Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Monday, February 9, 2015


***I hit my 5 month mark this week!!! WOW!!! I cannot believe how fast time is flying!! It is crazy!!**
***This is also my last week of being a teenager!!! WHAT!!! On Monday the 16th I will be 20!! Yes 20!!! That is too old!!! AHH!!!!
This week not gonna lie was a tough one.... Søster Heywood and I were contacting a lot on the street and literally the people this week were so rude and not nice at all!! They didn't want to talk to us, would glare and make faces at us, etc.. It was so frustrating!!! However this week is probably my last week in Stavanger because moves calls are on Sunday and I have a feeling that I am getting transferred... so sad!!! I have been lucky and haven't been transferred yet so it is going to be so sad to leave Stavanger!! This place is my home!!! Søster Heywood and I plan to work extra hard this week!! I am determined to get people to talk to us and to do big things here before I leave!!!
So for those of you that don't know missionary rules, you are always within sight or sound of your companion, you are never alone!! So this week we were on a bus and I got off the bus and waited for Søster Heywood to get off, but then the doors closed and she wasn't next to me!! Usually missionaries don't sit by each other on the bus so we can talk to people, so I got off and was waiting for her. I looked in the bus as it started to drive away and saw Søster Heywood sitting in the bus still!!! Hahahaha I immediately began to laugh!! I called our zone leader missionaries and told them we were separated than called Søster Heywood. She was a bit freaked out and scared hahaha.  She got off the bus at the next stop than took a bus back to the stop I was waiting at. It was so weird to be completely alone!! When she got off the bus she ran to me and hugged me!! hahaha you gotta love being a missionary!!
Søster Sorensen and Søster Neilsen do a thing where they tell you what you did good that day and wow they are inspired I tell you!! Things that they tell me are something that I really need to hear!! It means so much to me!! I made it a goal to start doing that with my companions as well!! 

It is so frustrating that the people don't want to believe in God!!

We ate at the Redford’s this week and David loves spicy food and sauces!! Something that I learned is that you never use David's sauces because they are insanely hot!! I forgot to let Søster Heywood in on that secret so she dumped a lot on her food and throughout the whole dinner I could hear her struggling and breathing in and out because her food was so spicy!

Jordan's Tidbits:
- I got ranch dressing!!! A member in the ward gave me some!! Literally made my day!! Norwegians don't use ranch/don't have ranch here!! This member knew I loved and missed it and saw some and got it for me!! They are so sweet!!!
- Burmese food is so good!! A member Su and Daniel had us over to eat and it's always fun going to eat at their place because we get to take a little road trip and it is so beautiful!! They live in Egersund!  She cooks the best Burmese food ever!!! She is so nice and caring towards the missionaries!

- I got tendonitis in my foot... So that's no fun!!! But it's not stopping me!!! I am here to work!
-February 8th was Mother’s Day in Norway!  One of my awesome “mom’s” in Stavanger is Joanna Bjerga!
- I have never seen such a huge giraffe!
- I love awesome moments like when I was at a YSA activity and we were watching a devotional being broadcast from BYU Idaho… and I see my cousin, Dominic on TV!!!  I started freaking out!
- I love being a missionary!!
- Louis and Casper are so awesome!! They are like my best friends!! Louis wants me to teach him how to line dance and he said he will teach me how to African dance hahaha
- Love the great state of TEXAS!
Have a great week!!!
**Take a step back and enjoy the little things!!***

Love ya'll!! Thank you so much for the love, support, and encouragement!!! It means so much to me!! This is the last time you will hear from me as a teenager!!!

Søster Peterson


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