Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Monday, January 19, 2015

Mr. Duncan what can you tell me about Jesus!?

So this week was so awesome!!! 
So many things happened; I don't know where to start!!! 
Important mainly because of the people in the conversation.
Click to teach Gmail this conversation is no
Casper's deaf friend Ronny that I mentioned last week..... Søster Heywood and I taught him and by the end of the lesson we had a BAPTISMAL DATE!!!!! It was our first lesson with him and it was amazing!!! The spirit was so strong and I had the strongest impression to ask him to be baptized and he said yes!!! We still have to teach him the other lessons and things like that, but he wants to be baptized!!! We set a date for February 15th!  Søster Heywood and I were so excited!!! Casper is so helpful and has such a strong testimony of the gospel!! I am so proud of him!!

Wednesday and Thursday:
Trip to Bergen!!!  Bergen is a bigger city than Stavanger and so pretty!  I love both!!! I am definitely a city girl!!  So we had a two zone mission conference in Bergen!  This included the missionaries from the North Zone and the West Zone.  There were about 40 missionaries there.  (Half the mission)  We flew to Bergen and had our P Day on Wednesday.  I got to meet and make friends with so many awesome missionaries and explore the city of Bergen!! It was a blast!!!  I saw some very interesting things!

We went on a train up to the top of a mountain that overlooks the whole city! 
It was beautiful! 
 Hanging out with other missionaries is so fun!! I also got to see people that were with me from the MTC!! That was a fun little reunion! Dang I just love Norway and my fellow missionaries!!

On Thursday we got to listen and learn from a general authority (a leader in our church). Elder Kopiske and his wife spoke to us.  He is an area 70 from Germany.  Elder Kopiske was amazing!! He helped me so much!! He had us all write down any questions we had and promised us by the end of the day they would be answered in some way.  Well I had written down 5 and you bet they were all answered!! It was so crazy!!! We kept them all private so he wouldn't know who wrote them and it was so cool to see the way my questions were answered!!! A couple things he talked about that touched me the most was to find “the one” person every day that needs us!  I also learned that faith is a principle of action and power, without action faith will never work!!  Hearing from him really motivated me to become an even better and more dedicated missionary!! It was such a cool eye opening experience!! 
Let me just tell you, those two days were the absolute best!!  It went by so fast, but I loved every minute of it!

Thursday night: 
So Thursday night is the reason for my head title of this week’s email.... So Søster Heywood and I, Eldste Duncan, Nilsson, Gingrich, and Gustavson were on the bus from the airport to go back to Stavanger.  Let's just say that was a very interesting bus ride!! Some girls got on and they were totally drunk!! They were coming from a party and were sooo out of it!! One of them is sitting by me and she looked so sick!! One of the girls looks across at Søster Heywood and Eldste Duncan and is trying to sound out their names on their nametags and I was just watching and laughing to myself. Then she yells in perfect English,  “Mr. Duncan what can you tell me about Jesus!?” Eldste Duncan and Søster Heywood began to talk to her and while they were talking to her, I was watching the other girls especially the one that was not looking so good. I just knew she was going to throw up.  Well she told her friends she wasn't feeling good and they were like don't throw up!! And she just looked so sick!! Then she threw up!! Like twice!! All over the bus and me!! The bus is still going and she stands up and walks straight into the doors and I was just dying!! I looked at Eldste Gustavson because he doesn't do throw up and he had his jacket over his head hahaha, Eldste Nilsson went running for the front of the bus, and Søster Heywood looked as white as a ghost!! None of those three handle throw up hahaha. Sadly, my shoes and suitcase got throw up all over them.  I almost stood on the seat when she started to throw up because I knew it was going to go all over the bus!! The smell was horrendous!!! I feel bad because the bus driver has to keep driving with that in the bus all night!!!

Sunday:  So Casper is the best..... He texted the Bishop and asked to give a talk on Sunday.... Umm excuse me?! Who asks to give a talk in church?? Not me!! Yeah and he wanted me to translate for him!!! I about died!! So Casper and I gave his talk together!! He signed and I translated and spoke in NORWEGIAN to the congregation!! Casper's talk was about his faith and testimony in Christ and how it has helped him in his life and how he is grateful to be a member in the church.  Casper is awesome!! His talk was so great!! I was so nervous, but not being up there completely alone helped! 
There is a man that the elders are teaching in Bergen who is deaf. They don't know sign, so we skype and have Casper and I help him and teach him!! Casper is seriously the best ever!! He is so awesome!! I think he is a better missionary than me!! 

Jordan's Tidbits:
- I live in the most beautiful place ever!!!! I am so lucky!!!
- Beware of drunk people on the bus.... Always sit away from the “spray zone”
- Missions are the best thing ever!!
- I am so grateful I get to serve and make friends with so many wonderful people!!!!
- In the course of two days I flew 4 times.....
- Norway is the best ever!!!
- Don't drink people!! 
- The gift of hands is a real thing!!! My signing is getting better!
-I love the people in Stavanger!  Love the Bjergas family!
- Translating is tiring!! I did it for like 5 hours straight on Sunday!!
- The buses here... You have to wave down a bus or it doesn't stop... Norwegians do not talk on buses or like to sit by people, no joke the bus rides are silent
- Bergen is so beautiful!! I love the city life!!!
-Love my new CTR ring!

“You are braver than you believe and smarter and stronger than you know!”

Have a great week!! Love ya'll!!!
Søster Peterson

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