Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Saturday, August 22, 2015


******* so next week we get like 30 minutes to email, maybe no time at all..... So if I don't respond to you next week that is why!! These past couple of weeks have been crazy and I haven't had a lot of time to email, so sorry if I haven't responded to you!!*****

Wow what a week this was!!!! This week was a great week!!
President called us and said that we are going to be a trio!! Sister Wadley who came with Sister Bender my last companion is coming to be with Sister Nielsen and I on Wednesday!! We have a sister leaving so we are having a mini moves and a couple other sisters are getting moved around too. I am way excited to meet her!! Sister Bender would always talk about her! She sounds awesome and she is coming from Sandnes which is basically Stavanger!!!

Today we introduced Elder Hoopes to softis!!! We also all went on a hike in the woods

We got in contact with a not active member Chilonda!! He is way awesome and Søster Nielsen and I are basically re-teaching him like a new investigator and hoping we can figure out why he left and how to get him to come back! He is so cool and it is a miracle we got in contact with him! He is good friends with John the less active that is becoming active!

We also went on contact splits with the elders!! Elder Hoopes and I got some good laughs in because of how rude and mean the people were to us!

Today we tried to find a less active named Åshild with the Elders, but couldn't find her house, so we just decided to bank (knock on doors). It wasn't too bad, no one let us in, but the weather was nice! At one of the houses Søster Nielsen and I banked on, a guy opened the door and when I saw him I almost fell backwards off the porch! He looked exactly no joke like my friend Elder Padgett and I couldn't believe my eyes! His name was Ole and he was pretty nice and talked to us for a bit and said we could come back! So we will have to go back when Søster Wadley is here so that way if he does let us in, we can go in!

While trying to find Åshilds house we thought we found it and actually ended up walking into a strangers house. Like up their stairs and everything!!! Yeah it was pretty awkward..... Luckily no one saw us, but the door was wide open and we thought it was her house!!

So the college in town is starting school this week and this past week was like a party week..... We were on a bus on our way home from the hospital visiting a member and literally 60 college kids get on the bus and never have I smelled so much alcohol before!! They were all so drunk and crazy. To be honest I was a little scared especially being a missionary. One guy threw up everywhere when he got off the bus! AND then there was a huge party right next door to where Søster Nielsen and I live in town...... So needless to say we didn't get a lot of sleep this past week.....I am so grateful for the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity!!!!

Sister Crabtree made her famous brownies for District lunch!! Man oh man those things are to die for!

We had District Meeting and it was way awesome! We talked about how we can focus more on Christ and having him be more a part of Our lives and missionary work.
We took the Elders to visit a member who was in the hospital here in Tromsø. We were waiting for about 2 hours and this nurse showed us to the drinks and food room. As we took some food and were eating another nurse later on came in and yelled at us and said we couldn't eat the food... oops! Oh well!

We went to Benta's a less active who lives like 2 hours away with the Crabtrees.... ROAD TRIP!!! Søster Nielsen and I came prepared with pillows for the car ride and Søster Crabtree had made cookies!! Benta lives on a lot of land and it is so pretty!! She works so hard there and it made me realize how much work having a farm and land are! We helped her cut and clear branches, feed the chickens, and we got to taste some of her strawberries that were growing in her garden!! She is so sweet! Her mother in law is German and was there and she doesn’t speak English and she was just the cutest thing! They made us dinner with food only from their garden and we had this weed salad that was weeds and what the chickens ate and it was actually pretty good!

We had the Gren Fest on Friday!! (The branch party) It turned out to be nice weather which is good because it was outside!! We had Norwegian hot dogs which are amazing!!!!!!! Way better than American! You put them in this tortilla type thing with Norwegian potato salad, these onion chip things, and some Norwegian sauces. It is to die for!! We all played volleyball and just hung out! It was so fun to be around everyone and have everyone get to know each other. It was especially great because Kelly and John came!! AND Anita and Jackson two of our investigators and Brenda and her husband and two sons came!! It was so fun and an awesome way to get them to meet the Gren and feel comfortable

We taught Emmanuel this week...... He read some anti on the internet..... However we finished the Joseph Smith Movie with him and talked about the Book of Mormon. He is interested in the Book of Mormon and our religion, so we are hoping we will have progress with him and be able to help him!

To all my non-member readers - I hope you all know that if you have any questions or are curious about our church, ask a member of the Church or go to these websites!!! There are so many things on the internet that aren't true or have twisted the truth!
We taught Anita again! We met her on the street last week and this is our second time meeting with her. Boy does she love to talk!! She is probably in her 60's, but she is way cool and came to church too!! She wasn't too fond on the topic of baptism, but she has been reading in the Book of Mormon and is interested to keep learning more! We are hoping the more she learns and through the Holy Ghost her heart and mind will be changed.

The Pedersens are back  from their vacation and Dingaan comes back today! It is so great to have them back!!! I missed them!!

On Saturday basically all of our plans fell through or cancelled so for dinner we called the Elders and we got sandwiches and ice cream! We were eating outside across from a pub and a drunk lady was laughing and smiling and taking pictures of us...

Church was a miracle this week!!! Ramy and Anita came to church AND two girls who just moved here from school walked into the church because they saw the sign outside!! WHAT!!!! That doesn’t happen ever!! MIRACLES I TELL YOU!!!!!!!! We talked with them after church and they are from Nepal, going to school, and looking for a Church!! Søster Nielsen and I briefly talked about the Book of Mormon, gave them each one, and got their numbers!! We are so hoping they will want to meet and keep coming to church!! Sundays in Tromsø never cease to amaze me!

We got invited with the Elders to visit an African church, but we got lost......... bummer... maybe next week!

Visited the Reynolds on Sunday with the Elders and wow those kids love the missionaries!! They are pretty crazy, but so cute and fun! The Elders planned this fun game to teach them about prophets. We had someone write a sentence and then one person drew a picture and then covered the sentence and then the next person would have to write a sentence based on the picture and so on.... than at the end we compared the last picture to the first sentence to see how close or wrong it was. It was a great example to teach the kids the important of a prophet to correctly guide and lead us today

Jordan's Tidbits:
- The Elders are in love with the softis here (ice cream) and I mean who wouldn't be so we got it a couple times this week....... Probably going to get sick from all this dairy, but oh well!! You can't say no to Norwegian ice cream!
- The grocery store next to our house is having a huge sale and everything is 10 kr!!! That is way cheap and Søster Nielsen and I are in heaven!!!

- Søster Nielsen has gotten me to like contacting a little more so that is a good thing!!

- Casper my deaf convert from Stavanger will be at my house this week...... So jealous he is there without me!!! Hope my family practiced some Norwegian sign language considering he doesn’t know English or American Sign Language haha

- It blows my mind how open and free the Norwegians here are!! Never in my life have I seen so much nudity.........

- Found out my family knows some of Elder Hoopes family so that is pretty cool!

Åndelig Tanker:
- Always always live worthy to have the priesthood and be able to use it in times of need!! How would you feel if someone was in need of a blessing or needed help and you couldn't give them a blessing because you weren't worthy?? Just something to think about

- ALWAYS have oil on you!! You never know when you will need it

- I would like to invite everyone to do something this week that will help them think about Christ more. You could put a picture on your mirror, or a quote, or read the scriptures more, or pray!! I promise just the littlest things will make the biggest difference!!

ha en fin uke dere!!!
Enjoy your last week or weeks of summer before school starts!!!
Søster Peterson

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