Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Miracles Have Not Ceased!!

Written July 27, 2015

Tromsø is still the miracle city!!! Ever since Søster House and I first opened the area, it has been called the city of miracles and I am proud to say that the miracles are still happening!!

Søster Bender's prayers have finally been answered........ I fell off the bed... let me tell ya, I forgot how high up I was! I am on the top bunk and am sleeping on two mattresses, so it is pretty high for me at least! Our phone was on the chair next to the bed and it started ringing. I was already in bed, but I saw Søster House's name on it and got way too excited!! Next thing I know I was laying on the floor with my blankets around me and Søster Bender was laying on the ground dying of laughter!!

Met with Ole again this week and played chess and talked about the gospel. Ole is kinda lonely so it is always so funny because he will always just text us randomly and see if we want to play chess or go get something to eat. Søster Bender and I are learning pretty quickly how to play chess! Søster Bender is getting pretty good at it!

A couple weeks ago we met this lady on the street named Mimi. She is from Singapore and super nice. We took her to the church, talked about the Book of Mormon, and then got her number. She finally called us back this week! She invited us to come over to her house! Søster Bender and I were so excited, but a little nervous because her husband was going to be there and he is Norwegian, so we weren't sure how he was going to react to us. We had nothing to worry about though! They were super nice and she made a strawberry cream cake for us! We chatted for a bit, than we brought up the gospel. She was so excited afterwards when she was talking to us, because she said that was the first time her husband has ever stayed around or sat and talked about God. She said he usually leaves the room! So that was so cool! AND THEN we were getting ready to leave and they gave us smoked salmon! They just gave it to us and told us recipes to use with it and everything. They are the nicest people ever!
So Cedric moved to a place about an hour boat ride away, but we still have contact with him. He texted us the other day and asked if he could call us to ask about some questions he had while reading the Book of Mormon. He wanted us to explain Jacob 5 to him..... I asked him if it was okay if we took it in English because that Chapter is hard enough to explain in English!! He is so awesome and is reading from the beginning! He wants to read it all the way through and is interested in praying and receiving answers from God. He has potential for sure!

We met With Old Man Frank this week and boy is he a hoot! He actually really is interested about learning about the Mormons, but gets distracted really easily when we talk with him. However we were able to clarify and explain the Book of Mormon to him. After we met, he took Søster Bender and I out for ice cream. He is just the cutest old man! He came to Church on Sunday too!! We talked to him afterwards and he told us he wasn't sure if he liked it or not because there wasn't any shouting and yelling.... uff... hahahaha and then during sacrament he was like yelling and couldn't decide if he wanted to take the sacrament or not.... Søster Bender and I just looked at each other and tried not to laugh.

Sister Rupp well not Sister Rupp anymore, but a former missionary was back in Norway with her family to visit. She was in Tromsø and we got to meet up with her! She invited us to eat breakfast with her and her family at their hotel for the two days they were here and oh my gosh......... no joke it was a 5 star buffet! Søster Bender had legit tears in her eyes when we walked in! I couldn't believe my eyes! Søster Bender goes I cannot believe this is all free!! Let's just say I have never felt more like a movie star in my life before, but also felt so out of place haha. They even had AMERICAN SYRUP!!!!!!!!! I was in heaven!
We met with the Reynolds (the American Family) and did a fun faith activity with them! We talked about what faith is and shared Alma 32:21. We then had the kids pick out of a bag something and they had to feel it and guess what it was, but they had to keep their eyes closed. Then we did the faith trust fall! They loved that one! Thankfully Søster Bender caught me..... It's when you fall backwards and the person is supposed to catch you.  Yeah I was praying she wouldn't try to be funny and drop me in front of the kids... That family is so cute! They are moving back to the states in December though, our little branch is going to miss them! Their kids are the cutest and so feisty!

So I forgot to mention last week that Jackson came again to Church and brought Mami J and this week they were both back again!! They are the best!! I love them! Jackson's suits he wears to Church cracks me up!

