Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Monday, October 13, 2014


Well, today has been an adventure for our cute Norwegian say the least!  I waited close to my phone all morning for Jordan's call from the airport.  It kept getting later and later.. Rick checked her flight information online and it said her flight was CANCELLED!  Oh boy!!  Finally, Jordan called (someone let her borrow their phone) and let us know, yes - her flight did get cancelled and they were working on a new flight.  Oh it was SO great to get to hear her voice!  Only a couple of times did I get emotional!!  Now, her brother and sister on the other hand.... teared up just hearing Jordan's voice!  So very sweet!  She spoke to us in Norwegian - it sounded beautiful!  She sounded so happy!  She said she got very little sleep last night because she was packing.  Arranging her suitcases to be right at 50 lbs and not a bit over!!  (she did have to leave some bathroom supplies behind to cut down on the weight).  She said she also mailed a bunch of stuff home.  We talked for a little longer, then she had to go.  Luckily, she was able to call back and let me know she did get on a flight, but it would be going through Phoenix!  Saying our goodbye's was so very sweet!  I gave her some quick hints about jet lag, gave her some motherly advice and I have to say; this girl is ready!!!  Here she comes Norway!  We all said our goodbyes and told her we would talk to her at Christmas! 
THEN, something wonderful happened!!!!  I got a text from a number I didn't recognize and it said, "guess who I am with at the airport?"  Next thing I know a picture comes through of Jordan with our good friend, Darrick Larson!!!!  He was leaving Salt Lake on the exact same flight as Jordan!!!  What are the chances!!!  I couldn't believe it!  Actually - to be honest, I was so very jealous! haha
 He said she looked great!  And that there was a spirit about her that she didn't have before!!  Love to hear that!  He also had to giggle a little bit about the fact she was wearing her heavy coat  and snow boots!  Jordan and a couple other søsters needed to wear them so their bags wouldn't go over weight!  He said there were about 26 missionaries on the flight!  Many going to Slovakia and the rest to Norway.  He said it was a little funny because as each missionary walked onto the plane he could hear the stewardess ask them, "where are you going".  One replied, Slovakia and another Norway.  When Jordan walked through the door, she said, "are you going to the North Pole?"  hahahaha
 This is the picture Darrick sent once they arrived in Phoenix of Jordan and Søster House!  He said, "they are all ready for the snow in Phoenix!"  haha.  Poor girls... everyone was walking around in t-shirts and shorts, and they were in their heavy coats and boots!!!  Well, at least they will be ready once they are in Norway right?  We were able to talk to Jordan one more time, this was great because Rick was home from work, so he got to talk to her!  It was great to talk together as a family and laugh as a family!  Oh how we miss her, but she sounded so very happy, and we are so very excited for her to begin this part of her journey!  Darrick, THANK YOU!!  Just knowing she had a familiar face to spend that time with was priceless!  Thank you for the phone call, the pictures, and for being so wonderful to Jordan! 
The missionaries head to London then onto Norway.  Jordan wasn't sure what time they would get to Norway, but she did know it would be later then they had originally thought.  So sometime Tuesday evening - which would be afternoon Texas time.  Norway is 7 hours ahead of Texas.  Today has been a great day!  So great to hear from our Norwegian missionary!!  I am looking forward to hearing from the Mission President that they have arrived safe and sound!!

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