Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Monday, February 2, 2015


(Another great week in the land of Norway!!)

I am happy to report our investigators are progressing so that is really great!!

We went to the Oil Museum with the other missionaries!! It was really neat to learn about how they do the oil here!! They let us put on the suits and those were so heavy!! There was also a model of a room that you could try to find your way out of and it was pitch black, really little, and had the sirens going off in it, and you were timed to see how fast you could get out.... Let me say that I was honestly terrified and claustrophobic!! I started screaming for help! hahahah.
We had the weekly young single adult activity tonight and David one of the members taught self-defense! It was so fun and our investigators Pawet and Louis came!! They had a blast and are going to start coming to the activities!!!
Casper, Søster Peterson, Louis, Pawet
Every Tuesday Casper teaches tegn språk (Norwegian sign language) for an hour. I am so excited at how many members of the church come to learn!! It makes me so happy!!! Everyone is so great at including Casper!

Søster Heywood and I were contacting in the city and we stopped a man and talked with him for a bit then he said that if we both went to the bar and drank two beers each with him, he would come to church and meet with us again...... I was like duh tuller med meg!!! Like are you kidding me!! We are missionaries!! Did you not pay attention to anything we just talked to you about?? We declined and then walked away.  
On Thursday the Sister Training Leaders came for the day!! I love Søster Hartley and Campell!! They are the best!!! It was fun to go on splits with them and see how they do things! I really learned a lot!! Søster Hartley has no fear and literally talks to anyone and everyone!! When I was with Søster Campell, she used an example of having the guy describe to her what salt is and what it tastes like and she acted like she had never tasted it before.  She used that example because he kept asking us how we knew God was real, how we knew the Book of Mormon was true, and questions like that.  While he was trying to describe what salt is to her, he finally got the point she was trying to make and we ended up giving him a Book of Mormon!! It was so cool!! Something I had never thought of before!!

Every Friday we visit a less active member named Juni! She is in her 50’s and is the cutest and so sweet!! We are going to start doing personal progress with her and she got really excited!! Juni really lights up when we visit her and is getting more interested in reading the Book of Mormon with us!! She told Søster Heywood and I that we literally glow!! That was the nicest thing ever!!! It meant so much to me!!

Casper couldn't come to the skype appointment with the deaf man that is getting taught in Bergen, so Søster Heywood and I had to teach him ourselves!! I was a little worried because he signs a little differently, but it went great!!!

***Casper gets to go to the temple for the first time in June to do baptisms!!! I am so so so excited for him!! The ward is going on a temple trip and the Meads (an amazing family who I love!! They are such good member missionaries!!) They invited Casper to ride with them!! The closest temple is in Stockholm, Sweden.  It was an answer to my prayers because I was worried about Casper not being able to go and about the communication barrier, but the Meads are trying to learn sign language so they can talk with Casper!! They are so awesome!!!
Today (Mandag):
We went to the three swords today!! It is so beautiful!  I can’t believe I live 2o minutes from this!! I love seeing the sights of Norway!  I and the other missionaries rode a bus there.  The place is actually called Sverd i fjell (English: Swords in Rock) it is a commemorative monument located at the Hafrsfjord fjord, just outside the city of Stavanger. 
Here is a little history about it: (from wikipedia)
The monument was created by sculptor Fritz Røed from Bryne and was unveiled by king Olav V of Norway in 1983. The three swords stand 10 metres tall and are planted into the rock of a small hill next to the fjord. They commemorate the historic Battle of Hafrsfjord that took place there in the year 872, when King Harald Fairhair gathered all of Norway under one crown.
The largest sword represents the victorious Harald, and the two smaller swords represent the defeated petty kings. The monument also represents peace, since the swords are planted into solid rock, whence they may never be removed.

Jordan's Tidbits:
- I know I say this all the time but seriously….Norwegian waffles are to die for!!!
- I love Norwegian styles!!!
- Louis told me he liked my dialect when I speak Norwegian!! That made my day!! He likes my Texas twist of Norwegian!!! hahaha
- I love the people here!! They are like my family and best friends!! Our investigators are so cool!!! 
-Beautiful! Just Beautiful!  My view from the church building!

*Don't wait to make a difference!! Start now!!!*

*The Lord doesn't always take our problems away, sometimes he strengthens us to be able to bear our burdens.*

Have a great week!!! 
Søster Peterson

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