Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Monday, January 12, 2015

Wow!! What a week!!

Well, today I  had barely any time to email because we are having P Day in Bergen this week so they gave us a time limit on our emailing... total bummer!! So I will hopefully be able to get caught back up and email everyone next week!!!  We get to go to Bergen for a missionary conference.  I will be there for two days!  It isn’t far from Stavanger, I think it is a 45 minute flight.  I am excited because a General Authority is coming!!  Elder Kopischke is coming!

So this week I got my new companion Søster Heywood!!!! We were in the MTC together so we already knew each other!  She is so great and such a wonderful missionary!! She is a very hard worker and super flink in Norsk!! (Really good at Norwegian) I am very excited to learn and serve with her!!! We get along really well! I was very nervous considering we have both had the same amount of experience so that can make it kinda difficult with speaking and communicating with people, but we are doing pretty great!!! 
In Stavanger right now things are pretty slow, so we are spending a lot of time outside trying to find new investigators and people to teach. We got three people's numbers the other day so that was pretty exciting!! We are hoping to meet with them sometime this week!!

Now that Gunther and Frampton are gone it is up to me and Elder Duncan and Nilsson to translate for Casper!! I translated Sacrament Meeting for him on Sunday! I was so scared and nervous!! I was praying so hard for help and for me to be able to help Casper get what he needed from the speakers.  Sometimes I still have a hard time understanding what is being said since it is in Norsk. Miracle happened!!! During the meeting Casper totally started to cry!! And I cried as well!! The Spirit was so strong and it was such an amazing thing to experience!!
The talks were about families and the importance that they are and that we need to make them a priority.  I also signed the hymn, I Am a Child of God to him!  AWESOME!!

Casper is the best person ever!! He is already such a great missionary!! We skype in with the Elders in Bergen because they are teaching a deaf guy, but don't know sign, so we skype with Casper and Casper basically teaches him!! It is the coolest thing ever!! Casper is amazing!! He has such a strong testimony!! He is the best!!!! Such a great example to me!!

The members in the ward are amazing!! The dinner calendar this month is the fullest I have ever seen it!! The members are being more active and involved with us and helping us, it is great!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!! On Saturday the wind/weather was the worst it had been for years in Norwegian history!! It literally was like a hurricane outside!! Trees were falling down, it was insane!! The wind was crazy!!! I couldn't walk and Søster Heywood and I had to wait outside for a bus for an hour and it was scary!! I literally thought the bus stop that we were standing under was going to collapse on us!! That night it started hailing as well while we were sleeping and I thought it was going to break the window!!!

Something special this week was that I got to translate a blessing in sign from English to Norwegian twice!! It was crazy!!! The saying “With God all things are possible” is real!! I could not be able to do any of this without the Lord's help!!

Casper wants Søster Heywood and I to start teaching him American Sign Language and English! Funny thing... Søster Heywood knows some American sign language as well!! So crazy!! 
Casper has a deaf friend who he brought to us and the elders because he wants us to teach and help him!!! We have met with him once! His name is Ronny! I will for sure keep ya'll updated on his situation!  Exciting!

**Sorry my email this week is so unorganized!!!

Jordan's Tidbits:
- Missionaries are set apart to be weird and awkward!!! So be nice to us! I have to tell myself that every once in a while.  I say this because, let’s face it – sometimes we are awkward and we need to embrace it!! For example when you get on the bus and sit down – you might see someone on the bus that you feel like you should sit by, so you obviously get up and go sit by them... very pinlig!

- If you see missionaries outside say hi!! It will make their day!!!

- This picture reminded me of the “feed the birds” lady from Mary Poppins!  The is in Sentrum in Stavanger
- Met a guy on the street who *collects Mormons* he goes around and when he sees missionaries gets their pictures and posts it on facebook!! hahaha so funny!!

- It really frustrates me when people are: close minded, stubborn, read anti-Mormon things, and believe everything they read on the internet is true! 

- Preach My Gospel is not just for missionaries!! It is for everyone!! I encourage families to start to read it all together!! It is so awesome!!!

- Here at church they don't say *Brother Peterson or Sister Glenn* like they do in America, they just go by their first name. Kinda weird!

- I almost yelled in Norwegian at these people who were outside our window from 2- 4 in the morning yelling and screaming!! I mean come on people!! Some of us actually have to wake up early!!

- While contacting on the street the other day Søster Heywood and I stopped an old man and he grabbed me by the shoulders said some things than as he walked away he grabbed and held my hand!!! If only you could have seen Søster Heywood's and my face!! Priceless I'm sure!! 

***We are doing another English Fast this week as a mission!!! Wish me luck!!! Our mission is very young so President wants us to become stronger in the language so we will be having an “English fast week” once every transfer which is 6 weeks!
Have a great week dere!!!
Søster Peterson

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