Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CONTAGION.... otherwise known as the MTC!!


So I cannot believe it is already P Day again!!! I have been in the MTC for 2 weeks now and I cannot believe it!!  As always the MTC is awesome and wonderful and I am loving every second of it!!  But, I literally look forward to P Day!!!  However here is the story about my title.... Let's just say that here at the MTC, if one missionary gets sick it spreads like wild fire!! So many missionaries are getting sick!!  We had devotional yesterday and all you could hear was coughing and sneezing the whole time!  Kinda funny and gross at the same time.  4 of the 6 Søsters in my room including me are sick :( but oh well!  That doesn't stop and won't stop me from learning! 
This week at the MTC we are starting to focus more on teaching and memorizing lessons and sentences in Norsk to help us teach our investigators.  It is still rough at learning, but I know with faith and trust in the Lord he will help me!!  I seriously love my district!  They are so awesome and spiritual and we are all helping each other learn and grow so much!!!  Richard G Scott from the Quorum of the 12 Apostles was here and gave a devotional yesterday which was sooo awesome!!!!  He is really, really old....  He talked about prayer, missionary work, and focused on missionaries who are learning a language. 
Something that I really liked that he said was that God answers our prayers in 3 ways:
1. We feel peace, comfort, confidence and assurance and the answer is yes
2. We feel unsure or unsettled and the answer is no
3. No response, he doesn't always answer because he wants us to learn and grow

I saw Elder Josh Williams a friend from school!! It was so great to see him!! He is going to New Hampshire!  The MTC has literally made me grow and learn so much about myself.  Missionary work isn't just about converting others to come unto Christ, but you convert yourself as well!  I have learned that God doesn't call the qualified, but the unqualified.  He wants us to learn, grow, learn to rely on him, trust him, and have faith in Him, that he will help us be successful!!
(This is the Søsters and Elders going to Norway)

(Elder Brink, Elder Abril, Elder Christansen, Elder Rial)
Jordan's Tidbits:

·         It is so awesome to have friends like Søster House and Søster Boud, we can have super spiritual moments and discussions than we can be laughing and basically wetting our pants and literally having the best time!  I love those girls to death!!

·         There is a place in the cafeteria where you put your food and trays when you are done... we have nicknamed it the “nasty abyss” because it's so hot, humid, moist, it smells, it’s disgusting, and makes you want to gag just being in there for the couple seconds to drop your tray off!

·         I fell going up the stairs in front of a whole bunch of people.... I looked back to see if anyone saw and they did... Søster House was dying laughing as I ran up the 5 flights of stairs to save myself from embarrassment!! hahaha

·         Me, Søster House, and Søster Boud have a nightly routine we do every night before bed.  It consists of exercise, spiritual talk, then we end up laughing until we are crying.  (Søster Boud had a cramp in her leg, so we were rolling it out for her.)
(Seems that the girls have a GREAT time!!)

·          There is supposedly a tree that smells like cream soda?? I will smell it when I can breathe out of my nose again.
·         Again I walked out of the bathroom with my dress tucked in the back... but luckily Søster House caught it before I got into the hall where people were

·         It is never a dull moment with Søster House!!

·         Weekends are the worst because no mail or letters!!!

·         Me and the Søsters literally chase Elder Abril who is in charge of getting our mail down to go get our mail.  We get our mail after dinner!

·         It's true when people say you have crazy dreams in the MTC!! Mine have been so weird!!

·         I dropped my ring in the trash can in the bathroom and while Søster House was dying laughing, I was digging all the way to the bottom of the trash can to find it.... yes, I did end up finding it!

·         It is funny how there are so many days that some of us will dress alike without even planning it!
(Søster Boud, Søster Peterson, Søster Heywood)
(Søster Firth, Søster Peterson)

·         Me and Søster House were getting water and I couldn't push the thing to make the water come out... It was stuck or something!!! So I got in a stretch stance, hiked up my skirt a little and was pushing as hard as I could and struggling to get the water out!  While this process was going on, some Elders walked by looked at me and started laughing down the hall.... Yeah talk about embarrassing

·         Søster Boud and the girls know how scared I get, so
       they planned to scare me and they did!!! They had made it look like someone was in my bed so I would go by the bed and I went by the bed and they grabbed my ankles from underneath!! hahaha

 Thanks again for all the love and support and for the awesome letters, dear elders, and packages!!!  I appreciate them so much and literally look forward to them!!  Even if I don't email or write you back don't stop sending them because I do appreciate them!! I don't have a lot of time to write everyone so I am trying to make my way to writing everyone back, it may just be awhile!!

(Yummy Krispy Kreme)

(Loves getting her packages)
Jeg Elsker Dere!!!
(translation – I love you!)

Søster Peterson!!!

Jordan was so blessed to have a close friend with her for the first few days while she was at the MTC!  Lauren is now headed off to the West Indies!  So glad the two of them were able to share that time together!  Good Luck Lauren!
 What a special experience to share this time with friends!  Another friend of hers from school is in the MTC as well.  Whitney Wilcox is heading to Japan!
Jordan with her Søsters!!!!
Søster House
Søster Boud

Søster Heywood

Søster Hoggard

Søster Firth

Søster Hudson
Søster Sorenson

Søster Johannessen

Søster Neilson

Søster Williams


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