Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Wednesday, October 8, 2014



Before I begin just a friendly reminder....Monday October 13th, yes this Monday I will be leaving for NORWAY!! I cannot believe it!! So, just a reminder that Friday the 10th is the last day that I can receive letters, mail, packages, and Dear Elders to my MTC address. Please please please write and email me in Norway, just make sure if you write you use the Norway address and not the MTC one. Also, Dear Elders will no longer be a thing while I am in Norway, you can only email and write me!  Email will be the fastest way of communication however who doesn't like a good old handwritten letter every once in a while!? Am I right!?

Okay so this week has been..... WOW!!!! I don't even know where to begin!!! I cannot believe that I hit my one month mark!! 1 month down 17 to go!! Time is literally flying by!!

So this week for service, Søster House and I had the privilege of cleaning the bathrooms..... BOYS and girls!! That was an experience let me tell you.... Never again will we do that!!! It has scarred both of us for life!! Literally wanted to gag!! I will spare you the disgusting details!! Let's just say Søster House wasn't used to cleaning bathrooms so cleaning the boys made it very fun with her.  hahaha
Oh my!!! So Søster House and I got to LEAVE the MTC!!! She had to go to the orthodontist and we got to leave and go into the real world!! We had to ride in a dark van and there were two drivers.  It was so weird to see Halloween decorations and hear real music and see real people! The orthodontist even gave us slushes!!! So awesome!! Man that was a great day!!

 So General Conference was way awesome!! I loved all of the talks!! I felt like I could relate and apply all of them to questions I had or being a missionary! My favorite talk was by Jorg Klebingat.  You can read the talk here:

Our families sent us M&Ms to snack on during conference!!
Søster House and I skyped a member in Norway this week!! Wow... was that an experience.... It was very overwhelming and scary and nerve wracking!  I literally had the hardest time understanding what she was saying!  It was a really cool thing to experience though because that is how it will be in just a few days!!

The language is ehhh coming along.  For only have been learning it for almost 6 weeks I feel like I know a lot, but I feel like I am not prepared for what awaits me in Norway.  My goal is to be almost fluent or fluent by my birthday in February!!

Here's some great news!!! Søster House and I's investigator agreed and wants to get baptized!!! When we talked to him about it and asked him we were so so happy when he said yes! We definitely did a happy dance when we left! 

So... the part you have all been waiting for... The reason for my exciting headline!!! THIS TEXAS GIRL IS GOING TO NORWAY ON MONDAY!!!! My flight plans came in and all 15 of the Norway missionaries are leaving Monday!! All 15 of us!! That is a miracle!!
We got our flight plans during class and waiting to get mine was nerve wracking!! When we all got ours, we were all crying tears of joy!! Then I looked down and read the flight plans and started crying even harder! This is what it said...

Best News EVER!!

I am so happy we are going over together!!
We leave from Salt Lake early Monday morning and fly to DALLAS, TEXAS!! Yes I said DALLAS, TEXAS!! MY AIRPORT!! From Texas, we fly to LONDON, ENGLAND!! My dream place!! Than from London we fly to Norway!! It is going to be such a tease knowing I am like 45 minutes from my house!! I am so beyond happy that my visa came in!! I cannot believe that I am leaving for Norway on Monday!! Like what!!? However, this plane trip is literally going to be the most exhausting and longest thing ever!! We arrive in Norway Tuesday around 4 in the afternoon. Norway is either 7 or 8 hours ahead I'm not sure exactly the time difference. 
Again thank you everyone for your love, support, prayers, and letters/mail/packages!!! I seriously appreciate it so much!!! Please please please email and write me in Norway!!!  The next time you hear from me, I WILL BE IN NORWAY!!! I'm not sure when my P Day is in Norway, but I will write as soon as I am allowed too!!
Søster Peterson

I would like to share my testimony with all of you! I will do as much Norwegian as I can, but there will be some English! It's also hard typing in Norwegian because I can't use all the letters because the letters are different in Norwegian so bear with me and know that not all the Norwegian is spelled correctly due to an English keyboard....

