Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Monday, December 1, 2014

Jeg elsker å være en misjonær!!​!!!

What a week it has been!! I don't even know where to start!! Ahh!!!
(I am giving a small recap on what happened in the week...
this is not all the details sorry!!)

Monday: Missionary Thanksgiving!! Today we did a missionary thanksgiving feast!! It was so awesome!! Everyone made food and brought it and it was so fun to hang out and talk with the missionaries!! We all shared things we were grateful for, I introduced gumdrop turkeys to them, and we talked about traditions that our families do!!

That night we also had a Young Single Adult Activity.  We made Gingerbread houses and then donated them to charity.
Thursday: THANKSGIVING!!! Søster Frampton and I ate at a members house for Thanksgiving!! It was so good!!
After dinner we went out to bank (knock on doors) and while we were heading back home, a black van that I had seen going up and down the streets passed us then suddenly turned around and drove in front of us and stopped!! I saw a man getting out of the car!! Søster Frampton and I immediately turned around and started walking the other way!! My heart was pounding and I seriously thought we were about to get kidnapped!! I may or may not have had tears forming in my eyes hahahah. Luckily it was nothing, but it sure did give us both a heart attack!

I have had my fair share of Thanksgiving food!! I am good to go till next year haha

Friday: we ate dinner at a member's house and she literally kept putting food on my plate and shoving cookies in my mouth!!! I kept saying nei takk (no thanks) but she just kept doing it!!! Søster Frampton was trying so hard not to laugh!

Saturday: Our ward had Super Saturday!!! Søster Frampton and I got to attend with the ladies of the ward!!! It was so fun!! A couple people brought nonmember friends so we were able to talk and visit with them!! I am not one who really likes crafts and doing crafts that take longer than 10 minutes.. haha however on my mission I am learning to be more crafty and creative! Who would have thought?!! 
We also had a lesson with Casper and he brought Søster Frampton and I sushi to eat!!! I have never tried sushi before!! I LOVE IT!!! Who would have thought that I would come to Norway to find out I love Sushi!!  Eddel was with us.. she did NOT like it!

Sunday:  CASPER'S DÅP (baptism)!!!! Casper's baptism was unbelievable!! Words cannot describe!! Baptizing people doesn't define a missionary's success on his/her mission, however baptisms are definitely rewarding and make missionary work so worth it!! I am so grateful and blessed I was able to teach and be a part of Casper’s baptism!! The baptism went so great!! Many people came and even his mom and sister who are deaf came as well!! His family wasn't really supportive so it was a big deal that his mom and sister came!!
Casper doesn't have an interpreter when he comes to church or when we teach him so we are all on our own. Søster Frampton is a boss at signing!!! For the baptism I signed the baptism prayer!!! Yes me!!! Oh my gosh, I was so nervous!! I practiced so much the night before!! It went great!! Elder Gunther baptized Casper and Casper watched me sign while they were in the water so he knew when Elder Gunther was going to put him under the water!! When Casper came up out of the water he was smiling so big!! He hugged Elder Gunther and when he looked at Søster Frampton and I he had tears in his eyes and the biggest smile!! Of course Søster Frampton and I were crying!!! It seriously was the best day of my life!! The Spirit was so strong and many people there were crying!! Casper's mom was even crying!!! I wanted to hug Casper so bad, but sadly I couldn't due to the missionary rule... AHH!! It was just such a great day!!! We also had the youth that Casper knew and all the missionaries in church get up and sing I am a child of God in Norwegian of course and then we sang it again except we signed it!!! Seeing everyone's reactions and Casper's face was priceless!! Many people started crying and I even started to tear up!! It was so beautiful!!! I have so much to say, but don't even know how to express it!!
I am so grateful to be a missionary!! I wouldn't trade it for anything!!! Yes there are hard days and it is hard, but it is so worth it!! I am so lucky to be able to be here in Norway learning and becoming truly converted myself as I am teaching and sharing the Gospel!
Jordan's Tidbits:

·         Norwegian is coming along!! This week was a lot better!!!

·         As I am writing -  it is pitch black outside and it is 4:45 in the afternoon....

·         The new greenies (new missionaries) fresh from the MTC came in this week!! So I am no longer the new greenie! I have two new ones in my area!!! Søster Gates and Eldste Gingrich. (His name is hard to pronounce so when I get to know him better I will call him Green Grinch… hahaha I hope he doesn't mind). 

·         When Norwegians hug they touch their cheek to yours and do it on both sides

·         Norwegians do not have carpet in their houses

·         When Norwegians make sandwiches they have both pieces of bread apart and eat each slice of bread one at a time with toppings on each slice

·         Norwegians love having jam and cheese on bread or a roll, I tried it and it is so good!! The cheese here is way different than American cheese; Norwegians do not have cheddar cheese or really any cheese that is in America

·         Norwegians love hearts!! They have hearts everywhere!! On their doors, decorations, and in the trees!!
·         If you haven't heard the song Glorious by David Archuleta go listen to it!!!!


Watch and share The Gift!!! It is an awesome video that the church came out with for Christmas!! Share on social media and with friends and family!!

Starting today December 1st write down one thing you are grateful for everyday!! Put it in a journal, in your phone, etc..

Check out this website!!!

Jeg er glad i dere!! 

Søster Peterson

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