Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Jordan is leaving on Monday for NORWAY!!!  So she was allowed to email me today!  It was great, as always to hear from her!  We were able to sort out last minute things and she was able to send me some really fun pictures!  She explained leaving the MTC is bitter sweet.  She is very excited to get to Norway and start her mission there, but she will also miss the friends she has made in the MTC.
But first, (in her words) LET ME TAKE A SELFIE!!

Jordan will miss having Søster House as her companion!  She has been wonderful and I am so happy for the friendship they have made! Sometimes I wonder if they have WAY too much fun!!  haha!! I'm not sure what this is all about.... but they are sure cute!!!
Jordan mentioned she was dreading packing!  Oh boy!!  All I can say is good luck packing everything and making the weight limit!  She will have to wear her boots, heavy coat, and pack as much into her carry on as she can!!  Looks like she isn't the only one dreading packing!
The following pictures are from when they are playing four square!  I'm not sure if this is on their P-Day or during their "gym time".
 I am truly amazed at the creative outfits they managed to put together!

 What a fun group of missionaries!!  WORK HARD AND PLAY HARD!!
Jordan has been able to meet great missionaries in the MTC!  There were two elders in particular that she and Søster House met in their zone and became close friends with.  Elder Silva and Elder Hunter! 

Jordan has mentioned many times how blessed she was to have such amazing teachers!  She shared many times of how full of the spirit they were.  Many times Jordan was feeling frustrated and her teachers new just the right thing to say! 
Sister Landry was wonderful!
Brother Smith was Jordan's "absolute favorite!"  She says, "He will be a prophet.. mark my words!"  I wish I could give these teachers gigantic hugs!  As a mom, I know how much Jordan needed their love and support, and they came everyday, willing to do that!  AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!  Thank you, Thank you to the teachers at the MTC!

Just a little piece of goodness for you to see!!  This made my week!
Oh, every time I watch these - I just SMILE!!! and one more!!  This was on their P-Day, I believe earlier this week!
I am so excited to read Jordan's first email once she arrives in Norway!  I have seen so much growth in her and am so very proud of her! 
Next stop...... NORWAY!!!



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