Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


MOVES CALLS ARE IN AND.................. SØSTER BENDER AND I ARE STAYING IN TROMSØ TOGETHER for at least 6 more weeks!! So I will be in Tromsø till at least August 5th, so my address is still the same(: (cough cough)
Highlights, events, grier fra uken:
On Monday a member who lives in Svalbard (her and her husband are the "Bakers" there). They came down to Tromsø! They are the Gerez's and they are so cute! They skype in for church on Sunday’s. Amelia the wife had us, Sis Crabtree, Bianca, and Janne, and our friend Brenda over and they taught us how to make this super yummy 12 layer chocolate cake! It was fun to have Brenda come because she enjoys activities like this!
On Tuesday we had our last Zone Conference with President and Sister Evans. We will be getting our new Mission President this week, our new one was my Mission President in the MTC! It was so sad to say goodbye to President and Sister Evans!
The conference was in Trondheim and that was way fun to travel and see other missionaries! The only bummer part was Sister Bender and I had to wake up at 4 in the morning because we had an early morning flight! I finally got to see Sister Firth in Trondheim as well!! That was an exciting reunion!! I haven't seen her since the MTC! I love her! She is so awesome! Now the only sister I have yet to see from my MTC Group is Sister Boud! President and Sister Evans shared a lot of wonderful advice and testimonies - not only about the church, but about the future and life after the mission. Those two will always have a special place in my heart!
In front of the church in Trondheim
 Søster Firth!!!!
 So fun to see my buddy Elder Gingrich
On Wednesday the STL's were here! Sister Hartley and Sister Nielsen! They are awesome! We only had one day with them, but we got so much done! It was nice to go on splits. Sister Nielsen and I went banking and met some of the cutest Norwegian kids and Sister Hartley and I got to kontakt on the street and found a really cool guy that Sister Bender and I are going to be meeting with this week! Sister Bender and I met with Ramy and guess what!!!!!! We got a soft baptism date with him!! We have been praying so much for him!
The milkshakes here are way good and we will sometimes go and get some with one of the less actives, AJ, so we did that this week!

Things are going great with Kelly! We go over once a week and talk with her and do personal progress. She is leaving next week till August so that will be a bummer!! We will definitely miss hanging out and teaching her!

Søster Bender and I were walking home after teaching Ramy and we saw this man on the street and both of us got the thought to stop him. His name is Richard and he was so nice! We talked to him for a bit and then got his number and address and he invited us over to talk to him and his family! Sister Bender and I went to visit them on Saturday and man was it a hike!! Sister Bender was dying! She looked like she had just run a marathon hahaha. His family is so cute! They have twin boys who are 2 or 3 and then an 11 month old and they are from Cameroon. They were very nice and asked a lot of questions. Let me tell you Richard sure does know the Bible! We are hoping we will be able to meet with them again!

Sister Bender and one of the less actives we meet with John, love to make fun of how high my voice gets when I answer the phone..... So now whenever John calls and talks to me he talks in a high squeaky voice hahaha, he cracks me up!
Remember Casper from Stavanger??  He is going to the temple in Sweden this week with the ward in Stavanger!! AHHH!! I am so so excited for him!! Missionary work is the best ever!!!  Remember Truls from Bergen?  He got baptized on Saturday!!  I was sad not to be there, but am so happy for him!!
When Sister Bender was on splits with one of the STL's they stopped a man and he was interested in meeting again! We made an appointment and he didn't show...... So just as we were about to leave the Church he called us and said he was outside! So we went outside and he got out of the taxi he was driving and walked up to us and goes “Where's the book?” Luckily Sister Bender had a Book of Mormon in her bag so we gave him the book, talked for a minute; than he left cause he was working. Sister Bender and I laughed afterwards cause we felt like we were doing a drug deal or something! haha

June 21st was summer solstice and the longest day of the year!! Now the sun is slowly going to be not out 24/7 and by October probably late September the darkness will be back........

