Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Monday, August 31, 2015


Okay so these past couple of weeks on P-day have been insane!!! So I apologize for the short emails and for those that I haven't been able to email back!  But I do have lots of pictures for this email :)
As you can see from my title, THE DARKNESS IS COMING BACK!!! I feel like it happened over night!! We were going to bed the other night and as we were laying there we go *oh my gosh... it is dark! It is actually dark right now!!** It was a very sad realization because now that the darkness is beginning to happen, it means winter isn't too far away.....
- went on a walk with Brenda and talked about the Plan of Salvation!!!
- met with Kelly! She said I was her best friend(: so glad she is back! She is a hoot!! We asked her if she would pray every day this week and she goes no, not every day!! haha it is a work in progress, but I love her!!(:

- Visited with Bianca and she is so good!! She is so cute and has tabs and scripture markers and everything. I love her!!!!
- We have been trying this whole transfer to find and visit a less active named Åshild. Well we had some time so we decided to go try again!  I wasn't paying attention so we missed the bus stop we needed and got off at the next one.... except the next one was like a mile down the road and to get back to where we needed to go we had to walk literally on the side of the freeway with no sidewalk..... Mom you would not have been very happy about that, but we didn't have a choice haha.
Åshild wasn't home, but hopefully we can get in contact with her soon! Since Åshild wasn't home we decided to go back to the guy’s house that lived close by who talked to us last time we went banking and he told us we could come back. Well we went back and he came to the door, I saw him through the glass and he walked away.... rude!!!!!!!

WE FLEW TO BERGEN!!!!!! We had a general authority come to visit Norway!! Elder Johnson came so we had a two zone Conference in Bergen!! It was the West and the North zone!! It was so fun!! We took our P-day in Bergen with all the other missionaries and it was a blast!! We roamed the city and the senior couples did a BBQ with hotdogs for us! It was so fun to be back in Bergen again!! AND I finally got to see Sister Boud!!! I hadn't seen her since the MTC!!

HOUSE, ME, BOUD, AND FIRTH WERE ALL TOGETHER!!! IT WAS A GLORIOUS REUNION!!! Man I love those girls!! For proselyting time they split all the missionaries up with different companions and I was with Sister Boud!! Sister Boud, Elder Dalton, Elder Witbeck and I went to Else's a member who I visited a couple times when I was in Bergen to eat dinner! She made us Norwegian waffles!!! She is so cute and awesome!! She has some amazing insight too!! We gave a spiritual thought about the sacrament and her input was mind-blowing!! Something she said that I loved was: *every week we promise to take upon us the Lord's name and not use his name in vain. Many people think not using his name in vain is not swearing or having unclean language or thoughts, but really not taking the Lord's name in vain is not doing anything that would draw us away from the Lord and it includes our actions as well*.  She is so amazing!!

Some of us sisters slept at the Bergs house and that family is so awesome and cute!! Their house is like a Pinterest house too!!! They totally gave up their rooms for us and just had mattresses everywhere!! It was so nice of them!! She gave us American candy too!

Funny Story:  So at like three in the morning I heard a noise, but didn't think anything of it, then I heard scratching at our bedroom door and it was the cat and then it started to throw its body against the door!!! I just ignored it and went back to bed.... than the door opens and the cat comes in! Søster Wadley who is on the floor on a mattress flies up and goes guys... there is a cat on my bed! Søster Nielsen hates cats and jumps in the corner of her bed and is yelling at us to get it out! I am dying laughing -  scared to touch the cat, but it walks out by itself... than like 5 minutes later it is back at the door again!!! So I opened it and Søster Wadley and I were huddled on my bed under the sheets scared the cat was going to claw us and Sister Nielsen is freaking out!! Mind you this is all at three in the morning..... Luckily we get the cat out again and it doesn't bug us.... until I go to the bathroom and it corners me in a corner and I am just scared to death waiting for this cat to leave me alone so I can go back into the room! Good times I tell ya!!!

Elder Johnson blew my mind!! It was an amazing Conference!! Seriously I felt like it was directed right at me! So many questions and prayers I have had especially from last transfer were answered! It was such an amazing experience and I learned so much!!

- Literally felt like I had jet lag all over again!! Bad thing about traveling is you don't get to catch up on the sleep you lost!!!

- We went back to Gier's house and he was totally home and didn't open for us.... that was a total bummer....
- Met With AJ, and he is really coming along!!! He has been keeping the Reading Challenge we gave him and even could summarize for us what he read instead of making it up! AND he came to Church!! We are really proud of him!
- Met with Anita and brought up baptism...... she doesn't have any desire to change or be baptized and kinda wants to just be a free person and go to whatever church she wants, whenever she wants.... that was a total bummer because we really thought she was progressing!

The Primary Program was today and I had a total of 4 children which are all siblings take part in it.   I was the music leader and it was so fun!! Those kids are so cute!!!

We visited Linda tonight and her countenance was changed!! She was so happy and lit right up when we came inside!!!

So I love being in a trio!! These girls are so much fun and we work hard, but have so much fun at the same time!! This week I have been so exhausted and it was because we came to the realization that we literally work so hard!! We are out all day and are only are sitting down if we are eating or teaching someone. These two sisters have taught me so much and I am so grateful I get to be in a trio!!

Jordan's Tidbits:
·         We were cleaning the apartment and the vacuum has been having issues so we decided to try to see how to clean it out........ Oh my gosh!!! It was the grossest thing in the world!!!! I don't think that thing has ever been cleaned out before!!! It was disgusting!!!!
·         The taxi ride to the airport was quite the experience.  Our bus driver turned on blue glow lights and sang to us!!!
·         People for the love please send me pictures when you email me! Some of you are awesome at it! And some of you I haven't seen or gotten pictures in 12 months....... I love you and want to see you!
·         I am not a fan of stopping men between the ages of 18 and 35, but this week Søster Nielsen and Wadley have been helping me overcome that fear and it has gotten a lot better!
·         I got to see the Whitakers and the Allpins!!! I love them!!

Åndelig Tanker:
Let obedience come naturally, don't let it be a burden!
I had an awesome experience this week where I was able to see someone as God sees them! It was the coolest thing ever and I will never forget it(: We were talking to a man who was smoking and drinking and as I got to talking to him, my whole perception of him changed and I saw him as God sees and loves him! It was the coolest thing ever!! Never judge someone or assume. See them and treat them as God would and get to know them first!!

From Henry B Eyring:
When they brought the young man in he was suddenly given an amazing spiritual gift.  He saw, not the young man as he was, but instead he saw this amazing all-in-radiant-white valiant son of God.  He called it the "gift of seeing divine potential."  I have been working on that... trying to see everyone I meet as a person who kept his first estate and is a child of God with divine potential.  It doesn't always work but it has made me a lot less judgmental and a lot more interested in trying to get to know someone.

glad i dere!! ha en fin uke!!!
Søster Peterson







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