Jord's Adventures in Norway

Jord's Adventures in Norway

Monday, July 13, 2015

Sunday Miracles!!

On Monday and Tuesday we flew to Trondheim to have a Zone Conference to meet our new President and his wife!! President Hill and his wife are just the best!! They are so awesome and I love them!! They are very different from our last mission president, but in a good way! It is so crazy that they are gone now! With a new mission president comes new rules...... and one of the new rules they gave the sisters was..... WE NO LONGER HAVE TO WEAR NYLONS OR TIGHTS!!!!! We are no longer required to wear them in the summer or basically whenever! They told us to use our best judgement and wear them when appropriate for example Sundays at church. Pretty sure all the sisters were crying tears of joy (the only bummer part is that in Tromsø it is too cold not to wear tights.....)
President and Sister Hill talked a lot about how much they look up to and are grateful for the senior couples that come out and serve. They leave their families, grandchildren, etc... And it is not an easy thing to do. Really strengthened my appreciation for the senior couples! It was very touching!

When we got to Trondheim we met up with the other missionaries in the airport and took the train to town together! The elders forgot to tell Søster Bender, Firth,  Carpenter, and I that we got off at a different stop than them, so we all got off together and went and ate a delicious kebab! Then we had to walk probably 5 miles maybe 10 in the pouring rain with our suitcases to the Trondheim sisters apartment.......... We were soaked and so was everything inside our suitcases hahaha oh well!! It is always a fun time having sleepovers with a bunch of sisters!! Also to see other missionaries since Søster Bender and I are loners up here.
 Sister Sims... she is a cutie!
 Friends from the MTC!!
 Elder Nilsson and Elder Duncan.  So great to see them again.  We served in Stavanger together.  The two of them go home at the end of the transfer.  And below is Sister Carpenter.  She just came to Norway.  It was great meeting her.  It was fun to realize we know mutual people from Idaho!~
We took the train back to the airport the next day after the conference with Elder Hinton (my fellow Texan – he is from Ft Worth) and his companion Elder Kemp (his voice is like way deep). We all kinda split up when we sat down so we could talk to people, but were still fairly close together. The guy next to me was totally taking snapchats of me and Sister Bender and Elder Kemp and like not being secretive about it at all. Elder Hinton who had been sitting behind me had obviously had enough so next thing I know in Norwegian of course I hear him asking the guy next to me if everything is okay because he sees that he is taking pictures of us! Needless to say I was dying and Elder Hinton is a champ! He was so riled up after we got off the train, he was like he is so lucky I am a missionary right now....His Texan side was coming out hahaha ***Hint to Elders and guys: Don't be afraid to call someone out or stand up for other people! It really shows a lot about you!
For the first time the sun was out all day!!! For two days in a row!! Søster Bender and I took advantage and did our weekly planning outside to try to get a tan as best as we could in missionary clothes hahaha and to enjoy the sunshine!

I gave another talk in church on Sunday about honesty. That's what you get for serving in a small branch and with summer vacation in Norway and the few members you do have are out of town! I think I did way better on this one Norwegian wise than the last one, so that is good!

Sunday was the best day ever! I may or may not have cried hahahaha. We had 4 investigators in church and for here that is like a lot and a miracle!! That never happens especially since two of them just like showed up randomly. Jackson always comes in snazzy suits to church and he brought one of our other investigators Mami (say it like mommy) He went to her house (they are friends) and said get in we are going to church! He is the best!! We also had one of our recent investigators we began teaching who is young and way cool named Cedric come to church and of course Janne. When I saw all these people I was just so happy I did cry tears of joy and Søster Bender and I couldn't stop smiling at each other! People are finally coming to church!! It was the best Sunday ever!!!
John, one of the less actives who is becoming to be not less active anymore hit it off real well with Cedric! That made us so happy because he will be able to be fellowshipped and have a friend and it will help John too!