We went to visit Mami and while we were there Jackson came and brought a friend with him! We got to talk to his friend and answer some questions he had and then Jackson without realizing it was basically bearing testimony of what he has learned so far and saying how he liked the Church, and he is searching for truth, etc... Then it got kinda awkward because Jackson and his friend started arguing about Catholics and other religions and Søster Bender and I were just sitting there and didn't know what to do hahah. Mami made some African Soup for us all and it was like a big family dinner! It was the funnest thing ever and probably one of my top favorite days of my mission! I just love these people!

While kontakting last week Søster Bender and I stopped a man and made an appointment. We both didn't have high hopes that he would actually show, but he did and we got a return appointment! His name is Sulten. He was very nice and interested in the Book of Mormon.

So Søster Bender and I were out one day kontakting and we saw Selvano and Dennis together with some of their friends! We went up to talk to them and Selvano started telling all of them about what we do and how they need to meet with us, etc.... Selvano is seriously the best guy to get referrals from! Well we ended up getting one of their phone numbers and met with him and he seems pretty positive! His name is Emmanuel!

The Crabtrees were gone this week so Søster Bender and I got to teach Primary!! It wasn't too bad because there are only 3 kids and they are siblings. They are so smart and probably know more about the gospel than I did before I came on a mission.....

Moves calls are on Sunday! Wow! I can't believe it has already been another 6 weeks! Rumors have it that I am staying and Søster Bender will be leaving me..... booo..... We will have to wait and see what happens! So until NeXT week!

More details from Søster Bender:
After a lesson with Old-man Frank, he asked us if we wanted to get some ice-cream so of course we went to go get ice-cream. As we were eating it outside, we ran into a sister missionary who had served in Norway a year (ish) ago and was visiting with her mother and older brother! They invited us to join them for breakfast in the morning at their hotel. IT WAS 5 STAR BUFFET everything was so good and fancy and there was SO MUCH FOOD!!! I was so happy when I saw pancakes and chocolate chips, my eyes started to water. I have never been so happy in the morning in my entire life. The best part is we went back the next morning :) Huge shout out to the Rupp fam.

Mimi is someone we stopped on the street last week. She is so cute!! She is from Singapore. She told us about how she was at one of her friends house's when they saw 2 elders approaching their door. Her friend goes "watch this" then grabs a beer and goes to answer the door. "Whadda ya want?!" It's pretty mean, but I think it's funny. She made us a cake and her husband, who is Norwegian, even sat with us! She said it's a huge miracle he sat with us. He said "I am not interested, but I will sit down." Good enough for us! They are way nice. We were talking about fish at one point and the husband just leaves the room and comes back with this huge smoked salmon! He told us that we can't be living in Norway without having tried smoked salmon. So, they gave it to us and told us how to eat. It's pretty good and we still have it in the fridge haha. It was a pretty big piece of fish.
Saturday was probably one of the best days yet. We went to Mamie J's! We knock on her door and she flings the door open and sings "HiiiiiiiiIIIIII" hahah it would be funny if you were there and knew her. We helped her finish cleaning her room and what not. All of a sudden, we hear Jackson's voice and he comes running in with another friend!  We got to talk to his friend and answer some questions he had and then Jackson, without realizing it, was basically bearing testimony of what he has learned so far and saying how he liked the Church, and he is searching for truth.

Jordan's Tidbits:
- Proselyting during the day on P days is the best! You get your time done during the day and then you can have the night to do what you want! I would highly recommend it haha

- The running nuns are back!! Søster Bender and I got to run through the town to catch a bus this week.....

- Søster Bender got kinda pooped on by a bird and it was the funniest thing I have ever seen!! hahahaha Her reaction was priceless! I thought she was going to cry and it literally was the tiniest drop I have ever seen
Quote of the week:
Guy on street: Do you guys go out?
Me: Yeah! We go out and eat every once in a while!
Bender: He meant like out to the Clubs........
****Perfect example of how you know you are a missionary hahahaha*

ha en fantastisk uke folkens!!!!
glad i dere!!!
Søster Peterson

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