Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Monday, November 24, 2014

So on Sunday was moves call because it was transfer time!! Every six weeks there are moves call and missionaries get moved around.  Søster Frampton and I were praying we would stay together!! Well the Lord answered our prayers!!! We are staying together and staying in Stavanger!!!
I am going to be "killing" Søster Frampton off! This is a missionary term and means that I will be her last companion before she goes home!! She goes home January 2nd!! So crazy!! I am so grateful that I get to be with her!!

I am still feeling sick, but the sleeping problem has gotten better!!! I learned that drinking water before bed makes you stay awake and I had been drinking like a whole water bottle before bed...


We met with Magne (the man I called Marco) and Søster Frampton had me teach the lesson in Norsk!! Usually she does all the talking because once the person starts talking I have no idea what they are saying!! However she is starting to have me become more involved which is good, but scary!!  We taught about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and when I started to talk and teach him he got this little smile on his face!! Magne has always pestered me about speaking Norwegian.  The lesson went great!! We asked him if he would come to church on Sunday and he said he would try!! I honestly wasn't sure if he was going to because he tends to forget things ALOT due to the amount of drugs he used in the past.  So only Sunday would tell if he would come or not!

Søster Frampton and I have been praying to find people to teach and who we can help! Our investigators are starting to lose interest or become lazy which is really frustrating and sad. We always pray before we leave the apartment and we pray to find people who need us.  That day we were going to contact for an hour around Sentrum (this is what the center of town is called) and as we were walking we stopped this girl who looked like she was in a rush, but we stopped her anyways.  We introduced ourselves and started talking about the Book of Mormon.  Søster Frampton was talking at that point and we noticed that the girl had looked like she had been crying so Søster Frampton stopped talking about the Book of Mormon and said to Åse (the girl) that her Heavenly Father loves her and knows what she is going through!  She told her that every day we pray to find someone that we need to talk to or meet before we leave our apartment and that we know that we were supposed to meet her (Åse) today.  As Søster Frampton was saying this Åsa started to tear up and cry!!! It made me want to cry!! She kept talking with us and we talked more about the Book of Mormon and gave her a copy of one!! We made plans to meet with her again this week!! I hope that it turns out well and we do meet with her!! That was such an amazing experience!! Søster Frampton and I walked away and were like what just happened!!! The Lord does hear and answer our prayers!!! 

Norwegian's do not celebrate Thanksgiving, it is an American holiday!  So today the missionaries are getting together for a missionary Thanksgiving dinner!  Me and Søster Frampton are in charge of making sweet potatoes!  In the ward there are multiple American families so the ward decided to have a Thanksgiving Feast last Saturday up in the mountains at a cabin!!
 The food was so good!
We went to the cabin for the day.  It took about 2 hours to get there and was in a town called Sirdal.  It was a lot colder there compared to Stavanger!  Missionaries could go if they had an investigator going and Casper was going so we could go!!! It was so awesome!!! The food was yummy and it was great to mingle and talk with people in the ward!! It was even greater to see people making an effort to sign and include Casper!! 

Elder Gunther and Elder Griffin went with us
It was much colder here!!
Su and Daniel!

Church on Sunday was crazy, but amazing!!! Miracles happen I tell you!! Well first off Casper passed his baptismal interview!! He is officially getting baptized on Sunday November 30th!! Søster Frampton and I are so excited!!! Casper is seriously so great!!
He has such a strong testimony!!  MAGNE came to church too!!!!! Also Teresa a less active member that Søster Frampton and I visited came to church as well!! As well as many of the other missionaries investigators!!! It was such a great day!!! 

So after a lesson not too long ago Casper randomly asked Søster Frampton and I if we could come over to his house and help him get rid of all his alcohol!! We of course said yes!! So Sunday Søster Frampton and I along with some of our ward friends Jørgen, Linn, and Ingrid (I just love those people they are awesome!!!) went to Casper's apartment.  He had so much alcohol!!! They were in huge fancy containers!!! It was so much money's worth!!! He had probably 20 plus bottles!!! Casper took one and poured it down the drain, and then we all joined in!!! I am so proud of him!!! He is just so awesome!!! Prior to doing this, he told us that all the money that was going to waste kept crossing his mind because let me tell you alcohol here is not cheap!!! Søster Frampton and I mentioned him giving it to friends or selling it and he said I can't do that because then I am helping others break the Word of Wisdom!! He is just so awesome!!! He makes missionary work so rewarding!! I am so blessed to have been able to teach him and be a part of this great experience!  Casper gave Søster Frampton and I souvenirs to keep after the alcohol dumping!  The Tiki souvenir is one of the alcohol bottles.
So my goal is to be done with the Book of Mormon by Christmas!!! So I can start it again from the beginning on January 1st!! I would love to invite everyone to start the Book of Mormon with me on January 1st!! As time gets closer I will post a reading checklist to help people stay on track!! I would really love for all to try this with me!! I know that reading the Book of Mormon has blessed my life greatly and each time I read it, I get something new out of it!! If you need a Book of Mormon let my mom know and she will gladly get you one!!  Read the Book of Mormon with an open mind and heart!! 

I never fully appreciated or understood how much the Book of Mormon has impacted my life or meant to me until I came on my mission!! I would also like to invite the non-members who are reading this to just give the Book of Mormon a try!! I am not trying to convert you in any way! I just know how much happiness and comfort the Book of Mormon has brought to me and would love to share it with you!!


·         Everyone here wears reflectors and neon jackets at night!! It is a total normal thing where in America people would look at you like you were a weirdo!! I even have some reflectors too!! haha

The bright green thing is a reflector
·         It gets literally pitch black here around 4:30 in the afternoon....

·         I feel like Stavanger is my home!! I am getting so close to the members here and making lifelong friends! It is going to be a sad day when I am transferred!
·         Missionary work is the best!!! It is hard, but so rewarding!!

·         I am starting to feel comfortable being in Norway!  Hearing Norwegian everywhere and every day is normal now!  I may not understand what is being said, but it isn't weird to hear it or see it everywhere!

·         Søster Frampton is so awesome!!! I just love her and I am grateful to be with her!! She is so awesome at giving me compliments when I speak Norsk and being so supportive and encouraging!!!

·         Letters take about a week to get to me

·         Packages take about 2-4 weeks maybe more depending on size and weight

·         I love love love seeing pictures!! 

·         WAFFLES!! Way better here than America!

·         Peanut Butter from Norway is WAYYY better!!!!  Everyone knows how much I LOVE Peanut Butter!!

·         I took this picture to show the jumpers that all the little kids wear here
·         Instead of bread we eat this…. Knekkebrød

One small prompting can change lives for the better!!! This week I would invite you to live by this quote!  A prompting can be very small or very big and if you aren't careful you could totally ignore or miss out on an awesome prompting!! It could be as simple as the thought to call someone or a strong feeling to do something!

Jeg er glade dere!!!  


Being a missionary has made me really think and be grateful for many things especially the small and simple things that I have come to realize I took for granted before my mission!! Being a missionary is such a blessing and one that has forever changed and impacted my life for the better!! I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to do this!! I love this gospel and I am so grateful that I get to share with people the joy and happiness that it brings me in my life!
****Cherish the times you have with your loved ones, family, and friends!!! When you are with them, be with them!! Try to avoid being on your phone or social media! Enjoy the time and the moment! You don't realize how important they are until you aren't home anymore!  I have come to realize that I took for granted just the simple thing of being able to text my mom whenever I wanted!****


Søster Peterson

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