Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Friday, June 5, 2015

PRESIDENT COMES TO TOWN!! (no, not Obama, Our Mission President!)

Hei Hei Folkens!!

Here are the highlights of the week!!!
Things are going great with our investigators!! They are doing so great!!! One of them wants to try to read the Book of Mormon in 3 days!! He really wants to find out if it is true or not! Also he has some friends that we have been trying to meet with and they haven't been showing up.... So we were meeting with him and he called one of his friends and tricked him into coming to hang out with him and didn't tell him that he was with us so we got to teach him as well!
It is so cool to see how our investigators need Søster Bender and I specifically to be here! Our experiences and personalities go so well with them!

We met with Kelly this week and talked with her about doing the Young Women's program since she is the only Young Women in Tromsø...... We also are finishing the lessons after baptism with her! She was so cute! We went to her house and they have like a roof patio and she had set it all up for us and had juice and cake and everything! She is the best! We took turns drawing our own versions of the Plan of Salvation and it was a hoot to see what we all drew!
Something funny.....Søster Bender and I were out kontakting and we stopped an old man. We talked to him for a bit and as he was walking away he shook our hands and kissed Søster Bender's than he grabbed her and planted a big wet one on her cheek and just walked away!!!! hahahaha her reaction was priceless!! I was dying laughing!!!

We had a Conference this week with all of the small branches in the North! They all came to Tromsø! It was so fun!! President and Sister Evans flew in as well! It was Alta, Tromsø, Bodø, and a couple other small towns. It was so great to see members and actually have the small church room full of people! There was about 50 people that were there! Not that much compared to the states, but for Norway that is a lot!
President Evans asked me to talk at the Conference as well!! In Norwegian of course! It went very well!! I am glad I had the opportunity to do that!! He also had me, his granddaughters, and two other members sing at the Conference while Søster Bender played the piano! For putting it together the day before we sounded pretty good!! It was fun to teach his granddaughters Norwegian because we sang in Norwegian!
President Evans granddaughters came to Norway for a visit, so they were in Tromsø! Søster Bender and I got to hang out with them for the day and take them around Tromsø and go to a Planetarium and see reindeer! It was way fun!! His granddaughters are from Gilbert Arizona and are 15 and 16 years old. They are the sweetest and so fun!

Sister Crabtree is going to teach Søster Bender and I how to cook easy, fast, and healthy meals this week! We are way excited for that!! Our eating hasn't been the best lately especially since our meal times are so random and not consistent because of our appointments... I think Sister Crabtree is worried that we cook terrible food haha and it is probably true

So in Our District it is just Søster Bender and I and then Elder Crook and Daley who are in Alta (the highest North city above us). It is very small compared to other Districts and we are both alone in our areas. Elder Crook is a great District leader and we have nightly calls that he asks us about our day, our investigators, how things are going, etc.. It really helps Søster Bender and I not be so lonesome haha.

Jordan's Tidbits:
  • You know you are a missionary when you are talking to your companion and instead of saying *come forward* you say *come forth*...... oh my goodness...... I can't believe I said that!
  •  Norwegians - when they hug you do a face hug and you have to touch their face with your cheek, I like it and am so used to it now!! People are going to think I'm crazy when I do that in America
  • The sun does not go down now!!!! We have the Midnight Sun here!!
  • This past weekend Søster Bender and I had so many treats at the Conference, I never want to eat chocolate cake again!!! Seriously......
  • Søster Bender has a strong desire to see me fall off the top bunk...... she thinks it would be hilarious..... So if any of my emails coming up talk about me getting hurt or falling off the bed, just know it was because of her.... But I love her!! She is the best!!!
It's funny to think that Søster Bender and I have only known each other for 3 weeks and it feels like it has been years!!! She is so great and I know we are going to be friends forever!
Søster Bender and I have dream reports every day and share our dreams and let me just say since being on my mission my dreams have been whack!!! And hers are even worse!!! She has had like two dreams of us crashing on a plane and we are going to be going on a plane in a couple weeks for a zone Conference in Trondheim...... great......

  • Saw reindeer this week!! Let me just say the movies need to get what they look like more accurate!! Reindeer are little!!!
 Åndelig Tanker:

Gjennom Gud, alt er mulig!! Gjennom Gud det umulig er mulig!

i første nephi kapittel 16 vers 29 det sier: * small means the Lord brings about great Things...* Det er så sann! Jeg elsker dette skriftsted!

*Live like you believe, live like you know, that's one sure way your faith will grow!*

I love this quote!! When we live our lives in accordance to what we know is true and the gospel, our faith will grow!! When we do just the small things like reading scriptures everyday even if it is just one verse, saying our prayers, going to Church, etc.. over time these small things will have the biggest influence on us and those around us!!!

Ha en fin uke dere!!! Glad i dere!!!

Søster Peterson
**Stay tuned for next week's email!! I hit my halfway mark and you better believe there will be a burning of something**

PS (if anyone knows Arabic and they are a member of the Church and would be interested in skyping in with one of our investigators that would be a huge help!)

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