Jeg vet våre kirke og mormons bok er sann.  Jeg vet det Joseph Smith var a sann profet of Gud.  Jeg vet det Gud elsker oss og vil ha oss komme tilbake til han. Jeg vet det hellige ånd er alltid med oss og kan hjelpe oss føle de sannhet. Jeg elsker a bli misjonær og dette kirke!!!

I know our church and the Book of Mormon is true.  I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God.  I know that God loves us and wants us to come back to Him.  I know the Holy Spirit is always with us and can help us feel the truth.  I love being a missionary and this church!!!

Jordan's Tidbits:

·         The MTC is what you make of it!!
·         It is always fun seeing a friendly face in the MTC!!!  This is a friend from school, Elder Josh Williams.  Currently serving in New Hampshire!

·         I cannot express how excited I am to be getting away from the food at the MTC hahaha
·         For the first time ever and I know this is probable terrible to say... but I watched all four sessions of conference and stayed awake!! It's a miracle!! It's amazing what being a missionary can do to you! hahaha
·         They don't say ma'am or sir in Norway
·         If the movie Meet The Mormons is in a theater near you, it comes out October 10th, please please please go see it!!
·         So we learned how to sing Happy Birthday in Norsk.... Wow that song is so long and complicated!! Our teachers die laughing listening to us cause we are so bad!! However on the bright side there is dancing and motions involved!!
It was Bror Bartholomew's birthday.  He is one of our teachers!
  • I sit by the ASL missionaries at devotionals and I love it!! There are two real deaf elders and they gave me a sign name!! DREAM COME TRUE!!
·         Me, Søster House, and Søster Boud love taking naps on the top bunk hahaha. It is very squishy!

·         Packing is going to be rough. I have no idea how I am going to only have 45 pounds in each suitcase...
·         For those that watched the priesthood session of General Conference.... All of my district and zone elders were in the missionary choir as well as other elder friends!! It was so awesome to get to watch them sing!! Also the missionary that had a solo is in my zone and a good friend!! He is from Scotland and me and Søster House love messing with him.

·         I am going to cry very much when I have to say goodbye to Søster House, Boud, Firth, Johannessen, and all of the other Søsters!! It will be so weird not being with them!!

·         Søster House is seriously my best friend!!! I absolutely love her and am so grateful I was able to be her companion and make this life long friendship!! She has helped my MTC experience be absolutely wonderful!! We always have a great time and of course rock at teaching our investigators!

·         I am beyond excited and nervous to be finally going to Norway!!

·         Telling time in Norway will be a challenge... They use military time and they do time completley different!! They only round to the nearest 5 or 10 so if it is 1:43 they would say 1:45. They also say the minutes first. So for example, if it was 4:40, I would say klocken er (the time is) halv fem which means half of five....Or if it is 1:15 i would say klocken er kvart over ett which means a quarter after one. Those are the easy examples.... so yeah very confusing and difficult.

·         "When we lose ourselves, we find ourselves." 

·         I have come to learn and understand that as I am serving the Lord and leaving everything and everyone behind that I am forgetting about myself and going to work.  I know that as I forget about myself and focus on what and why I am serving the Lord that I will be more successful, love the people more, and learn who I really am and develop qualities that I will carry with me for the rest of my life and help me become a better person!
  • Søster Johannsessn hates how ratty my hair is when I get out of the shower so she decided she would show me and help me wash my hair! hahaha We went into the handicap shower and she washed my hair for me.  Of course I was wearing clothes and that felt weird to be showering in clothes. Søster House and Boud thought that was a hoot!! they took pictures and everything!!
·         General Conference is when we hear from the leaders of our church!! They share wonderful messages!! I highly recommend checking them out online!

Have questions or curious? Check out
Also if you want to know more about general conference check out

General Questions I have been Asked:

1.     Do you go to the temple every Wednesday?
Yes, I go every Wednesday

2.     Do you write daily in a personal journal?
Yes, I write in my journal every day

3.     Did you get your scriptures fixed?
Yes, I got my scriptures fixed

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