Cedric invited Søster Bender and I to go on this hike thing with him. So we went and let me tell you, we were not prepared for this hike! We were in jeans and dying and breathing hard haha it was kinda embarrassing! It was like all up hill and about an hour long! However when we got to the place it was so beautiful! Cedric is way awesome and I really feel like he has potential! When we met with him earlier in the week he brought his Book of Mormon to meet with us and everything! He doesn't really have a religious background, so he asks some great questions!
A member (Ole) taught Søster Bender and I how to play chess and boy is chess hard!! He always asks us now if we want to play chess with him haha

We try to meet with Arnt and Bianca once a week and sadly this is the last week we will meet with them before they leave for summer vacation for 3 weeks.... lame! We gave them a Preach My Gospel book last time and Bianca loves it! She is highlighting and taking notes and carries it around with her!! They are so solid and have the strongest testimonies! She goes this book is awesome and explains things so clearly and simply!
We met with Brenda this week and went to her house! She had made us American pumpkin pie and had watermelon! That was a wonderful surprise! She downloaded the Book of Mormon on her phone in audio so she can listen to it! She never stops surprising Søster Bender and I.

Remember Selvano? Well we met with another one of his friends he introduced us too and he seems pretty positive! His name is Lino and is way cool! He is from Peru! He asked a lot of questions about things we can and cannot do and let’s just say we got the Law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom knocked out in that lesson as well. He really loved when we talked to him about Christ coming to the Americas and when we showed him a picture he got all excited and goes hey that looks like Mexico!!

We met with AJ a less active and he loves to get ice cream or milkshakes with us and he brought some of his friends! We were able to talk about missionary work with them and it was a good time! Norwegian ice cream is to die for!

Contacting on the street this week was rough....... There are some days where you feel like you are rocking at Norwegian and then there are others where you can't even say hello...... This week Søster Bender and I both had one of those we can't even say hello moments.....Mine was awful!! Like I was so embarrassed because of how bad it was!! Søster Bender and I saw this girl on the street and I was feeling really good about talking to her, so we walk up and I literally couldn't speak Norwegian and when I did manage to get something out it didn't even make sense and the girl was pretty sure trying not to laugh at me..... Søster Bender and I walk around the corner and just die laughing! I was so ashamed of myself hahaha I didn't even have a contact that bad when I was a greenie!! You win some you lose some am I right? With Søster Bender we stopped this kinda older lady and Søster Bender began to talk to her and Søster Bender asked her a question and the lady in Norwegian goes that was not Norwegian what you just said. Søster Bender said the same thing again and yes she did say it in Norwegian and the lady just stared at her... hahahah so I ask the question to the lady and she responds and starts talking to me. Søster Bender was not happy about that hahaha but I thought it was pretty funny

***Søster Bender and I are going to be singing in church next week!!

Jordan's Tidbits:
- Norwegians don't say *work out* they say *Train*

- The People that live below us literally are stinking up the stairway! Søster Bender and I have to plug our noses every time we leave or come in! They keep all of their shoes in the stairwell and it is awful!

- I was vacuuming and accidentally vacuumed up Søster Bender's sock hahahah I was so shocked and was like oh my gosh! And she goes what!? I go ummm I may have sucked up your sock.... hahaha we were both dying laughing and took the vacuum apart to find her sock

- Norwegians love to snack and walk around eating a banana

- It's crazy how Søster Bender and I have only known each other for 9 weeks and it feels like we have been serving together and friends for like years! We are pretty comfortable around each other hahaha

- Norwegians seriously have the best style

- A perk about traveling and flying and having your seat next to your companion is that you get to take a nap!

- Søster Bender loves to go up to people when we are on the street and say: jeg vet at gud elser deg hva sinnes du om det? She gets some not very nice faces or remarks but it is so awesome that she just does it anyways!

Åndelig Tanker:
I love Alma Chapter 26 especially verses 12 and 16: *Behold who can glory too much in the Lord?* *... I know that I am nothing, as to my strength I am weak, therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things...* I feel like many times in life, people including myself do not give God enough praise, credit, or thanks especially when good things no matter how small they are happen. Especially as a missionary our success isn't us, but it is because of God.

***There is an awesome film about the prophet called *On the Lord's Errand* I would highly recommend it! It talks all about his life leading up to being the prophet and his life as the prophet it is so awesome!!

Ha en fin uke!! Jeg er så glad og takknemlig for dere!!
Søster Peterson

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