Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

SYTTEN DE MAI!!! Gratulere Med Dagen Norge!!! HIP HIP HURRA!

Okay wow this week has been so crazy and amazing!! I feel like I have so much to say and don't even know how to get it all done in words!!!
So this week was transfers and I am back in Tromsø!!! Who would have thought!? Not me! BUT I am so so happy to be back!!!

Søster Johannessen, me, and Elder Dalton and Rial went to eat at member's house; Tricia. Before we left she wanted to do and style all of our hair.... man was that interesting!! It was a lot of fun though! It is fun to be able to be spiritual with the members, but also have a good time afterwards!

TRANSFERS!!!! I made it safely to Tromsø!! Man flying in was a new experience! I didn't even recognize the place!

THE SUNSHINE HERE IS INSANE!!! I thought Bergen was bright and sunny, but Tromsø beats it by a long shot!!! Seriously I don't even recognize this place! I leave for 6 weeks and all the snow is gone and it is sunny all day long!! We go to sleep and it is legit sunshine outside!! It is so crazy and kind of hard to go to sleep! It is like 11:00 at night and total sunshine! We have foil over the windows in our bedroom so we can sleep without having a lot of light in our room!

Søster House got to stay here for the baptism so she was here for a week with me and Søster Bender!! That was a party let me tell you!! We are all like the same person! It was so great being with the two of them! We are like the Three Musketeers!!  Søster Bender is from Nevada and went to BYI Idaho before coming on her mission.  I am so glad I had the chance to be with Søster House again and Søster Bender is a hoot!! I LOVE HER!!! We are going to be so great together!!!

KELLY'S BAPTISM!!! Ahhh!! So the daughter of the couple that got baptized when I first got to Tromsø got baptized!! Søster House and I had started to teach her before I left and it was a miracle and blessing that I got to be here for her baptism!! It was the coolest thing ever!! The spirit was so strong and she was glowing and just so happy!! I love that girl!! She is the cutest!!
So the 17th of May is a BIG DEAL here! It is like their 4th of July, but bigger! Everyone was dressed in their bunads and fancy/stylish Norwegian/European clothes and it killed me!!! The bunads are so pretty!!! I love them!! There was sooo many people!! They had parades and music and the sentrum was packed!!! Norway even had church only for an hour so everyone could celebrate and be in the city! Kelly wore her bunad to church. 
Today was an experience that was once in a lifetime that is for sure!! It was the coolest thing ever!!! Norwegians are very proud that is for sure! The parades were so much fun!! They had a little kids parade, the Russ parade(man that was interesting), like a community parade and just so much going on!! It was so fun!!

The investigators we have here are the coolest!! Since the Elders left, we got their investigators too and that is so fun!! The people we are working with are the best! I am so excited to see what happens with them!

Søster House and Bender just baptized a man named Dingaan about a week ago and he is the coolest!!!
So Søster Bender pulled a typical greenie move...... We were all eating after Kelly's Baptism and she went to pour herself a drink.... Well in Norway they have this stuff called *Soft* that you pour a tiny bit of in water and it makes like a flavor. However you only need a tiny tiny bit or else it is way strong! Søster Bender hasn't been educated about soft so she just dumped the whole soft in her cup no water or anything! She thought it was juice! Søster House and I of course were watching this process happen and were just dying!!! She drank it and we lost control and were basically on the ground dying laughing!! She kept drinking her drink and we were just laughing and laughing and she was so confused! I finally asked her how her drink was and she goes it is bad!! I just felt bad dumping it out! Hahaha so we finally told her what she was actually drinking and she dumped it out

Jordan's Tidbits:
- When I heard it was going to be light all day and all night I didn't believe it..... but man is that a real thing!!

- I never thought I would come back to Tromsø, but I can honestly say I am so happy to be back! I love it here and I love being in a small branch! Tromsø is probably one of my favorite places! Especially not in the winter time haha. It's going to be a little weird not having any other missionaries with us including elders, but I have no worries for me and Søster Bender! We can handle it no problem!  I love the members in the branch!  This is me and John.
- Miracles are happening in Tromsø!! It is a magical place!! There are just prepared people here for us!

 - Insert from mom:  the CTR ring in the previous post was not actually Søster Peterson's... it is the CTR right she would like!!  (I thought it was hers!!  And yes, she does love it!)

Åndelig Tanker:
So we had an investigator this week and we got to talking and he is from a country in the Middle East, and he asked why he had never heard of the Book of Mormon before, why missionaries weren't where he was from, etc... We had to explain to him that there are some places missionaries aren't allowed to go because it isn't safe. Telling him this and talking to him about this broke my heart! It hit me hard at how lucky and how blessed I have it! How lucky I am to be able to have grown up with the Church and gospel in my life and how I am so blessed to have grown up in a place that has freedom! Never take for granted Your Family, friends, freedom of religion, and how good you have it!

-A scripture while Reading this week that I love!! It is in 2 Nephi Chapter 10 verse 23;
*Cheer up Your hearts, and remember that ye are free to act for yourselves....*
Glad i dere!!!
Søster Peterson

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