Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Post from Mom:

I was at church last Sunday when I turned the corner heading to the bishops office and I saw this:
Yup!!  You guessed it... my eyes filled with tears!  But I will say they were happy tears!  Even now as I write this, sometimes I can't believe... my little Jordan is on a mission heading to Norway!!  WOW!!  She has been gone almost 3 weeks and it is amazing the change I see in her, the change in our family, and the effect her example is having on so many.  Needless to say, I am so very proud!  I received a letter from her on Saturday.  She and her companion have been made the new sister district training leaders! She said the language is really tough and can't believe she has such a short time left at the MTC.

I am truly grateful for Jordan and her decision to go on a mission!  I am so very proud of Paige, Chase, and Cody for the love and support they have shown their sister. 

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