Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Monday, November 17, 2014


Hei Hei!!!

Luckily the internet was not down this week!!! Happy day!!! 

So this week was very interesting.... 

On Monday we did a picture scavenger hunt with the Elders! Obviously Søster Frampton and I won!! My favorite picture would be the one where I went into the window of a store and posed with a mannequin or the one where I had to climb onto a boat!! Both of those were very sketchy considering they were both probably not allowed!

On Wednesday we had a Zone Leader Training Conference so I got to see Søster Johannessen and Søster Hoggard!! So great to see them!!!
The zone leaders talked about ways to become better missionaries and methods we could use when teaching.  And guess what!!!!!  They used quotes they had found by Mark Ogletree!!  I was like - oh my gosh I know him!! It was so neat!  (Brother Ogletree - YOUR FAMOUS!!)

On Thursday Søster Frampton and I took a boat to go have lunch with a member and we brought a less active and her nonmember sister with us!! It was so cool!!
The boat ride was beautiful!!! The member's house we ate at looked like it was from a magazine!!  She is very fancy and loves high class things. We ate by candlelight and had very fancy silverware and plates!  On the boat ride back the boat was having problems so Søster Frampton and I were stuck on it in the harbor for an hour..... If you ask Søster Frampton she says we were sinking and on the Titanic hahaha, but it was a good possibility the boat could have stopped working on the way back and we would have been stranded in the fjord.....

On Friday I went to the hospital/doctor..... I hadn't been feeling good all week and one of the elderly couple missionaries whose wife is a nurse thought I could have appendicitis.  Well false alarm of appendicitis, so the doctor had to take blood and stuff and she said she didn't think it was my appendix and that it's something else so she gave me medicine to take and said if it doesn't get better to come back in 3-4 days.  Well the doctor gave me medicine which is basically a laxative to clear out my system.  I have taken all four out of the box over the last 4 days and not one has worked... So I am heading back to the doctor today... total bummer!!!
On Saturday we went to an International Fair at the International School here and helped out!! So fun!!!
We also visited a less active member and his wife and they are so sweet and old!! They kept feeding us sweets and loved to talk!! The wife even gave me a pair of wool socks she had sewn herself!!! 

Contacting is contacting still not very much success...

I do love the members of our ward.  This is Evelyn and her cute son, Gabriel. 
She is a new convert to the church. 

 I just love Miriam!!

And this is one of my friends in the ward!  She is awesome! 
Her name is Celine.  She teaches us Norsk!  I love her!

Casper's baptismal date is pretty set!! For November 30th!! I am so excited!! We asked him why he wanted to be baptized and a member of the church the other day and his response made me want to just hug him!! (Missionaries can't hug the opposite sex) He told us that he felt and knew by the Holy Ghost that the Book of Mormon and the church was true!!! AHH!!!!! So excited and happy for him!! 
While teaching the other day I signed the closing prayer!! So scary!

I have learned that on a mission the things, places, and people your mother tells you to stay away from do not apply!! hahaha
I walk up and talk to sketchy people all the time and it kills Søster Frampton!! Also when I was in Sandnes not too long ago we went to visit a less active and OH MY!!! He lives way out in the middle of nowhere!! Perfect scene and set up for a scary horror movie especially since we were walking!!! We came to a pitch black dirt road and started walking down it, then we second guessed ourselves that we were going the wrong way so we called the guy to come meet us.  I was freaking out cause I thought for sure we were going to die. We are huddled together on the side of the road talking and I turn around to see a man just standing behind us!! He didn't say a word or anything!!! Just stood there!! I flew about 5 feet in the air and shoved Søster Hudson in front of me! I was certain we were about to get kidnapped or worse!! Turns out that was the less active.... We went down the dark road with him to his house which was way sketchy too... Let's just say I was very happy to head home after that lesson and talking to him!! 

Jordan's Tidbits:

·         Recieving letters are seriously the best thing ever!!! I love love love letters!!!

·         I have learned that when you eat at someone's house, start with a little bit because 99% of the time they give you seconds even if you are full!! The same goes for dessert too!! Always start with a little!!!
These were some pazookies with Nutella we actually made!!  Yummy!!
·         Thank you for the sleeping advice!!! I am for sure going to try that!!

·         Prayers do get answered!!!! Sometimes right away and sometimes at times when you least expect them too!!

·         If you do what you are supposed to and have faith, God will make up the difference and help you!!

·         Angels are real!! I have felt some of my guardian angels so much recently, it is so surreal!!! So grateful for the experiences I get to have!!!


Find a way to do service for someone every day this week! It doesn't have to be something big! It could be as simple as texting someone!!

Loved hearing from people about how they are doing with the invitations!! It makes me so happy!! Please keep doing them and telling me about them!!

Here are some extra pictures from the past two weeks since I couldn't
post pictures last week :)
Søster Frampton and I had a date night!!  haha

A beautiful church in Stavanger

Love the colorful houses on this street


There are statues all over Stavanger

Oh... we meet again!!

Truffle Dwarfs
Have a great week!! You all are the best!!!

Søster Peterson

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