There was a midnight sun Marathon in the city on Saturday! Apparently it is a big deal and people from all over the world come to run in it! And yes.... it did go until midnight and past midnight because I could still hear people cheering and yelling while I was trying to sleep..... Our apartment is right in the center of town so the race was like right outside our window. That is on my bucket list of things to do when I am home...... Run a fun race or something!

I gave a talk in church on Sunday! It was about talents and using and developing our talents God has given us. It is so important that we use the talents God has given us and that we develop new ones as well! Talents don't have to be being good at a sport, but they are also things such as; being funny, being generous, etc... I wasn't too nervous to give the talk because I didn't have to talk in front of like a normal sized ward, but I was still nervous about the Norwegian, but I think I did pretty well! 

I usually lead the music in church on Sundays and I basically sing a solo because one we don't have a lot of people and two everyone sings so quietly!

So many cruises have been coming in recently and it was way cool because at church on Sunday a couple walked in and they are from England and were on a cruise! It was nice to talk to them and have new faces in Church!

Yesterday (Sunday) we were supposed to go drive out to a less actives house that lives about 2 hours away and visit her with the Crabtree’s, but 10 minutes before we were going to leave she called and canceled..... So the Crabtree’s took Søster Bender and I on a tour of what Tromsø really looks like and to a place called Sommarøy. Man Tromsø and Norway in general are so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! It was such a fun day. It totally felt like we were on a road trip with our *grandparents*.  Sister Crabtree even made cookies and everything!! It was a fun little outing and of course we talked about the gospel, church, etc.. in the car(:

*** By August we will have lost 30 elders which is a lot considering at the beginning of the year we started with around 60..... So we have had to close down a lot of elder areas and we won't be getting more until August and I think we are getting 15 in August.

We are only getting one sister in June and then we won't get any more till maybe October or November.... We have around 30 sisters right now.

Needless to say our mission is going to be very young!! By September myself and the other 10 sisters that came out with me will be the second oldest sisters in the mission!! That is crazy!

Jordan's Tidbits:
- Basically all of Norway shuts down and leaves the country for all of July (summer ferie) ..... so that puts a damper on missionary work, so we will be teaching and talking to ALOT of tourists!

- It is almost July and I am still wearing a scarf outside...... so those of you with heat, enjoy it!!

- Norwegians think its okay to wear less clothes and barely any clothes when the sun is out and summer time so this is going to be an interesting couple of months.....

- Always check and make sure your blinds are not open when you are changing..... Our neighbors think we want to see them change....

- Norwegians have the funniest phrases they say when they are cheering people on or chanting and cheering

- Our neighbors have a dog and one morning we were going out to run and the dog was out and Sister Bender opened the door and the dog jumped on her from behind the door and she about had a heart attack hahaaha
- I love Norway and the language (even though it is hard) and the people!! I am so grateful I get to serve here!!(:

- If you are ever trying to Google translate something in Norwegian..... be warned... it isn't always accurate haha

- The American Family in the ward (the only family besides the new converts) went to the temple and Sweden and took a train there!! 20 hours with 4 little kids.... wow they are rock stars! They took a train that is like the one on Harry Potter and now that is on my bucket list! To take a train that has beds in it and is like Harry Potter.

- I got to see the Midnight Sun!!  This picture was taken at midnight outside of my apartment window!!

- One of our investigators saw Sister Bender and I on the street and called and told us he just saw us.... kinda creepy... but it goes to show people know who we are and are always watching us!

Åndelig Tanker:
This week while reading I was in Mosiah Chapter 24. Dang that Chapter is awesome!! I love how it talks about the people crying and praying to the Lord because of their trials, challenges, and hard burdens. The Lord responded by not taking their burdens, challenges, etc.. away, but by making them lighter so that they could make it and manage. I really thought that was interesting. How the Lord loves us so much he won't take the hardships away, but make them lighter for us to get through and still be able to learn and grow.

**Also...... for those that question or wonder if Mormons are Christian..... YES WE ARE!! I mean hello our name is the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints

*Keep your face to the sunshine and you won’t be able to see a shadow*

Glad i dere!! Ha en fin uke!!!
Read a page in the Book of Mormon, go on a walk, bake in the sun, enjoy life!(:
Søster Peterson

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