Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


This week I hit my 3rd month mark of my mission!! Time is flying by!! 
Norway basically invented Christmas!! It is so beautiful here and I am so excited for the holidays!!! 
Christmas time for missionaries in Norway is very bitter sweet.  Missionary work gets slow around the holidays.   Many people don't have time to meet, don't want to, or are out of town.... So that's a bummer!!

I was with Sandnes Søsters for a couple days this week because Søster Frampton had to go visit other sisters. I was with Søster Gates (greenie) and Søster Nielsen!! They are so awesome!! I love them!!

This week a guy named David who is in the ward, taught all the missionaries self-defense!! It was so fun!! 
David was in the Scottish military and is very serious and intense about this stuff!  He showed us how to defend ourselves against a knife and gun!

The sister missionaries went over to the Redfords and made Pepperkaker cookies!!!! Pepperkaker is like gingerbread! I just love that family.  Moa is the little girl, she showed us how it is done!!
Another family that I love is the Gulbrandsens.  We go to their house every Tuesday and we also do Family Home Evening with them.
 Miriam loves to braid my hair!!
I love Eddel
On Saturday the ward had a Christmas concert!! All of the missionaries sang The First Noel in Norwegian! It was pretty good if I do say so myself haha.  The Christmas concert was amazing!! So many people invited nonmembers and it was awesome!! Also our ward is like amazingly musically talented!!! 

 The children in our ward are so cute!

 So much talent here!!
Ingrid - LOVE HER!!

So this Sunday was the first Sunday of the month which means fast Sunday!! Like I said before, I promised myself I would bare my testimony in front of the congregation every fast Sunday on my mission!! So I had the girl from last time, Eddel do it with me again! I am so proud of her!! She did awesome!!! I wasn't as nervous this time, but it was still pretty scary!! I wouldn't be so scared if I could speak English and do it. My Norwegian is coming along and getting better!!  Oh my gosh!! Casper bore his testimony!! YES CASPER!!! Like hello!!!! He had Søster Frampton translate while he signed!! I totally started tearing up and crying!! He laughed at me like he always does.  He is just so awesome and amazing!!! Not many people get up and bear their testimony and it was just so cool that he did it!!! 
Things are going slow with our investigators... We aren't having much progress right now, but that tends to happen after a baptism because we had been spending all of our time and effort on Casper to help him and prepare him.  

We had an experience this week where we met with a guy and he was so awesome!! The Spirit was so strong and he was so positive and excited to learn more!! Later that night he called us and said he wasn't interested anymore and dropped us!! We were so confused! Turns out he had gotten on the internet to look up more and found information and things that were NOT TRUE!! and anti-Mormon!! Don't believe everything you read on the internet people!! So sad! We tried to explain to him the things he saw and read wasn't true!! If you are ever curious or have questions check out the websites I posted below!! Those are 100% true!!!!

ENGELSK FAST!!! So this week the entire mission is doing an English fast for the whole week!!! I am going to die!!! No English allowed at all for the whole week!!! This is going to be very interesting hahaha. I am basically carrying my dictionary around with me everywhere I go!  I have a feeling my Norwegian is going to be improved greatly after this week hahaha

Jordan's Tidbits:

- Norway is the capital of Christmas!!!

- It is starting to get cold!!!! No snow yet though!!
- American money is useless here

- Schools here are very different from America... They don't do sports!! If you want to play sports you do like club or select teams.  Schools here aren't like normal American schools. You don't go to the closest school that you live by.  You go to the school that has your profession you want to focus on or study.  All the schools have different subjects that they focus on, it isn't all the subjects at one school like in America.

- Chocolate went on sale here!!! The chocolate here is soo good and the bars are like huge!!!  Søster Frampton stocked up before she goes home!!
- I love Søster Frampton!! She is such a blessing and great example and role model to me!!!
-Exploring Ruins of an old church
-Where I live!!! 

*Do not become discouraged! Discouragement will weaken your faith. If you lower your expectations, your effectiveness will decrease, your desire will weaken, and you will have a greater difficulty following the spirit!!*


***Remember to do the grateful challenge for December!! It isn't too late to start now!!

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This week I would like to invite everyone to do one thing that is out of their comfort zone!!

Jeg er glade i deg!! Thank you for all your love and support!!!
Søster Peterson

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