Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


**note from Mom
Søster Peterson travelled to Bergen this week, so she didn’t have time to send her “big” email on Monday as her PDay was today.  She still had very limited time, but was able to send out her email today, so here it is.
Okay so I don't have a lot of time, so sorry if this is short and rushed and I know I left out on details.  Next week will be better!


Okay so this week was crazy!!!! We got our new companion Søster Wadley and I love her!! I was a little nervous to be in a trio, but IT IS AWESOME!!!! Søster Nielsen and Wadley are hilarious and awesome missionaries! Søster Wadley is so cute! We all get along so well and work hard, but have so much fun together!
We have been waking up with bumps and bites all over us, so Søster Crabtree thought it might be bed bugs.......... so we have been checking our beds and washing all of our sheets..... So that is fun......

Lately on the street (3 times) someone has said *Hey Sisters* and kept walking!! THEY WERE AMERICAN!! and just walked by and said hey! LIKE HELLO!!! These people don't realize how uncommon that is for us!! But it is way cool that they said hi and recognized us

We were at a bus stop by Lill's waiting for the bus to come home and there was a man on the bench smoking and drinking. He made it very clear he did not want to talk to us about religion, so Søster Wadley, and Nielsen and I made small talk with each other. He randomly turned to us and told us his son had died four years ago and asked us to pray for him. The spirit was immediately so strong! It was awesome! We told him that he could see his son again and we asked him if we could meet with him and he said my house is right there stop by some time!! IT WAS CRAZY!!!! We have stopped by every day this week, but no luck, but then we found out we had been trying the wrong house! So we found the right one and will check again this week!

It was Søster Crabtree's birthday and she didn't even tell us! However we found out and surprised her with the Elders at the church and had ice cream and a little party for her(:

Anita is coming along! We are teaching her how to pray and at the end she goes *ha det Jesus* hahaha She came to church again this week!

Freshman initiation for the college in Tromsø was this week..... Of course it is right outside of our apartment so we basically got no sleep this week!! They got into groups and were tied together and had to take a shot from the 21 pubs in town.....

I have found that recently it is so cool how people recognize that I am a missionary and representative of Jesus Christ. So many people recently have asked us to pray for them and I feel so blessed and honored that they ask us to do that.

We were contacting home one night and we had stopped this man and we were talking to him and then there was this guy from across the street I made eye contact with and he kept looking at us and like stalling across the street and then he went into a store and came out and we were still talking to the man and I whisper, *Wadley; I gotta talk to him!!* she says *go!* So I ran away from my companions but I could still see them and basically chased after this man hahaha. He wasn't too positive, but hey you gotta listen to promptings when you get them!

So funny story… We were waiting at a bus stop to go find a formers house and Sister Nielsen was talking to a 21 year old guy and she totally fell backwards and ate it!!! It was the funniest thing ever!!! I was trying not to laugh, but when I saw Wadley laughing I lost it!! We could not control ourselves!! The guy tries not to laugh and goes *gikk det bra?* and then Sister Nielsen just gets up and tries to act like nothing happened and tells the guy she likes his shoes and he has good style which made Søster Wadley and I laugh even harder!!!  I just love these girls!  I love that we can laugh with each other!

Søster Wadley, Nielsen and I acted like cheerleaders for a night before bed and did cheers and my legs were legit bruised and black and blue! These girls are hilarious!!

Elder Hoopes’ birthday was on Sunday so we surprised him and for dinner and we made waffles!!!
Søster Nielsen, Wadley, Lill, and I sang in Church on Sunday! We sang Joseph Smith's First Prayer to the tune of Come Thou Fount! It was fun and Sister Nielsen and I even harmonized!

CEDRIC came back into town!!!! Oh my goodness he is awesome! He came to Sunday school and sacrament! We met with him and he prayed for the first time!!! Søster Wadley was talking to him during the lesson and he blurts out *I just prayed in my head*, we all look at him and our mouths are dropped! We said, “how do you feel!?!?” He said warm(: And just kept on with the lesson! Oh he is the coolest!! Than the next day he texted us and asked us to send him scriptures to read to help him and that he had left his Book of Mormon at the church and texted us and said *I'm coming to the church to get my book before I leave, there ain't no way I'm leaving without my Mormons Bok!!!* HE IS AWESOME!!!!! His favorite word to say is *chill* and he speaks nynorsk so he is way hard to understand haha

Met with a man we contacted on the street named Sonny. He prayed with us and in his prayer he said *please help me find the way because it is like a needle in a haystack:*

We got ice cream of course this week and we were about to get on a bus and food isn't allowed on bus, so Søster Nielsen threw her ice cream into her backpack without even thinking hahaha
 The Elders got sick this week.... they ate expired chicken (that was frozen, but still) poor guys!!

Being in a trio has its perks that's for sure!! We don't have to have someone in the church when we teach men and we can ride in a car with men!

Aj took us to his Soccer game and that was interesting...... It was so weird to drive in a car and the people here are way good at Soccer!
The “one more” attitude has really been pushing me and makes the biggest difference in my day! It is so cool and helps me push myself to be a little better and do a little more everyday.

Åndelig Tanker:

ha en fin uke dere!! glad i dere!!!
xoxox fra bergen!!!
Søster Peterson

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