olivia!

Went on kontakting splits and even though it was freezing, people were rude, and not that many people were out... we DID meet an awesome guy!!! Sister Wood and I were getting ready to head home and there was a guy walking towards us and I just kept thinking *one more* so I stopped him and we had a long conversation with him and he was interested in meeting again!! His name was Sivert and I really hope we can meet with him again!

Sister Leland and I talked to this way cool guy named Mats. He wasn't so interested in meeting again, but he was willing to listen and we pulled out the scriptures and everything!     

We went to Bible club with Enoch and his wife and the Rappleyes. It is nice to be able to study the Bible and talk about it with others and gain a better understanding of the scriptures and see different points of view.

We had two appointments with former investigators today and they both showed up!!! It was awesome!! The first one was Sharifi and he told us a way interesting story about how after he met with the missionaries the first time he had a dream about Jesus and not being able to get to him because he was locked behind a door. That was way cool! The second appointment was a guy named Sahand. He was way cool and we got a return appointment with him. He asked a lot of questions. Something awkward that happened was Sister Allen and I were bearing testimony talking about the Book of Mormon and halfway through he like stops me and goes *can you speak english* I was way embarrassed and thought to myself dang I didn't think my Norwegian was that bad!! And I was like *is English better for you?* and he goes *no, I just want to hear your Texas accent* so yeah there was that.... I just kept talking in Norwegian hahaha

All of the girls came in for ZLT so it was a party in our apartment!  Sister Johannsen came!  I have missed her!
IT IS SO COLD, IT IS UNREAL..... I literally feel like I am going to get frostbite in my toes and knees

Got kebabs for dinner with all of the missionaries
I began my last planner for my last transfer that starts on Wednesday.... I may have shed a couple tears..... I can't believe I am starting my last transfer!! 6 weeks to go......

We had ZLT. I love being able to see missionaries come together! It is always fun and always a great spiritual meeting. Some things I learned from ZLT:

- Be persistent and promise blessings when inviting people to pray

- Make Goals for the New Year and Do them. Especially BAPTISMAL goals for the coming new transfer

- Follow the spirit and be in tune with the spirit!

 The Sisters!!
 The Elders
 Me, Sister Bender, Elder Tennant

We met with Jecon and his friend Rolland. It was a way random, but a way spiritual teach about the Book of Mormon. We invited Jecon to start reading the Book of Mormon and he said he will!! We are going to start with the picture book to get him motivated

Today we didn’t have sport due to the fact we didn't want to break the Christmas tree more than usual because we were doing the after Christmas, Christmas tree party with the ward.
We did the street stand today and it was awesome!!! We had this huge Jesus sign that everyone was talking about!! It was awesome!!

We visited bestamor and far with the elders it is always a blast

The ward had an after Christmas tree fest (party). We all danced around the tree, sang songs, and played games!! It was way fun!! The adults played musical chairs and had races in a sack.. it got pretty intense.  My competitive nature may have come out!

Moves call was this morning and I will be *dying* in Trondheim!! Dying means I will be finishing my mission here. I can't believe I start my last transfer on Wednesday.... It is so crazy and unreal to me!! I will be getting a new companion; Sister Gates! We served in the same district when I was in Stavanger at the beginning of my mission, so it will be nice to see her and serve with her again!

Kirke was good! Sister Allen and I showed up at church and got asked to fill in for a primary teacher who got sick and lead in Primary. That was a nice surprise, but it was so fun!! Norwegian kids are my favorite (: They are so cute and it was a nice change to be able to be in Primary.

Pelle had us and Elder Dalton and Miller over for dinner. Pelle is an awesome cook and like our Uncle haha. He made fried chicken and homemade french fries and his famous oreo moose cake!! It was heavenly and I felt like I was in America haha

The snow is back and it is literally snowing buckets!!! So much snow!!!

Jordan's Tidbits:
- If you are ever having a bad day, turn on some Norwegian music and dance around.... That is what Sister Allen and I did hahaha It was a blast!

- Having 8 sisters in an apartment is always a good time!

- Pretty sure my nose hairs are permanently frozen

Scripture of the week:
Alma 5:46
Behold, I say unto you they are made known unto me by the Holy Spirit of God. Behold, I have fasted and prayed many days that I might know these things of myself. And now I do know of myself that they are true; for the Lord God hath made them manifest unto me by his Holy Spirit; and this is the spirit of revelation which is in me.

Åndelig Tanker:
Some people claim that they would believe in God or His work if they were able to receive a sign. But the Lord has said *Faith cometh not by signs, but signs follow those that believe* (Doctrine and Covenants section 63:9) Signs are given to those who are faithful and obedient in order to strengthen them in their faith. I have met many people who say that if God showed them a sign and then they would believe, but in reality not most of those people would believe. Christ himself was teaching people and performing miracles and there were still people who physically saw him and still didn't believe!

**To avoid some of the deepest regrets of life:
1. Resolve to spend more time with those we love
2. Resolve to strive more earnestly to become the person God wants us to be
3. Resolve to find happiness, regardless of our circumstances

From Grandma:
a. Your best is going to change from moment to moment.  For example; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick.

b. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.

Søster Jordan Peterson
Eirik Jarls Gate 4
7030 Trondheim

ha en fin uke dere!!!
Søster Jordan Peterson

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